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We are pleased and honored to be a recipient of the RPG TOP 5% ELITE AWARD on June 10, 1998. Click on the Image to see other recipients of this award.

If you are visiting, then feel free to look around, but remember all material on this site is copywrited 1985-1999 By Aaron Smaley and other contributing parties (see the Credits page for details). If you are a player in a game that I run, then this is the place to come for information.

Aernth is a fantasy world, that has been growing since it's conception in about 1985. It has undergone many changes over the years, and has existed in nearly the present form since about 1989. Anyone visiting this site may use the information here for personal use only, no reproduction for the purpose of resale or distribution is permitted without expressed written consent of the author (Aaron D. Smalley) and any/all other contributing parties (see the Credits page for details). I would like to thank Patrick ("Plans? We don't need no stinking plans!") Farley for his help in getting me going on the placement of this information on the web (he was one of the early players to enter into this world of fantasy and intrigue). I would also like to thank Tim Dugger and Dale Maxwell for their considerable help on various parts of this site, and for the extensive advise that I received from them.

We still have a long ways to go before it will be anywhere near completed. The present "hard copy" of this setting is on paper in numerous 3-ring binders, it numbers about 1800 pages of hand written notes, maps, floor plans, and diagrams as well as about a 1000 index cards each with a single (and unique) NPC personality (and it is continuously growing, as any fantasy/RPG world should). But I am hoping to have enough information here that anyone interested can use it. Anyone interested in helping to contribute to this site, please let me know. I am hoping that this will become a fully detailed and usable fantasy world setting, but while I have detailed many areas, there are still many more to go.

A very large portion of it will not be available to the general public however due to it being "GM eyes only" material, so if you are interested in using something for a game that you may run, I would appreciate an email just letting me know you are going to use it and how it works out for you. If you are interested in actual "adventures" or "modules" for running within this setting, check out The Guild Companion. This is an "e-zine" that is being electronically published by the Guild of Frelance Writers. There will be appearing within this electronic magazine dedicated to Roleplaying Games, various scenarios that can be used by GM's (Game Masters).

Feel free to ask any questions about anything that is not detailed.

I am also hoping to eventually have running logs of the games that I run on this site, and would be happy to include logs of games that other people run within this setting (for those of you who wish to use the setting for your own games). These will be posted in a story format, so that they read like a good advernture/fantasy book, or at least that is what I am hoping for. So anyone else that runs a game, let me know, or add me as a lurker to your mailing list if you are running it as a Play By E-mail Game, and I will try to keep up on updating the game posts/story for you.

It is currently set up in a generic format (and as such can be used with any Role Playing Game system), but I prefer to use Iron Crown Enterprises: Rolemaster (RMSS) gaming system or FUDGE for the game mechanics, with some house rule adaptations (see "House Rules" page for details.

Some of the information presented here references Play By Electronic Mail (PBEM) games that I run within Aernth, and also a couple of other (real-time) games that I run on occasion. I regret that at the present time, I have more going on with them than I have time for and thus am not able to take on any new players at the present time (although maybe some time in the future it will be possible to take on more players, but we will have to wait and see). However, any questions or comments are welcome at the email link provided. I would also like to thank the roughly 60 players (to many to list here without taking up considerable space) that have actively been a part of this world during its existence, as without the players, the world would not exist outside of the confines of a simple lunatics mind.

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