Rubik's Revenge

VII. Solve the Middle Centers


The end is near. Use either of the four moves below to place a center face from the bottom to one of the vertical sides. You may have to rotate the bottom layer first to get everything set. Do not attempt to solve an entire side at a time; just keep climbing a center face somewhere from the bottom side to its proper side. What happens to the square that it lands on? It gets sent down to the bottom layer, so each of these four moves can also be used as knock-downs.


M- B- N- B+
M+ B- N+


N- B+ M- B-
N+ B+ M+


M- B+ N- B-
M+ B+ N+


N- B- M- B+
N+ B- M+

Hint: try not to knock down any center face that has the same color as the bottom face. If you do, then the bottom face will fill up and force you to do more knock-downs later on, which is unnecessary.

Shortcut: Move all 4 faces from the bottom side to the front side:


M- B- N- B+
M+ B2 M- B+
N+ B2 N- B+
M+ B2 M- B+
N+ B- M+

After finishing all of the vertical sides, the last 4 center faces are automatically forced to the bottom layer, where they belong anyway!

The bottom layer
could still be
out of whack... turn it
around... solve

Wean me, Mama!

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