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4:03 PM 11/02/2006 - First Update for 2006 I've been going to tafe which is something to do so i don't get bored. The lastest update is of a js app which prints out a line of text without reloadig the page. I used cookies as apposed to reading the text itself which is the better way to do it but it was quite difficult because i had to find the correct ones so i didn't use the last pages cookies. The page from quirksmode helped alot.

11:00 PM 10/10/2005 - Teh Random I have added 4 things which are in the stuff panel and I intend to update the layout of the main page when I have free time next.

3:53 PM 22/09/2005 - More Flash! The flash RPG I'm working on has two bugs which I don't know how to fix. The first is that the arrow gif file I made and imported which has a 1px border around it renders deformed for some reason. I got a depth system working with my objects but for some reason the collision system doesnt want to detect colliding with the left marker when it looks to me exactly the same as the other markers.
here is the file: me3.swf
and source: me3.fla

4:03 PM 4/09/2005 - Flash is sometimes tedious I finially finished a collsion system. took me a long time to figure out that flash uses radians for its values of sin which is so deceiving since the input values are in degrees. True bearings are also confusing. Who would of thought trigonometry had practical uses. Well anyway it still doesnt fully work because I can't figure out how to use dual shape flags. I have also learnt flash is slow at proccessing. A good idea would be if you could incorporate java and flash.

2/09/2005 9:01 AM - Swift 3D After Figuring out how to mirror and weld objects in Swift 3D I found it wasn't worth it and modelled it the lazy way. I've added it to the flash file I've been working on and if you click on it, it will rotate.

27/08/2005 11:24 pm - Flash stuff The layout of the page has a scroll bar now. After playing around on Flash using actionscript I made an animation that has pendulum motion and i exported a picture i vector traced of pichu to flash.

27/08/2005 12:41 am - Google Searching I've Uploaded a text file with a few tips for searching on Google. I havn't yet checked wheather its all true but if you do pick up on something feel free to ridicule my ignorance by emailing me or putting it in the guestbook.

27/08/2005 - Project flash RPG. I have started creating an RPG in flash which i have already implemented:
-button display.
RPG alpha 0.01 can be downloaded here.
I have also added a Guestbook which is on the sidebar <--.

25/08/2005 - Moved to Geocites. I have temporarily moved my site to geocities until i can find a better host. Lately I have been working on a brouchure and a website for graphics which I will post updates here.

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