Rubik's Revenge

II. Solve the Top Corners

The original Rubik's Cube had a cross-bar inside that kept the center faces fixed, defining the colors of each face. Rubik's Revenge does not have this luxury. You can look at the puzzle and know right away what the 6 colors are, but where they go is a mystery once the puzzle is scrambled.

You already chose the top color and what side it belongs to (1 down, 5 to go). By properly placing a single corner-cube on top, you automatically define the color of two more sides (3 sides total). The next step is to match the other neighboring corner-cubes on the top. The neighboring cubes will then determine the colors of yet another 2 sides (5 sides total). This leaves the bottom side with the 6th and unused color, but you don't care about that right now.

Move Up:

Below are 3 ways to get a corner-cube from the bottom to the top. Because a corner-cube can be rotated 3 different ways, there are 3 different sequences to get the corner-cube arranged correctly. Before attempting any of these moves, you must rotate the bottom layer until the desired corner-cube is directly below it's destination.


F+ B+ F-


R- B- R+


R- B2 R+ B+
R- B- R+

Oops! Did you MOVE UP this corner piece the wrong way? Don't panic... you can either KNOCK DOWN this piece, and start it over again; or merely ROTATE that same piece in its place later on.

Knock Down:

Sometimes, a top corner-cube is already on the top layer, but in the wrong corner. Use the sequence below to knock it down to the bottom layer. Afterwards, you can climb it up to its correct spot by using one the previous sequences.


R- B- R+


Other times, a top corner-cube is in the correct spot, but rotated wrong; or maybe you accidentally used the wrong sequence to bring it up. There's no need to worry as this can be fixed.


R- B+ R+
F+ B+ F-

Rotate Clockwise


F+ B- F-
R- B- R+

Rotate Counter-Clockwise

Go ahead and solve the other top corners. You will not disturb any of the ones that are already in place. After arranging all 4 top corner-cubes, you can proceed to solve the Top Edges.

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