Literary Music
Corn Soup for the Soul by Pat Ozaeta and Glenn Tuazon 
    A collection of extremely short anecdotes wrtten in 5-minute time periods. Made to tickle the funny bones or compel the cynical mind. 

Ang Baka ng Kamatayan by an anonymous a2003-er 
    The class of a2003 may have won in the 2001 radio play contest, but that doesn't mean that everybody can write good radio plays. This particular radio play was seen in the a2003 garbage can with a big "F" on it. 
     (Note: Monchi Roderos's similarly disastrous radio play script was, unfortunately, lost. Too bad... it could have been good for a laugh.)
Glenn's Top 5 songs of 2001! by Glenn Tuazon 
    Where lifehouse and A perfect circle stand side-by-side and where Britney is NOT an option. 

How to be Slipknot in Ten Easy Steps and Five Short Minutes 
    Why not be cool...? Conform and make a band of your own! This handy guide will catapult you to sure-fire stardom. 

The REAL Slipknot by Manu Alcaraz 
    Another cool JPG by the image master of class. Featuring (again) Slipknot and a surprise guest. 
Miscellaneous Funny Crap Chicks
An Ode to Sam Perkins by Marts Concio 
    An extremely sweet two stanza poem dedicated to the best basketball player in the world and his follower in 3-A. 

Cool Dudes 24/7 by Manu Alcaraz 
    A cool banner (JPG) featuring all the "cool" people in class. Expect to see those you do not expect to see. (Labo? Hehe) 
The Ideal Gurl by Patrick Ozaeta and Glenn Tuazon 
    You wouldn't believe how difficult it might be to please these two. 

Babe of the Week
     A new babe to be featured every weekend.
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