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Black Women of the West

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Ida B. Wells

Lived in Oklahoma and was a anti-lynching crusader, late 1800's.


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Aunt Clara Brown, Colorado, 1866

A nurse who always helped those in need.  She ran a laundry to raise money

to bring her family and many others across the plains to freedom, mid 1800's.


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Biddy Mason

Born early 1800's in Mississippi, she worked on a

wagon train west to Califorina at the age of 32. After she rose from

slavery and prospered, Biddy gave land and money to help schools,

churches and nursing homes.


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Mary Fields

A gun toting female from Montana, who operated a clothing laundry,

drove a stage coach and was known to knock out a man with her fist

if he welched on a bet or did not pay his laundry bill, mid 1800's.

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Black Women of the West

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