2003 Australian Indoor Archery Championships

28th-29th June

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Australian Sports Commission Active Australia Australian Institute of Sport

Final results are now posted.  The 2003 National Champions have been determined with several National Championships records broken.  The Organising Committee thanks all competitors for the participation and fellowship and wishes you all a safe return home  We encourage you to come to Adelaide again in 2004 for the 12th Australian Indoor Archery Championships.... and tell everyone how much you enjoyed the weekend!
As promised, a selection of photos have now been posted; just click here.

Tom Jorgensen (Chairman)
Bruce Lang (Secretary/Treasurer)
Joe Vardon
Carol Ashlee
Jeff Nicoll
Kevin Dawson
Neville Turnbull

28th June - The first day's results are published!
28th June - Raffle results
13th June - Receipts posted & Target allocations are now published
8th June - Entries have now closed
19th May - Revised shooting timetable
17th May - Raffle is in Full Swing
16th May - Entries Up Despite Hiccough
7th April - Hard copies of entries being sent to RGBs
7th April - Closing date extended by 1 week!
Updated entry form PDF format (982kb) available.  (Print it and complete it) (or use the HTML version)
15th March - FITA says "Choose Your Face Type"
15th January - On-line entry form in PDF format available (complete it, then print it) (or use the HTML version)

7th December - FITA Award Event - what effect this has
7th December - Social Event organised on the Saturday night
7th December - Souvenirs to be part of the event
10th September - Committee formed

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