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Fortunately, many did come home. The following is a partially list of those others, who had lived or worked in the villages prewar and served their King and Country in World War 1  :-


Jack Hayhoe               

Alfred l. Jasper              HMS Virginia

Edward Jay                     HMS Ocean         torpedoed in the       Dardenelles

William Sawkins               HMS Vengeance

William Wilkin                HMS Ajax


Charles Brooks

George Clements         Gunner 10th RFA            wounded

Robert Cook                Colchester VTC

Thomas Cook                Army Veterinary Corps

Arthur W. Cross            2nd Essex                    His parents received a letter from his friend advising of his death in Action. However, this appears to have been misdirected and had been intended for the parents of Grenadier Guard of the same name.

Bert Cross                        Essex Regiment              wounded

Horace William De'ath    Attached to the Canadian Army

Stanley Edwards

Harold Faiers

Bert Farren

Arthur Greenfield

Albert Greenleaf                                               

Arthur Greenleaf                                               

Clifford Greenley            3rd Royal West Kent

Albert Harvey

Fred Harvey

C. Victor Jasper

Walter A Mann

F. E. L. Matterson            6th Essex

Edward May                    Essex Yeomanry

John Maiers

Thomas Nevill

Ernest Pannell, A/Sgt    4th Essex

Gordon Pirie                                                                     

Joseph H. Proctor

Alfred Radford                1st Northamptonshire

Jeffery Radford

Maurice Radford            2nd Essex            POW 1914 during "Retreat at Mons"

Walter Radford            181 Machine Gun Corps              wounded

 James Rogers, C.S.M.    6th Essex        Awarded DCM & MM for bravery                                                       

William Sawkins             1/7th Essex  

Arthur C. Wright, Sgt.    3 Essex        died in in 1942. He was in the Army for 22 years.

Thomas Wyncoll            served in India

Those who returned received a certificate thanking them for their contribution. Below is the certificate given to Edward May, who served with the Essex Yeomanry.

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The above list is drawn from Family recollections & The "Essex County Standard" archives.


These pages are dedicated to the memory of the Fallen from the two World Wars, who lived in Abberton & Langenhoe.. Prepared by Saint Andrew's Parochial Church Council. November 11th 2000

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