Sprite Extraction(ripping) Tutorial.
You must know how to use an emulator.

You will need.

- Emulator That can disable backgrounds.
Meka(nearly all sega)
Visual boy advance( gameboy and gameboy advance).
**Many emulators dont have the disable background feature so these are reccomended.They also all include save function.

- Animget.
- Animation Shop.
- A rom.

Step by step procedures(remember to always check your progress by pressing the view animation button).

Step 1. Load Rom.
Step 2. Find the scene in which you want to capture the animation, then save your game.
Step 3. Disable all the backgrounds layers until your left with only the sprite. If the color thats left is black and the border of the sprite you want is also black then this process does not work and you will have to try other solutions. ** To diable backgrounds in Znes you use the keys 1,2,3 ect in visual boy advance its ctrl+1,ctrl+2,ctrl+3 ect. Winkawaks meka and nesten has it in the menus. In Winkawaks you can set the background color.
Step 4. Load animget.

Step 5. In animget go to through the menu [Observe] > [Start].
Step 6. In the emulator play out your animation until it fully loops or finishes.
step 7. In animget go [Observe] > [stop] and then [Screen Shots] > [save].

step 9. Load anim shop.
step 9. [File] > [open].
step 10. Find the directory of the application animget and there should be a folder called "shots". Open the first one called Amim000.BMP.
step 11. Go [Animation] > [Insert frames] > [from file]. Then click add file and add the rest of the frames in the directory except for Anim000.BMP. this can be done by clicking the first one and holding shift then clicking the last one.
step 12. For some reason it adds the last one first so just click on the first one you added and click [move up] then step 13. click [OK].

Step 13. If its not a loop. just delete all the excess frames. If its a loop. Dont take the frames from the start because theres often a preamble. Instead find two identicle frames.Then and select the frames starting from the frame that you chosen up until it reapeats. This always works.

Step 14. Many games have the background move so that the sprite which has point of view animates in the same spot. If the animation you are capturing is not all in the same place you have to align all the frames so that it animates in the same place without translating across the screen. This is done in animation shop with the Registration mark button. You place it on a pixel which doesnt move the whole animation( It's the center of gravity but most often then not the top of the head or chest). Then you align every frame so that it has a certain part of the body doesnt move. Sometimes this is impossible so you just have to use your best judgement by comparing it to the game itself.
Step 15.

Step 16. Make sure the sprite looks exactly the same as the sprite in the game.
Step 17. Go [file] > [optimization wizard]. hit next until you reach animation quality versus output size, Make sure its on max but then keep adjusting it and comparing it to the preview it until the colors match. Hit next again then finish.
Step 18. Go [file] > [Save as] and then your done.

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