19 Aug 98: Curt Hardy, SGT, 51M40, Feb 70~Feb 71, 192nd AHC Phan Thiet, Phan Rang. 100% disablied Vet. Home Lakeside, CA [email protected]
Major Higgenbothem CO
Captian D. Bailey XO
SFC Loren Boyer Maint.�
Listed below are the names of men I will forever remember with the�
deepest respect.

"Hardy's Heroes"

Sp/4 Robert Kline
Rowland Heights, CA

Sp/4 Marvin C. Briesacher
(killed by friendly fire 2nd tour w/another outfit)
Farmington, MN

PFC James O. Gray
Hood River, OR

Sp/4 David McLernan
Hacienda Heights, CA

Sp/4 Stanley Marquette
Port Angeles, WA

Sp/4 Charles Furcinite
Pittsfield, MA

Sp/4 Paul J. Connelly
Texas City, TX

Sp/4 Milton Burlingame
Olean, NY

Sp/4 John Wayne Chaney
Annapolis, MD
thanx for the info... give us a little more insite...�
17 Aug 98: A couple of the guys have been writing about Capt. Roach and Johnson (I believe his first name was Keith). If you check out http://www.vhpa.org/info/panel/PANEL37E.HTM and go down to the date 680204 Pacific Stars & Stripes there is a story written about them. Also there is a lot of different Company's unit histories if anyone is interested. I got into it through Jim's 192nd home page, by going to the 192 Men on the Wall then The Virtual Wall. Haven't found much on the 192nd yet, but I'm still looking. //Bob Foster
16 Aug 98: Im sending our Unit History for 192nd AHC 1-1-70 TO12-31-70 To Jim Schueckler snail mail and some pictures, my scanner isn't cooperating. You guys are doin't a Great Job on the web site and I thank you for the service to all of us that were there. It realy means alot to be able to remembered and recognized, Especially by Fellow Brother Veterans. //Thanx Ron O' Leary
16 Aug 98: My name is John Galkiewicz and I was a CW-2 with the 192nd at the end of 68. I was infused from the 281st to scatter DROSS dates and was with them only about 3 months. We had 2 "D" models with the little engines (forget the designation) and could not use them for combat (no power) so we used them for the ash & trash run twice a week to Dalot. There was more chance of dying in that than in combat I think. In any case, I could handle it pretty well and it was my job to take the next ranking Peter Pilot and let him ride left seat. It was excellent training because the machine was really under powered and the sites we had to go to were tight. After a day of flying that, they sure had a respect for their regular ships. It was excellent left seat training for them. The captain we few to Dalot with was Captain Casey. On a regular mission one day I had to land his CO on the backside of an ongoing battle and noticed something odd going on. It looked like a little awards ceremony and it only took a split second. I stuck my little Kodak 126 out the window and aimed best I could and snapped the last picture in the camera. I didn't say a thing because I could have gotten ground or sky, I didn't know. About 2 weeks later the film (slides) came back and I guess GOD had lined up the camera because I had a perfect picture of one of the few battle promotions that were awarded in vietnam. I sent the slide off and had 2 copies made, one an enlargement. On the next mission with the now Major Casey I handed him an envelope with the pictures in it. I told him the enlargement was for his wife. I believe he had a tear in his eye. He sure had a deep appreciation for the 192nd and was a pleasure to work with. // John Galkiewicz [email protected]


14 Aug 98: Found your 192nd AHC site the other day . Please add me to the unit roster. Information follows:
Name: Bill Bauer
Rank: 1LT
Call sign: Polecat 26 (January - March 69)
Platoon:� 2nd� (September 68 - March 69)
Rank: 1LT/CPT
Call sign/nickname: Tigershark 36� (Willie) (May-August 69)
Platoon:� Gun (March-August 69)
Have copies of the official 192nd AHC unit history for 1968 as well as 10th Aviation Battalion official history for years 1968 and 1969. If interested, let me know. Also, can provide information for obtaining additional unit histories archived at the U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA. Keep up the good work.
14 Aug 98: I have a scanner here can I just scan and E-mail them to you, Im new at this scanning but I'll give it a shot, let me know when your ready. Its realy nice knowing that some of us are still around and the Nam realy happened I was starting to wonder if I was all alone, Its makes you feel better to know that there are actual people that you knew at that time in our lives, that can verify it realy did accur. yo Toons I glad you guys got this together You don't know how important this is to us to know Our Brothers are still here. Remember our Motto We Bowe To None I have been that way ever since Nam and will never change that part of me. Im a proud Vet and feel that we all in our own way can help other Veterans. Just seeing 192 AHC on this net touched my heart my Brother. //Thank You Ronny O.
14 Aug 98: Thanks for taking the initiative and starting a 192 AHC website. My name is Steve Kelley. I spent one tour in VN, Jun 70 - Jun 71. Orignially assigned to the 155 AHC ( Stagecoach/Falcons) in Ban Me Thuot. I joined the 192nd after the 155 AHC stood down in Dec 70. When I got to the 192, they had relocated from PhanThiet to Phan Rang Air Base. The day I checked in, early Jan 71, I was moved back to Ban Me Thuot -- the 192nd had picked up the 155th's mission. While the two "gunship" and other three "slick" crews rotated from in and out every month, I spent the rest of my tour in BMT. My callsign was "Hulk." I remember some of the Polecat and Tigershark Warriors by their names and others by their call signs. Polecats Ted "Enema" Emery and Mark Bloom were flight school buddies of mine. Gene Breslin (Polecat), Lt Goolsby (Tigershark), and "Buck" Buckner (REMF) transferred with me from the 155. Steve Watson (Tigershark) who was already in the 192 survived two crashes, the second one (the day I left to catch my "Freedom Bird") Lt Goolsby was severely injured and I heard later never fully recovered. I was fortunate to be stationed at Ft Rucker when Steve Watson attended WO Advanced Course in 74 and am still humbled that he asked me to be his best man. "Eli" Whitney was another periodic BMT Tigershark. I remember in April 71 when he took a shrapnel wound in the nose during a pretty good fight we had going just East of QL14 about half way between BMT and Pleiku. I saw him years later, 78, in Germany. Gene Breslin and I renewed our friendship at the 95 VHPA gathering in Kansas City and have since in Orlando in 97 and this past 4th of July in Ft Worth. Of course there were others: Salt, Pepper, Woody, etc, but although I can still see their faces, just can't recall their names anymore. Keep up the good work with the website. I look forward to renewing even more Polecat and Tigershark friendships in the future. //Steve Kelley, Fort Worth, TX ,e-mail:[email protected]
14 Aug 98: Ron O' Leary Spec-4 July 20, 1969 to October 2, 1970 was the Cook and the Mess Hall Truck driver, I was from N.J., now I live in California. Back in the 192nd I remember May 3, 1970 the night we were overran. I have 2 forms of Cancer from Agent Orange 1 malignant I'm 100% Service Connected Permant & Total, but doing OK. I help other Vets get their claims for benefits started with the VA, I'm working on becoming a Veterans Service Officer to help Vets cause there are to many of them out there that screw the Vet with mis-information and just don't care. I was looking every where on the internet for anything refering to our Unit, Im glad I finally found my Brothers. //Thankx for the Site, Ron O'Leary


13 Aug 98: Does anybody remember or know the pilot who had - "have you had your thrill for today" on the back of their helmet.He was a pilot with the 192 ahc in 67-68. CAGE from the 3/506 Infantry would like to find him. Please e-mail Dave Sloan at [email protected]
11 Aug 98: Don't worry 'bout getting back to me fast (I like it when you do) I have more time on my hands than most. I remember Johnson, he came back to the unit before he went home. I remember he lost alot of weight in the hospital. I was flying recovery with the Maint. chopper that day. It came over the radio that two ships were hit. Our pilot (Maj. Smith) said "Roach is a former Grunt, he'll get them out, lets go after the other one". We flew so close to them as they were going down that I thought their tail rotor was going to come through our winshield. When we were on the ground, I pulled the crew chief out, HE is the one I would like to find out who he was. He was shot through the neck. Everyone left, and I was left there ALONE for about an hour until a chinook came to sling load it out. I would also LOVE to confront Sgt. Hager about why he left me there alone. There was some things there that happen after I was alone that I have been trying to deal with for 30 years. We'll talk about that later. If Memory serves me right, I believe it was the day after Christmas 1967. And I also believe that where we landed was called Miami Beach. You are right, it was the "first" major battle of the 192 AHC.// Dave Sloan
11 Aug 98: As a young man I was a rifleman in the 101st Airborne Division in Phan Thiet and rode all over hell in your Choppers. You guys were the best there was. You got us out to the woods and back in, you brought us our chow and mail and you came and carried our wounded and dead back to Betty. I've had the honor to see your Medivac pilots do things with Choppers I didn't think were possible, but they did those things to save our asses. Over the years I've thought about you guys alot and I wish you all the best and hope you locate all your 192nd brothers. The Web-site looks good so far, keep up the good work. Steve Wilke A co, 3rd Platoon. 3/506. I was there May 69 - May 69.

11 Aug 98: I don't know if my message from yesterday got through. I think it was an operator head space problem. anyway, i'm mike massieu, polecate 353 crewchief, 68-69. finally able to reach your site. I know you and Jim will do great things. I'll help as I can. Have some list of 192 members (68-70), have white horse and polecat patch, 10th abn crest and some photes an addition to your honor roll: sp4 kenneth lewis, crewchief polecat 249, killed 16 feb 68. // thanks Mike

10 Aug 98: Another name for the Memorial list CW2 David William Timm, AC 66-16253. The only one lost while I was in country, I left on emergency leave May 17th 68. They crashed coming out of an LZ, hot day over loaded they said. Do not know who the other pilot was or crew members. You can find the info at http://www.vhpa.org/info/panel/PANEL48E.HTM. I am trying to find someone here in town to develope several rolls of film that I took in country and had forgotten about for a lot of years. Don't really have any idea whats on them. Any ideas?// Later, Bob�
10 Aug 98: Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, The rest of the story goes like this.....it was the first heavy combat that the 192nd slicks were engaged in. Johnson the Crew-Chief of the downed aircraft survived, the aircraft was destroyed. Several other aircraft were hit that day . this was around early dec. 1968. // Jack Choate
10 Aug 98: Finally able to get here after finding out about your page. I'm Mike Massieu, (sp5) crewchief Polecat 353, 68-69. Would like to add a friend to you "Honor Roll" SP4 Kenneth Lewis, Polecat 249, 16 FEB 68. Hunting for info on CW2 Walter Schumate "sunshine", my ac. //Mike
9 Aug 98: The aircraft that was shot down on fire was flown by Capt Roach Later Maj.Roach the Crew-Chief's Name was Johnson He was shot through the back. Capt. Roach Pulled him to safety. I was the Crew-Chief in the aircraft behind Capt. Roach. This was the first flight [[[[rest of message not received]]]] //Jack Choate
9 Aug 98: My name is Jack Choate. I am an original member of the 192nd AHC and trained at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1967. I went to Vietnam with the advanced party and was a Crew-chief on aircraft 66-16355 until my ETS in August 1968. I have many stories to share with fellow crew members but all of my slides and photographs have been destroyed over the years. I am excited about the opportunity that this web site brings and look forward to renewing old friendships. E-mail [email protected]
9 Aug 98: I would like to find out about a mission i remember from Tuy Hoa. One of the first real bad ones. I believe the LZ was called Miami Beach. Two choppers went down. One on fire, they got out on their own, the other was hit through a oil line. I was flying recovery, we followed this one down. The crew chief was hit through the side of his neck, and thr door gunner was hit through his chest. I pulled the crew chief out and put a dressing on his wound until we could fly him out. I need to know his name. I remained there (completely ALONE) until a chinook came so I could sling load it out. I was flying on #16000 at the time with Capt. Smith, Sgt. Hager. //Dave Sloan
8 Aug 98: My name is Jack Choate, I am one of the original members of the 192AHC. I trained at Fort Riley, Kansas and I was in the 2nd Lift Platoon as a Crew-chief on aircraft 66-16355. I have several stories about the unit to share with those interested, however, all of my slides and photographs have been destroyed over the years. I would appreciate being contacted by other members as I have tried to locate them in the past. That part of my life is still very real and it would be fantastic to share those memories with fellow crew members. My e-mail address [email protected]
7 Aug 98: Special Friends, I wanted to let members of the 192nd AHC know that my book
is nearing completion and I hope to have it headed for the publisher by early winter. I recently returned from our 2nd reunion (held in Reno on July 16-18) and what a reunion! We laughed, cried, hugged, lied, swore, drank, and cried some more. Our ranks are growning and what a healing process--as I know yours is/will be. I showed several thousand slides (yes, several thousand), several hundred photos and took along my draft. I have a new scanner now so look for some pictues of you guys in action from the "grunt's view". You guys came up in our conversations many times. I sincerely hope that my book will give back just a tiny bit of what you guys did for us; in a far away place, a long time ago when we were so young and proud. //Jerry Berry


7 Aug 98: My name is Robert Foster, from Emporium, Pa. I was one of the original Tiger Sharks, Crew Chief on 66-15071. I have been talking to Jim Scheuckler about some pictures, and many more slides I have of the orginial bunch of guys before we left Ft Riley, during the trip over and after at Phu Hiep and Phan Thiet. I just thought I would let you know as I see you are the one to email. If I can be of any help let me know. //Bob [email protected]
7 Aug 98: I found this site two weeks ago, responded, but haven't seen anything from anybody...what's up? //"Dave Sloan"

*** Okay, here goes... This page was started on 11 July of this year out of frustration from not being able to find the 192nd on the web. So after a few months of some serious poking around and not finding anything, I was cranked up enough to start this page myself. I wrote to the VHFCN, the VHPA, Bub's Huey Home Page, the 1st Avn Bde Home Page (no response, mail keeps kicking back), and the VHCMA (2 letters, no response), to get the word out on this site (and get you guys together). So far the response has been slow as you can see. Well today things seemed to have changed, not only did I receive email from 'Scrody', but also from Jim Schueckler (CW2,1stFltPlt,69-70) who sent me a message (seems a whole batch of 192nd people were copied on that one...) to inform me that he also has a page going. Jeeze, Louise what next!?!! Well, I'll get together with Jim and see what we can come up with... in the meantime - hang in there. Oh yeah, finally got a scanner today and will be able to post some pics I have hangin' around here shortly. (PS: Hey 'Scrody', where's those stories you mentioned?) ***

29 Jul 98: Wow, I can't believe I found this site. Thank God I finally found you!! I'm Dave Sloan, nickname "SCRODY", was with you in 67-68, "The Originals". I have lots of stories and info. I am handicapped with Lou Gherigs now and am having trouble typing. Please, please, don't let me be left out. I need you guys. Want to hear from all of you. Someone E-Mail me at [email protected]. Also, need to get in touch with Jim Covey and/or Bill Garrison.�

28 Jul 98: I am amazed to find that there are others still around after all these years! I would say that for most of us, the 192nd changed our lives forever. I joined the 192nd at Ft. Riley while it was being formed and went over on the ship with the company in September (I think) of 1967. Major Baker was the Company Commander and Major Goto Was the flight Operations Officer. We arrived in Phu Hep late October, Convoyed our equipment up from Nhatrang, and in Jan. of '68, we moved to Phan Thiet (just in time for Tet. I was in operations the whole time with the 192nd and drosed out in August of 1968. I currently live in Savage Minnesota. It is sure nice to you contact me. If I can be of any help, let me know...short term memory is gone, but long term is still pretty good.//Thanks for writing , Lyle Nelson�
27 Jul 98: Thanks for the update. Just to update the in-country date - we came in on 18 October 1967 (pretty sure of that day, but certain of month and year) and went to Phu Heip until December 67 then went to Phan Thiet and were direct dupport to 3/506, 101 Abn. A lot of our flying in the Phu Heip days was with the 173rd Abn Bde along with the 335th AHC Cowboys who were D/S the the 173rd. Also did a lot of ash/trash in support of SF. We took our first hits flying at Phan Thiet and our first fatality at Phan Thiet. Will talk later. //Jim C [email protected]
26 Jul 98: Thanks for the reply. I will try to e-mail the pics in the near future. Like most of us I am a bit rusty on names and faces but will try to pull it together. Have you come across Jerry Berry who is writing a book on the 3/506, 101. He has gathered a lot of names of the 192nd and is still seeking info on the unit. Jerry was a combat photographer and was hitching a ride on our low slick the night that TET 68 kicked off. He was wounded along with the spotter on board. His e-mail is [email protected] Will touch base with you soon. //Jim C


****** JERRY'S REPLY ******

�27 Jul 98: Hi, it's a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for the info. And count on me visiting the website and participating. If I may be of any help locating your members, please don't hesitate to ask. The 192nd AHC was the best! // Jerry�

25 Jul 98: I am Jim Covey (pilot, Lt then) and I was one of the original Polecats forming the unit at Fort Riley, Kansas and subsequently going to RVN in Oct 67. I have several pictures of the early days in RVN if you are interested..please give me your address and I will send copies to you. Another good source is Bill Garrison who lives in Manchester, Kansas and was an early pioneer. Bill was a maintenance officer and has a good handle on early aircraft damage, especially TET of 68 when we were at Phan Thiet. Bill teaches at Kansas State and has an e-mail there, but not at home. Sorry I don't know it but I can find out if you are interested. Thanks for starting this page - it's long over due. //Jim C, ORWAC 67-4, CO 8th WOC 68/69�
22 Jul 98: Good to see your page. One time we spent the night with your unit. I was with the 119th AHC. When I approched the company area I took a picture of your co sign. Kept it all this time. Maybe you can use it. Good luck on your page. Hope you can find some of the people that you served with. /Mark S Herring 119th AHC 1970 [email protected]



15 Jul 98: I'm interested in recalling and mapping the Company's history and activity in VN. I remember we flew CA's, insertions, exractions, support, and dust-offs. We flew throughout ll and lll corp. Looking forward to making the connections! Thanks.
Phil Moomjean,SP5,CE,1stFltPlt,3/71-3/72 [email protected]


15 Jul 98: Here is the information that I failed to include with my letter: (Donald E. Frazier,"Animal", PFC (at that time), Ammunition/Aircraft Armament/Gunner, 3rd FltPlt-Guns, 8-71 to 1-72 (unit Stand Down). Since you were with the guns do you remember a CE named Alan Tiner (Tiny). He was there when I was plus he was my best man at my wedding back home over 25 years ago. I'm even still with the wife... Tiny lives up in Austin, Tx now. I have been trying to get in touch with him for the past few days, after I found all these web sites. I'd like to see about getting together for a mini reunion, does anyone know anything about something like that happening???? With that I'll move out and get to class.
Donald E. Frazier,"Animal",PFC,Gunner,3rdFltPlt-Guns,8/71-1/72 [email protected]


14 Jul 98: HELLO EVERYONE::::I served with 192d AHC from Aug '71 until the unit stood down and came back to the US. I was then transfered to Long Bhin. I didn't hadn't been there long enough to go home with the unit!!!! My name is Donald E. Frazier Nicknamed ANIMAL. I was in the 3rd Plt (Tigershark). When I first got there I was assigned as the Ammunition Storage and Operations Specialist,then cross trained as a Aircraft Armament Specialist, and then got to fly, too!! Unfortunatly I was on Non Crewmember Flight Status, I did log 58 Combat Hours. After coming home I stayed in the Army until 1 June '92, when I retired. I currently live just outside San Antonio, TX. I am trying to get an education right now so I use the Schools computer. I do have two email addresses that can be used to contact me if anyone would like to do that??? I do have a few pictures of some of the Tigersharks..Here are the Addresses:: [email protected] or [email protected]..... I have been using the call sign as a CB Handle since 1977, so don't be upset with me... Thanks, Don�
13 Jul 98: I can't believe I found this site! Spec 5 Phil Moomjean, 192nd Assault Helicopter Co., Dong Ba Thin, 1971-1972. I flew as a Crew Chief on Polecat 70-15730. After returning to the world, I flew as a medical crew member for an EMS helicopter program. Now I am the program manager for a EMS helicopter program. /PBM


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