Welcome to Sarah's Happy Hollands. I am Sarah and I raise Holland Lops. I've only had a few other breeds of rabbit but so far I like the Holland Lop best. Here at SHH you can learn about different subjects on rabbits. If you sign the guestbook I'll return the favor by looking at yours.

MARCH 9, 2001: New "spring" layout, hope you like it.

LAST UPDATED: March 9, 2001

All information I've learned about rabbits and
put on this page comes from reading
rabbit care books, looking at other websites,
joining 4-H, and from my own personal
experience. This website is a place to come
for basic information, although, If you are
having serious problems with your rabbit or it
becomes very sick, you should take it to
your veterinarian right away.

Thanks for visiting! :-)

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