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MAIL CALL Apr ~ Nov 99


My father Samual Murry served with the 192nd from 1968-1969. He recently passed away leaving a large void in my life. I know he was injured in action in 1969 causing him to be sent State side to "die" as the officials told him. I am seeking any information available on him and this incident. Thank you, // Angela Covington [email protected]

Thanx to: Gary Thewlis, Chairman of the Family Contacts Committee (Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network) and Jim Schueckler for passing this message along.

25 Nov 99: The maintenance crews were given their first and only half day off on Thanksgiving. Most of us went to the beach at the end of the runway at Phu Hiep. The rip tide was horrific. One person from another company drowned within veiw of many of us on the beach. Nothing could be done to save him. // Dan Hertlein [email protected]

Thanksgiving Day 1967

24 Nov 99: Subject: Yet another polecat. Thanks for the site. I have left a message there, but decided to contact you here also. I was back to Phan Thiet two years ago and have been looking for someone to share a few photos with. Went past the Cham temple at Phan Rang (it is no longer outside of town, but well within.) I can scan a few photos if you let me know where to send them. I am going back again in Feb. so if anyone wants a shot and we end up going that way I will get it. I have other shots from between Can Tho (where my house is) and Dalat and can scan some of them too. tell me what you think. // Bill [email protected]
11 Nov 99 : When I visited Arizona this summer I found a lapel pin for the 1st Aviation Brigade. While I was wearing the pin someone came up to me and asked what it stood for. He had worn a patch just like that on his shirt for a year in Viet Nam but had no idea what it meant. I felt sorry for him, then I realized that many of us wore that patch and didn't know anything about the 1st Aviation Brigade or the patch. It was only a shoulder patch. We only identified with the battalion and of course, our company. Hope you had a great Veteran's Day. See the attachment. // Dan Hertlein [email protected]

11 Nov 99: Subject: Crew Chiefs from the 129th. The attached photo is of Nichols and Brennis taken at Phan Thiet Nov-Dec 1967. // Dan Hertlein [email protected]

11 Nov 99: I was assigned to the Ready Reactionary Force at Phan Thiet that was to support any hot spot on the perimeter in the event of any attack. Photo was with a black and white Polaroid camera probably some time in December of 1967. // Dan Hertlein [email protected]

This is Dan Hertlein in our company area.

6 Nov 99: My name is Steven Greneveld, Sp-5, 35k20 with the 65th Signal Detachment, talked to Jim S, a couple of years ago but haven't heard from him since, as best I can remember the others in the det. were Francis Carl Heschler, Dave King, Ron Morrissette, SP-6 Jerry L. Dowden, and Richard Davis, I can't remember who the WO's in charge were, maybe Mister Ford? Spent many hours copying music and playing tapes over the bootleg radio station there, until someone threw it across the shop one night. I was in RVN from 01Nov68 until about 26Oct69, hoping to hear from anyone who was there, have a tape of several helo ops, and spooky ops, definitley a work out for any hi-fi. // Steven Greneveld [email protected]
22 Sep 99: Subject: 3-506 Reunion. Hello, friends, thought I would drop you a copy of my write-up for the reunion we held in Hampton, VA. We hoped to see someone from the 192nd AHC drop by. You guys came up often in conversations among the group. Hope to see you at Ft. Campbell next June. // Jerry Berry

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18 Sep 99: Hi this is SSG. John Inferrere. I was with the 192nd from 1967-1968. I am looking for the where abouts of Major Ronald L. Baker or Major Charles W. Emrick. I am currently trying to find my flight records and have been unsuccessful. If any one has any information please contact me. [email protected] or at (508)653-4102.

28 Aug 99: My name is Michael Levenberg. I served as a 67N2F with the 192nd from FEB 1969 - FEB 1970. My first ship was "LOVE CHILD" (a door-less H model, S/N 66-16840), later I got a newer H model, but all my records, souveneirs (sp?) and most of my pictures were destroyed when a one-deuce-deuce landed on the liaison storage shed at 10th CAB Dong Ba Thin (?) a couple of weeks after I DEROSed, so I don't remember the S/N. Have you ever heard from Mike Guymon or Lee Pearson? Do you remember the designation of the direct support maintenance co. that was co-located with us at Phan Thiet? Before I forget, my e-mail is [email protected], and I live in Mesa, AZ. Anyway, thanks for the effort in creating/maintaining these web sites, they really provoke the ol' memory machine. // Michael Levenberg [email protected]
27 Aug 99: Hey toons.. I was with the 192nd from 12-68 til 5-69 (medivac'd out).. This is the first time I have seen any mention anywhere of the 192nd.. Using a borrowed e-mail for a few weeks but go ahead and e-mail e back with any info about buddies etc.. thanks // Chris Spangler [email protected]
26 Aug 99: My name is Mike Pederson. I flew as crew chief on 66-16005 "balls5" from about march of 70 until july of 71. I was there in Phan Thiet when the Cav got blown all to hell. I was gunner with Stevens on the flare ship that night. I was trained in by Martinez. A CE that knew how to wax a tail boom for sure. I got a photo album still of pics from Phan Thiet and Phan Rhang. I currently work at the StCloud VA Medical Center in Minnesota as a draftsman. My E-Mail address is [email protected] and I sure would like to hear from some of you guys. // Mike Pederson Mpede85341
24 Aug 99: I was assigned to the 192nd in Nov. 68 at Phan Thiet. Left in Nov. 69. Name: Don N. Hancock Rank: WO1 - CW2 (oldest WO1 in the Army - I think)/ Call Sign: Tiger Shark 39/ Nickname: Lizard (to the best of my knowledge, the first Tiger Shark that did not have a "fish" nickname)/ Home: Sanford, NC/ e-mail: [email protected]/ Have a lot of good and not so good memories from that assignment. Recently, my wife and I visited the "Wall" and found all the names of our guys that I know about. Placed a small flag in front of each panel. Am looking for the members of my crew that flew the night that Captain Bauer lost his electrical systems when we were covering his tail while stopping an attack on an Armored unit that had RON'ed near the coast close to Song Mau. The promises given where not kept. If anyone knows the "peter pilot," crew chief or gunner, please contact me. It's a lot of days late and a lot of dollars short, but they will be recognized for what they did that night if they can be identified. I have original patches of the "Polecats" and the "Tiger Sharks" from 1969. If there is enough demand, perhaps we could have some copies made. Let me know how you fill about this. Have not attended any of the reunions of the unit. Didn't know about them until about two months ago. The Veterans of Foreign Wars keeps me busy most of the time. If you are in the Sanford, NC area, you will be welcomed at VFW Post 5631 like long losted brothers - which you are. Say you served in the 192nd and a lot of drinks will be on me. Bring your wife or girl friend or both - same service. Would like to hear from anyone that was there during my adventure. Disney Land/World could have learned from us. Does anyone know what happened to the Gun Team mascot - Minigun? // Don N. Hancock [email protected]
7 Aug 99: This is Hupe (Shark 32, Hoop). April 69-70. I was searching the web and found your home page. It was great seeing those pictures and being able to place names that I have long forgotten. I remember when you came back from the States with those calling cards(you call we maul) I still have a few and still show them to friends. I moved from New Jersey to Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1983. If you ever saw Biloxi Blues(The Movie), they were right, it is Africa Hot down here. I'm enclosing two photos, one of me in front of 118 revetment, and one of me and Lee Tagai (Shark 31). It was me and Lee who got drunk and went an painted Tiger Sharks on every door in the compound about 3 o'clock in the morning. We got caught when some slick pilot turned us in (still makes me mad) an spent two day removing them except the ones on the gunship hooch. Hope to hear from you. Shark 32....Out // Larry Hupe [email protected]
Please note... the pics could not be posted due glich with mail - Toons
31 Jul 99: My name is Donald Butler. I started with the 192nd in Ft. Riley. I also took the boat ride to Nam. I was with the Co. in Tuy Hoa, and in Phan Thiet. I was a Spec. 4 in the 1st Flight Platoon. My e-mail address is [email protected]. Please add it to the mailing list. Thank you, // Donald Butler
30 Jul 99: Subject: Books. I was just wondering if anyone was or had written a book about the 192nd AHC. Floyd [email protected]
27 Jul 99: Hello… I just found your site tonight and am very excited about it. My name is Paul Newman RN, "Big Red." I served during 1971 with the 2nd PLT. I really want to talk with old friends. Please, how do I get into a chat room? // Paul [email protected]
27 Jul 99: Hello, my name is Paul Newman. I was a SP/4 gunner with the 2nd Plt, 1971. This is the first time that I have made any effort to contact another Vet from the 192nd. It has been many long years since I have even willingly told anyone that I was there. I guess that I have learned, the hard way, to stay in the closet. I would like to re-open doors long locked away from everyone but myself. I am especially interested in locating "Cookie Man" to say, Thanks for the sanity. My correct email address is [email protected] I hope to hear form old friends. // Paul "Big Red"
20 Jun 99: I was there starting at Phan Thiet Feb. 1970 and made the move to Phan Rang then left Feb. 1971. My name is Tom Dunno "Don't Know" (WO1)and I flew with the Tigersharks "34" and the third Platoon. We had wooden structures by then. It's been a while , and if memory serves me well, here are some of the names (some callsigns/Nicknames) back then. Capt. Colbert "Hoss" was 3rd platoon leader. We had: "Rat" Bartholemew, "Boozer", Rooney "Toons" (his brother was a crew chief), Allan Cheshire "Aggie", Capt. "Tuna", "Goat", Don Sellers "Bud", Steve Alford."Alfie", Lynn Larson "Dusty",Tom Mcneff "Nephew", "Fat Andy" Anderson, "Wierd Ely" Whitney, all gunnies; Some slick drivers: Bob Raymond, Steve Watson, "Pinky", "Woody" Mitchell, "Piggie" Smart, Brandt Lieshner "Baby Huey", "Roach"... I can see the faces of many more, but memory fails me. Some of the infamous crew chiefs were: "Brownie", "Animal", "Little Toons"..... Any way I hope this jogs a few memories and I hope to see you all in Nashville.//Tom Dunno [email protected]
20 Jun 99: I served with the 192nd from Feb. 1970 to Feb. 1971. I was a WO1 and flew with th 3rd platoon, Tigersharks. We flew "C" models at that time. My name is Tom Dunno, Tigershark "34". I belong to the VHPA and keep in touch with some of the guys through th VHPA reunions. See you in Nashville!// Tom Dunno [email protected]
19 Jun 99: My name is Bob Campbell, I crewchiefed a polecat from approx 10/68-3/69 after transfering in from 1st of the 7th maint 4th infintry at Pleiku was a spec4. Nickname "soup" switched to "sharks" in 2/69 but got pretty sick and was evaced to Japan before first flight with the tigersharks. I was the chief on the c&c ship that the fullbirds 1st lieut. trip the rocket pack of c.s. gas at the base of the flight control tower. Anyone remember that?. Got some pictures of the beer guzzling monkey we used to have running around,and a good shot of the shark with the nose art "grim reaper". // Bob Campbell. Contact me at [email protected]
12 Jun 99: I am James Boss served in the 192 from Ft.Riley to Phan thiet 1967-68. I was a Spec 4 in the second flight platoon and was a 67n20 gunner I would like to be placed on the roster Please post my e-mail address also.[email protected] Thanks.// Jim Boss
5 Jun 99: Greetings, I served with the 192 ahc -formed in FT Riley and rode the boat to Nam. It was a long journey .I remember building the barracks at tuy hoa and then moving to the cliff at Phan Thiet,I remember Tet ,tha ammo blowing up, the ground shaking and many great people.I flew in the second platoon with Garbett Kirchmeir Choate Conners Mccallum Decosta Blackmon Jackson other names have slipped by as time goes by.Oh by the way I'm Jim Boss and I hope to be added to the company roster if at all possible. I'm so exited to have FINALLY found my old company it gives me goosebumps.I have thought many times of those days ... Please respond to this message I have many more thoughts to share God Bless America and our Fallen Comrades. //Sincerely, James C. Boss --- P.S. The name of the boat was Nelson.
1 Jun 99: Hi, My name is Iverson M. Jackson, I was a member of the 65th Signal Detachment. We took care of the avionics eqiupment for the 192nd. I became a part of the 65th at Ft. Riley in the spring of 1967 and make the trip abroad ship in Oct.of that year. I'm in touch with several guys from the Oct. 67 thru Out. 68 era but would like to be added to the website listing so that I might contact others. I'll also dig out some pictures and get them to you. Thanks for putting page together. //Iverson M. Jackson (Sp5) 65th Signal Detachment [email protected]
29 May 99: Please add me to the roster. Dan Gibson, CW2 March 1968 to March 1969 "Tiger Shark 33" last 6 months of tour. Also called "Toothless"(used to go without my false teeth alot) Company instructor pilot last 6 months(after an engine failure and successful landing) Too many stories and memories.//Dan Gibson [email protected]
25 May 99: Hi again, Thanks to Dan Hertlein and his friend, I have some of my slides on disc and will be sending them to the web site. This is on the beach at Phu hiep after a storm. On the right is Floyd Strange who was infused and killed in a crash while returning to his unit while over the ocean. Here we are putting roofing on the billets in Phu Hiep. As soon as we had all of the billets constructed and made one of them into a club we got orders to move to Phan Thiet. Talk about breaking a units spirit! Next is Christmas day in my room. I took it upon myself to partition the officers buildings into two man rooms. It was good while it lasted. More to follow. //Bill Taxter
24 May 99: I was a former Tigershark... Robert E. Goolsby, Captain/Infantry, Tigershark 597, "Goldie", Jan 1971 - June 1971. I was in 155 from Aug 1970 until Jan 1971. I flew slicks in 155 and was the Motor Pool Officer. When 155 deactivated, I was transferred to the 192nd. I flew slicks for the 1st month in the 192nd and then transferred to the gun platoon. I was then sent back to Bam Me Thout to fly out of that area for the 192nd. While flying cover for an extraction of some Vietnamese Rangers, I was shot down on June 10, 1971 and my crewchief & doorgunner (SP5 Johnny Arthur and SP4 Louie Gooch Montoya) were both killed. The other pilot was injured pretty badly but I never learned what happened to him. I had a crushed L2 vertebrae, lower jaw severed on both sides, nose cut off, ribs pulled loose from my sternum and other cuts. I was sent to a hospital in Quin Nhon for a while, then to a hospital in Okinawa where I had more surgery on my jaw. After a few weeks, I was sent to Martin Army Hospital in Fort Benning Georgia near my home in Columbus Georgia. After 4 months in various hospitals, I was discharged with a medical profile that prevented me from flying anymore so I was assigned as the S-2 of the Aviation Command at Lawson Army Airfield in Fort Benning. I requested and received a discharge from active duty on February 29, 1972. My reason for leaving the Army was to go into the retail grocery business with my father in Columbus. I have been married for 29 years and have 3 children. I continue to live in Columbus, Georgia. Email:[email protected] / Web Page:>. //Robert E. "Bobby" Goolsby ... PS: There are a few pictures of Viet Nam on my web Page. (This includes a picture of Spec. Arthur & Montoya.)
29 Apr 99: Please add my name, Dale G. Seegert also known as gunner, served viet-nam sept 69 to sept. 70 at phan thiet, phan rang with polecats and tigersharks. please note my email is [email protected] as i am mailing from a friends computer. Served as crew chief and door gunner "you call we maul". //Earl F. Oakley lll
23 Apr 99: My name is David Fox. Nick name "Quack". In Country May 1970 - May 1971. Love to hear from some of the old guys. //"Fox, David D" [email protected]
16 Apr 99: Dan Hertlein has sent us 26 pics and some great commentary starting at Ft. Riley and ending in Phan Thiet... its well worth viewing and reading. CLICK HERE FOR DAN'S STORY
7 Apr 99: Got word from "Woody" about this site. Have been unable to make it to any of the reunions before, but intend to be in Nashville. I hope to see some familiar faces from the December 1969 til December 1970 time frame. //Charles H. Homeijer "DUTCH" [email protected]

Mail Call March 99

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