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Black Pioneers of the West

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George Monroe

(California, Late 1800's)

Stage Coach Driver, he drove President Ulysses S. Grant through the Wanona Trail in Yosemite Valley.  Monroe Meadows in Yosemite is named after him.


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William Robinson

(California Mid. 1800's)

California Pony Express Rider


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Bass Reaves

Deputy sheriff, Oklahoma, late 1800's.


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Lt. Henry O. Flipper

The first African American graduate of the West Point military academy.  He graduated number 50 in a class of 76 in June, 1877.


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James P. Beckwourth

Mountain man, fur trapper and explorer, helped find and chart many travel routes with the Lewis and Clark expidition. The famous Beckwourth's Pass in Oregon is named after him, late 1700's.

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