Skull & Bone Pages

Will's Skull Page- Specialises in mammal skulls. Excellent quality pictures, lots of useful information, and a list of links as long as your arm.

Mammalian Crania Photographic Archive Second Edition (MCPA2) in layman's terms that means "Mammal Skull Photo Archive". I haven't had chance to thoroughly check this site, but it looks good.

Bird Skull Website- Specialises in Bird Skulls. Another excellent skull page. Dedicated to many species of bird. Excellent quality photos and lots of useful information. Search facility available in English, Dutch or Scientific names.

Sea Bird Skulls -Specializes in sea bird skulls. Excellent page, good quality photographs, and lots of seabird links.

Knochenarbeit "Let me see you stripped down to the bone" - lots going on here, zooarchaeology, taphonomy, worked bone and lots of literature. This site is available in both English and German ... yup definately german... I think!.


Skulls Unlimited-Some brilliant images here of both real and replica skulls, lots of information, and plenty of skulls to buy!

Deformaties and Disease

Hydrocephalus-A brief overview of hydrocephalus in dogs.

Frankensquirrel's revenge- I admit it, I'm the sick person responsible for this website.

British Wildlife (in flesh!)

Marsue Wildlife Amazing photography of British wildlife, all creatures here appear to be live and kicking and fully fleshed!

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Are you a skull collector? Are you interested in bones? Think you are alone? There are many people who are looking for help and advice with their hobby/interest in animal remains. Many of these people have found their way to the Skull Club, the online group for skull collectors, bone articulators and anyone else who is interested in dead animals. Here you can find out anything you ever needed to know about dead animals, and a few things you probably didn't want to know! Join today, you are not alone!


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