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Cowboys of Color

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Cowboys of Color

New Cowboys of Color History Game Now Available

An unscripted saga of life that was REAL and TRUE but never really expounded upon in the early published words or drama presentations. The names and actions of many African American individuals, characters and heros have been left discredited and emphasis of the roles which they played during the thrust to civilize the American Frontier. They themselves were some of our countries leading Pioneers in the face of humanity. There is much yet of which we can learn about our great country, but let us understand that we must come first to recognize all it's great people.

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BlackWest Presentations, Inc. is a non profit corporation. We promote the cultural awarness and sensitivity of all people. We are commited to enhance the knowledge, heritage, and history that African Americans played in helping to settle the American Frontier and Pioneer West. Contact Wil Robinson at the following address.

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23900 S. Airport Rd. Harrisonville, MO 64701

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