Rubik's Revenge

IV. Solve the Middle Edges

This has the same steps as the "Top Edges" section; move an edge or a pair from the bottom, knock down an edge or a pair to the bottom, and invert a pair of edges.

It may be scary at first to do these moves, and to watch all your work go down the drain while you scramble the cube some more... but this is just temporary. Once you have completed a move correctly, the top side is still intact, with some Middle Edges in place, to boot!

Hint: Try to match up a Middle Edge by merely rotating the middle horizontal layers first. Chances are, you should be able to finish one or two Middle Edges this way.

Move Up (Singles):

Rotate the bottom layer until the edge-cube appears in the front, and then get ready to climb it to the equator. Make sure the color patterns match before moving a single slice. Notice how the edge-cube (on the bottom, in the starting position) looks like it's mismatched with the front side.


B2 N- B- R-
B+ N+ B- R+


B2 M- B- R-
B+ M+ B- R+


B2 N- B+ L-
B- N+ B+ L+


B2 M- B+ L-
B- M+ B+ L+

Move Up (Doubles):

Once in a while, the 2 edge-cubes are already paired. You can still use the previous moves to place them one at a time, or you can use the shortcuts to get them on the equator much faster.


B2 [MN]- B- R-
B+ [MN]+ B- R+


B2 [MN]- B+ L-
B- [MN]+ B+ L+

Knock down:


N- B- R-
B+ N+ B- R+


M- B- R-
B+ M+ B- R+


[MN]- B- R-
B+ [MN]+ B- R+



[MN]- B- R- B+
[MN]+ B- R+ B-
[MN]- B- R- B+
[MN]+ B- R+


I know this is an odd-ball move, but I couldn't resist adding it. This swaps the two middle-edge pairs on the front side:


F2 B2 F2 B2 F2

After solving all 8 Middle Edges, then go ahead with the Bottom Corners.

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