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Educational History Game

An educational true fact history game for adults and juniors ages 5-13 years.  Questions and answer facts of African American heroes, characters and actions during the settlement of the American Pioneer West, American History and World History.

Game is played with a (1) minute timer (Sandglass).  One team or player is required to answer as many questions as possible in that minute, when asked by the opposing player.  Place cards face down and time begins when card is drawn.   There are three categories of questions and answers worth 1, 2, or 3 credits. As each player or team takes their turn answering the questions for credits, the first team or player to reach a total of 21 credits wins.  (Total of 13 for Juniors)

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Game Contents:

150 Questions-Answers (Cards)

26-1 Credit Wooden Red Nickels

20-2 Credit Wooden Black Nickels

14-3 Credit Wooden Green Nickels

1-Glass Timer

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Cost $25.00 for complete boxed game.

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Prepaid Telephone Calling Card

For use from any touch-tone telephone in North America to call within the continental United States.

20 Minutes

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Cost $10.00 for 20 minute pre-paid card

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This White Heavyweight T-shirt is made of 100% Cotton and is available in sizes from small to extra large.  The Cowboys of Color 4 color artwork and logo are featured on the front of the shirt.

Cost $15.00 for each T-Shirt

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