1st x-ray
11th June 2005- x-ray taken before operation

The surgeon was concerned about the malleolus which had sheared off- they couldn't find it! After asking the paramedics if they had seen it laying around in the field and recieving a negative answer, I asked them to look inside my sock! It wasn't there either. After much fumbling around, the missing bone was discovered still inside my foot attached to a ligament. This was good news for me, partly because it meant the abscent bone had been found and the surgeon would be in a better position to repare it, but secondly it meant that the ligament itself hadn't been damaged.

2nd x-ray
29th June 2005- x-ray taken after operation

Note the metal plate and the eight screws that has been used to hold my fibula in place while it heals. Interesting the malleolus has literally been screwed back on! Not a bad DIY job really!


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