If you were a member of the 192nd AHC and served in any capacity... we want to hear from YOU.

Please send email, stories, a/c tail numbers and pics if ya got 'em, to the email address below. Also, include your name, rank, call sign/nickname, platoon and what months and years you were there, so you can be placed on the 192nd AHC Roster now being edited... thanx.




Send email to: [email protected] for a quick reply.
Please come back soon.


In Memory:

CW2 David William Timm
SP5 Thomas John Brennan
WO1 Mark Andrew Wenzel
SP4 Kenneth Jernigan Lewis
SP4 Wayne Howard Russell
WO1 Theodore Vail Thoman
WO1 Walter Robert Stacy
CW2 Richard Maxwell Arann
CPT Thomas Eugene Campbell
SP5 Chubby Dean Lowrey
PFC Ezequiel Torres, Jr.
WO1 John Paul Wright
CW2 John Steven Anderson
CPT Alfonzo Roque Castro
SP6 Allan Gordon Kennedy
SSG Marion Lee Roach
PFC Thomas Josh Kelso, Jr.
SP5 Johnny Arthur
SP4 Louie Gooch Montoya

*(After-Action Losses)*


29Jun09: Re: 192nd Pics, Phan Rang. Hi - when I was in the Air Force at Phan Rang (Sep 70-May 71), I took a few photos of the 192nd HQ area and choppers, around March 71. I was a weapons mechanic in the 435th Munitions Maint. Sq.
John Hennigar jwhen at optonline dot net Go to Photos.
14Mar09: A COUPLE OF THINGS. I would like to get any photos of people in the 192nd, I was there (Tigersharks) Jun 69-70.
Also would like to post info on the 10th Btn reunion at the end of June.
I plan to have a website or publish a phamplet of photos of as many 192nd Pilots and EM and Commanders as I can before we all get too old to find our photos.
Let me know if we can get this information out on your website.
Thanks. Jim Godfrey (Charlie Tuna) Fort Worth, Texas (jimgodfrey at charter dot net)
20Feb09: The attached list of 192 AHC copter "names" are those without serial #'s. I've looked high and low for them but have so far come up blank. I'm in the final stages of assembling material for my book, ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES & ART WORK IN VIETNAM.
If you would please see if you can update & edit this list by making corrections, additions, and notations where needed. I'm especially interested in retrieving SERIAL #'s, DATES, and AIRCRAFT SERIES wherever they appear incomplete.
Do what you can gentlemen, I don't expect miracles. Any new information will equal a small victory over obscurity. Thanks.
Sincerely, John Brennan (johnmailman at yahoo dot com)
PS Give yourself the end of April to return the edited list. [see 20Nov08 letter listed below. -ed]
19Jan09: After Action Loss: My Dad passed away just a few months ago, and I ran across your site today. He was in the 192nd in 69 and the beginning of 70, and was a CW2/pilot at the time I believe. His full name is Robert John Lobodzinski, and I’m sure he went by ‘Lobo’. I wanted to at least get him on the roster.
Thank you,
Mark Lobodzinski
20Nov08: This is John Brennan, active member of the VHCMA and the 114th Avn Co Assn. I'm collecting "nicknames" (i.e. FLYING COFFIN,IRON BUTTERFLY) that in-country Army copter crews painted on their aircraft during their Vietnam tours, 1961-73. Future book by aviation publisher is in the making. Have cataloged over 2,000 names to date. I expect that number to exceed 2,500 when complete. Would very much like to include as many PERSONALIZED copter names as possible. Photos of "names" are fine but not necessary to be included in the database section of the book. "Names" alone will do. The second part of this book project is the photo collection of helicopter "nose art" that includes "names", artwork, graffiti, everything & anything that was painted officially and unofficially on in-country Army copters, 1961-73. Send "nickname" info and/or scanned "nose art" pics to [email protected]
Regards, John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, Flight Operations Coordinator, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta, 1970-71
17Nov08: After Action Loss: LTC Karl Bentley Hill, Jr. Please visit and sign the guest book.
Steve Alford
00Jan08: After Action Loss: William G. Wright. Please visit here for more information.
Jim Schueckler
14Aug07: Thanks A Million... please let all the guys know that the "Kill Me..." book is now listed as a bestseller. It's 22 out of the top 100 books on the Vietnam War. I owe it all to my fellow Vietnam veterans. It's not that the books that good, it's because we care about each other. Thank you guys with all my heart.
Bob Miller [email protected]
30Jul07: OOPS! Found stuck in the bottom of the Mail Bag...
10Dec07: Looking for David Juranek. My name is Danny Kirkpatrick and served with the Tiger Sharks for a while in the skies of Nam. I am looking for a friend who rented a cabin near me on Lake Belton near Ft. Hood by the name of David Juranek. I have made contact with a couple of the guys from this sight. Please keep up the good work.
Danny Kirkpatrick [email protected]
30Jul07: Subject: Looking for Larry Crowder? LZ Betty. Greetings all... I was the company mail clerk Jan 70 – Dec 70 and sometimes door gunner, flew on fire fly frequently, and some CA’s and Charlie Charlie missions. Have been looking for Larry Crowder one of the crew engineers for years but have never found him. Does anyone know anything about him? I keep in touch with Ken Printz the company clerk who lives in Montana . Ran into Dave Lossow at Fort Mead in 1971 but have not seen or heard from him since. Have E-mailed Mike Pederson on occasion but not in a while. I work as a Nurse Practitioner at the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany New York, I see couple of guys from the 155 that come here on occasion had one patient from the 192 that was there in 68 have not seen him in years think he moved to Florida.
Walt Rockenstire RN., PCNP, NP-C, RPA (Rocky the flying squirrel) [email protected]
18Jul07: Please Post If you served with the 192nd AHC between May 68 - May 69 and would like a free copy of Bob Miller's newest book, "Kill ME If You Can, You SOB" send Bob your mailing address. To review the book go to: //Thank you, Bob Miller [email protected]
10Jul07: The 101st Airborne is asking any members of the 192nd attend one of their pinics. I will be attending August 4th in McKenna Washington, not far from Ft. Lewis. If anyone else, living in the area would like to attend, give me a call. H- 253-863-1017. //ThanksDan Hertlein [email protected]
29Nov06: Hello, just checking in... Dave Noble, SP5 and Crew Chief on Polecat 093. Arrived after deactivation of 155th, I think in January of 1971. The 155th deactivation began in December of 1970. Please list my email address as [email protected].
Thanks, Dave Noble
26Nov06: My name is Philip Lehman, WO, Tiger Shark ?? (was gun team leader when I DROS'd) Arrived ~Aug '68, Departed Nov '68.
I was transferred from the 155th in Ban Me Thuot around August or September of '68. Jim Brenneman was our Ops Officer...I remember Bobby Knight and Phil DeSimone...the Flight Surgeon. And that crazy GS'er that lived in our hootches we used to gamble with all the time...his favorite expression being "To the Wall...To the Wailing Wall" when he knew he had a winning hand. I've got lots of memories even frmo the short time I was there...night cover for an extraction of Infintry that (it turns out) were surrounded by monkeys throwing rocks at them. The mortaring from the sanpans off the coast that Bobby and I managed to stop...with no crew and without spilling our drinks (another story). NucMam ordors's the best. My daughter went to New Mexico Military Institute. The Superintendent was a retired AF General. Interestingly enough, he was flying out of Phan Rhang when I was at Phan Thiet. I went up to him at a function once and casually asked if he might have been one of the jet jocks that used to come screaming down our runway at 0'dark thirty and flip on their afterburners? He, of course denied any part in it but did hear that some of the guys had been doing it...all with a sly smile, of course. Anyway...welcome home, guys...hope you're all well.
Thanks...and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I've already sent an email off to Jim Brenneman... // Phil [email protected]
7Sep06: Hi, I'm Jim Brenneman and served with the 192nd as a Platoon Leader then the Operations Officer from Aug. 68 to Dec. 68 . My nickname was Black Bart. I was a hard core slick pilot and gave the Tiger Sharks a little guff once in a while. They loved it when the slick I was flying lost transmission oil and the crew and I had to set it down in a rice paddy, just west of an old French outpost occupied by MACV.
The Sharks showed up about 15 minutes after the mayday and circled around laughing and waving. But you can bet the crew and I were glad to see those Tiger Sharks up there, while we waited to be picked up.
I have good memories of my time in Phan Thiet and the 192nd. I have some funny stories that my wife is tired of hearing, but I never get tired of telling.
Jim [email protected]
16Jul06: I'd like the make some inclusions on the website. My name is Jay Whitted, rank SP5, Crew Chief of helicopter#16353. My door gunner was SP4 Jon D. MacGregor. We were in the unit from Fort Riley, Kansas, thru Viet Nam years '67 to '68.
I'd like to locate this friend. If anyone has info. Pls. let me know. Thanks, Jay Whitted [email protected]
27May06: Important Update on Veteran Data Theft from including links.
24May06: I was with the 192nd from Kansas and have been back to the LZ a couple of times, once in 1999 or so and again a year or so later. The area has changed and I have some pictures of the runway and the road own and so forth. Town is much larger and there are several resorts in the area along with golf and such. The nuc mam business has been run out of town for several years. It all seems to be on Phu Quoc Island now, just follow your nose. I will send picts if anyone wants them, just let me know. I don't know when I will get back in that area as it is a day or two trip from my home over there (Can Tho) but I am trying to talk Dan Hertline into a trip over. He can take the pictures this time. In case you might be interested they were using the ramp at the top of the runway to dry little fish the last time I was there. Yes the gate is still up and the cemetery just gets bigger. // Bill
W. McIlhattan [email protected]
22May06: DA Reveals Data Theft... full story here:,13319,98150,00.html
15May06: Subject: Red Friday... Just keeping you "in the loop" so you'll know what's going on in case this takes off.

RED FRIDAYS ----- Very soon you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops Used to be called the "silent majority". We are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for God, country and home in record-breaking numbers. We are not organized, boisterous or over-bearing. We get no liberal media coverage on TV to reflect our message or our opinions.

Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops.

Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that every red-blooded American who supports our men and women afar will wear something red.

By word of mouth, press, TV -- let's make the United States on every Friday a sea of red much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and family it won't be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know that the once "silent" majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

The first thing a soldier says when asked "What can we do to make things better for you?" is..."We need your support and your prayers". Let's get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear something red every Friday.



Unit History Needed For Posting

If anyone has or knows how to find a copy of the entire units history please contact [email protected]. Thank You.
13Mar06: Sp5 REEDER, 192ND Assualt Heli Co. 1966-1968. I was in Maintance and Crewchief, mostly night crew and company scroung to secure needed parts and lumber for tent floors etc. Anyway this is the first I've seen anything about the 192nd since my return. Hope to hear and see more, Thanks. // Craig Reeder... PS. I do have some pitures but need to scan them in to send. [email protected]

R E U N I O N * N O T I C E

22Feb06: The Vietnam Helicopter Crewchiefs and Mechanics Association (VHCMA) is having their 2006 reunion June 21-25 at the Phoenix Airport Marriott. Call 800-228-9290 for reservations. You can contact the VHCMA at their web site You do not have to be a member to attend and pilots are welcome! Lets have a good turn out of the 192nd and 607th. // Dan Hertlein [email protected]
10Feb06: I have seen the General a few times and just got a call from one of our crewchiefs last week (Chicken Little). Good to hear from you.// Froggie [email protected]
4Dec05: Anyone have record or knowledge of a Warrant Officer named Noble who flew slicks between end of May 68 to mid May at LZ Betty - I was stationed with HHC 3/506 101 Abn Div when I met him (I do not recall his first name). I was the NCOIC of the MARS Radiostaion on the North end of the runway area. This is where you could come to or you would call me to place a Radio-Telephone call home to the world. I know some of you placed calls. Welcome home. // Dennis Vernacchia, NCOIC Army MARS station AB8AY, 3/506 Inf 101 ABn Div, May 68 - May 69 (n6ki at
29Nov05: I don't remember where I came across information about this website, but it is about LZ Betty, Phan Thiet, with pictures from 1967 to 1970 and again in 2005. Check it out guys. It is from a non aviators point of view, but maybe some of you have some pictures you can add. It sure brought back lots of memories for me.
I just wanted to give my new email [email protected]// Kenneth Hickman
27Sep05: Hi there. I have a little quiet time here at work and started going through the 192nd sites. Could you update my email address on this site? Thanks and keep up your spirits.
Michael Pederson, Engineering Technician, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 4801 Veterans Drive, St. Cloud MN 56303-2099
(320)255-6346 / FAX: (320)255-6343 / [email protected]
17Aug05: Hello Brothers, Many of you help with information when i was putting together a map of our old LZ. I decided a few months ago to build a web site on LZ Betty. I dedicated it to all who served there from the mid 60`s to the early 70`s. As apposed to doing it on a particular military unit I decided to put together a site dedicated to a place in time. I also have on the site pictures from my trip back to LZ Betty in Jan of 2005. It was our home for however long it still remains a place in our lives. Stop bye,
Again thanks for your help and welcome home: // Yours, Frenchy // Bryan Lagimoniere B-Co & D-C0 1st bn 50th mech inf. LZ Betty 1970
29Sep04: Hello, I am looking for the Huey Gunship that picked up a mate of mine and a Brigade Colonel, Bob Archer 2nd Brigade 9th Div, who were picked after their OH 13 was shot down in Long An province at XS808673 on 18 August 1968. They were rescued on the morning of 19 August 1968. The helicopter was taking fire. Two VC who were firing on the chopper were killed by my buddy prior to their boarding the chopper. The hopper had to hide from enemy fire behind a clump of bamboo while it waited for them to run to it. If anyone in your organization knows anything I would be delighted to hear from you. The helicopter pilot was apparently killed in the action. He was plucked from the crash late afternoon on the 18 August 1968 by another Huey.// Best Wishes, Robert Hillier [email protected]
13Aug04: I did my second tour of Nam with the 192nd. I arrived in Phan Thiet about June of 1970. We moved up to Phan Rang later in the year. I came home 9 Jan 1971. Looking for Lee Eggers. Last known living in Florida. // Dale Alderson (Spec 5) [email protected]
20Jun04: Hello, My name is Rodolfo Reyna and I served in Vietnam from March 69 to March 70 with the 192nd Assault unit Tigershark. Stationed at Phan Thiet. Special day June 6 1969 Our unit got hit with a 107 rocket. In memory of fallen brothers. Tigersharks. You call, We maul. More stories to tell and pictures to share later. // Rudy Reyna [email protected]
4Jun04:LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD. Check this out!!!
Thanks to Larry (Steve) Cole [email protected]
Force Management Analyst, Force Integration Branch, Force Management & Integration Division, Force Management Directorate, Army G-3 (...that's a mouth full...) for sending us the information.

27May04: Hello. My father is Jackie (Jack and "Squirrel") L. Shirley from Indiana. He entered the U.S. Army on May 21, 1970 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He served there, with Company D, 15th Battalion: 4th Training Brigade. His deployment to Vietnam came on October 19th of the same year. While serving in Vietnam, he was assigned to the192nd Aviation Company: Assault Helicopters, as a Spec 5. I was born June, 1971, and he returned to the states and was honorably discharged from the United States Army on November 26, 1971. I'm looking for anyone who may have known him. He is still living (resides in FL), and I would like to build a surprise history for him as a birthday gift this year. I'm hoping you can help me. I saw your webpage with the mail call, and I am hoping you can help me get in contact with anyone who has stories or memories about him. // Sincerely, Jennifer Mellencamp [email protected]
24May04: Howdy Y'all, Been several years since I was in 'Nam. Was in Phan Thiet from February 69 till July 69. Was a Platoon Sergeant with the Cats. My rank was SFC Stanley Parrotte. I had the easy platoon, not the gunships. They called me Stan the Man. Be glad to join this elite group. [email protected]
19May04: New E-mail address: Dave Sloan [email protected]
6May04: Hello, I'm Rolando Salazar and I was in Phan Thiet with Co. D, 2nd Bn, 7th Cavalry (1st Cav Div) from December 1966 to December 1967. I guess I was in one of the units "that occupied (the) area previously (and who) lived like rats in bunkers underground," as Dan Hertlein describes us on your web page. Actually, I don't remember it being quite that bad for my mortar platoon, although I have to admit it was somewhat primitive. I enjoyed seeing Dan's pictures and visiting your web site. Great job! If you would like to see my pictures of Phan Thiet, they are at // GarryOwen! Sincerely, Rolando A. Salazar [email protected]
29Apr04:Gary Harmless was in Phan Thiet from Nov 68 until April 70 with the 192nd. He was a door gunner and then a crew chief. We are searching for anyone that remembers him. He was originally from Indiana but now resides in Tiline, KY. His email address is [email protected] we would love to hear from anyone with stories or memories of the 192nd even if you didn't know our dad. Thank you very much!
11Apr04:Hi. I'm Michael Pederson and my email address is [email protected] I started out as a door gunner with Martinez in March of 1970. I became CE of 66-16005 "Balls5" and was there when we moved from Phan Thiet to Phan Rang AFB. I am currently employed at the VA Medical Center in St. Cloud, MN as an Engineering Technician. I still have a photo album with pictures of PhanThiet and Phan Rang and Dalat. Thanks for getting this page online. //Mike
10Apr04: Hi, My name is Iverson Jackson, I,m on the roster at this time and would like to update my e-mail address: [email protected]. // Thanks, Jackson
Mar 17, 2004: Here is a little known fact. At the Vietnam War Memorial sits a flag pole and at its base are the seals of each U. S. military service. Every day throughout the entire year a group from Marine Barracks, 8TH & I, Washington, D. C. march to the flag and polish the Marine Corps emblem. The other services have NEVER touched theirs! (source:
16Mar04: Did you know Polecat David Timm? Hello Fellow Polecat and Tigersharks, CW2 David Timm and two men from 3/506/101st were killed on 4/5/1968 when their UH-1H lost rotor RPM and crashed on takeoff from an LZ. Sanford Peterson was a friend of David's and will be making a Memorial Day speech in May. He would like to include something about David and therefore would like to hear from anybody who knew David. Please contact Sanford directly at [email protected]
If you have a photo of David, I'd like to add it to his memorial page on The Virtual Wall:
//Thanks, Jim Schueckler, Polecat 356
11Mar04: Hello from Jon Freel, SP5, May 1969 to Aug 1970, CE Tail # 67-16476 crashed Feb 18, 1970 Dalat (fun town). Know some of your photos . David Lissow & Lee Pearson "356" .w/photos that I like to email soon. //Thanks, Jon Freel [email protected]

R E U N I O N * N O T I C E

2Mar04: Greetings to all. After a few phone calls I have decided to organize a reunion of original members of the 192/607. It`s been a lot of years since Ft. Riley and Nam so I think it`s time. I have a weekend planned for April 30 and May 1. It will be at the Falmouth Inn on Cape Cod, MA.. If you want to attend call 1-800-255-4157 and tell them you're registering for the 192nd Reunion. Rooms are $78 + tax. If you want a king size bed it`s $10 more. Also wives are welcome too. Any questions? call me at 508-653-4102 or 508-259-5439 or email me at [email protected] //Over and Out, SSG John Inferrere

2Mar04: I was in the 192nd from March to Aug of 71. I was one of Llouie Montoya's friends. The only person I can remember is Tom Reynolds. I may not remember you but email me at [email protected] //Thanks Jim
28Jan04: Just signing in. My name is Regino M. Sanchez and I deployed with the 192nd on 10/10/67 and I was in the first platoon. I stayed with the unit through Tuy Hoa and Phan Thiet, until around April of 1968, when I got transferred to the 335th AHC and back to Tuy Hoa. I'm currently living in Houston, TX. //Regino M Sanchez [email protected]
14Jan04: Subject: History. I was with the 192nd when we built up as a unit in '67 at Fort Reilly Kansas. I was part of the advanced party who flew with the choppers to Stockton California to prepare them for Nam. I'm looking for specific dates - We convoyed our trucks from Camron Bay to Phu Hip in October '67. I think we only stayed a month or two before we went to Phan Thiet. I was transferred to Nhra Trang to the 281staround August of '68. I need the amount of time we spent in Phu Hip, and if anyone has suffered complications from Agent Orange exposure from 67-68 with 192nd. (diabetes, skin problems, cancer etc.) // Dave Summers 68B20 [email protected]
29Mar04:Thanks for posting my e mail asking for information about dates concerning landing in country and the move to Phan Thiet. I got the information from the 192nd history files. You can delete the e mail now.//Dave Summers [email protected]
22Nov03: Hello from wet and cold Pittsburgh (what in the hell am i doing up here) Pa. I have a new e-mail address [email protected]. Please let me know by e-mail if you get this so i can add your e-mail address to my new address book. Hope to see or hear from all of you. // Steve Alford

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