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H.O. Wagoner

A correspondent for the Frederick Douglas newspaper and later became a deputy sheriff in Arapaho County, Colorado, mid-1800's.


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Neely Factor (Left) & Bob Fortune (Right)

U. S. Deputy Marshals in Guthrie, Oklahoma, late 1800's.


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Ben Hodges

A fast hustling confidence man, card cheat and cattle rustler from Dodge City, Kansas, mid 1800's.


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George Bonga

Fur trapper and Indian trader of Minnesota, early 1800's.


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Isom Dart

A cowpuncher and cattle rustler who often tried to go straight. 

He roamed from Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Kansas, late 1800's.


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Cherokee Bill

Born Cranford Goldsby in Ft. Concho, Texas where his father was a soldier with the 10th U.S. Cavalry.  He became a scout with the cherokee, creek and seminole nations and an \outlaw with a rapid fire gun. Known as the black counterpart to Billy the kid, he was excuted in Ft. Smith Arkansas before he was 21 years old, late 1800's.


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Kingsley R. Frey

Draft horse expert from Kansas. As a young boy in Osage city, Kansas, he was tought by his uncle Curney Williams, to break and drive draft pulling horses on a single and double tree hitch. The pulling horses were used for clearing the land, plowing the grain feilds and pulling heavy cargo wagons. Traders would come from the far southern U.S. to the midwest to buy the horses he and his uncle had trained, early 1900's.

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