Regimental Field & Staff

Field & Staff Officers


Silas Colgrove

Aug '61-Nov '64

Lieutenant Colonel

Abisha L. Morrison

Nov '61-Jan '63

Lieutenant Colonel

John R. Fesler

Jan '63-Nov '64


John Mehringer

Aug '61-Jan '62


Theodore F. Colgrove

Feb '63-Nov '64


William W. Dougherty

Feb '63-Nov '64


James M. Jamison

Aug '61-Nov '64


Thomas A. Whitted

Sep '61-Jan '63


Jarvis J. Johnson

Sep '61-Jul '62


Willis H. Twifford

Sep '62-Jul '64


John H. Alexander

Jul '64-Nov '64

Assistant Surgeon

Greenly V. Woollen

Sep '61-Sep '64

Staff Non-commissioned Officers

Sergeant Major

Theodore F. Colgrove

Sep '61-Nov '61

Sergeant Major

John K. McKaskay

Nov '61-Jun '62

Sergeant Major

William W. Dougherty

Jun '62-Oct '62

Sergeant Major

James R. Sharp

Mar '63-Sep '64

Quartermaster Sergeant

John A. Crose

Sep '61-Oct '62

Commissary Sergeant

Simpson S. Hamrick

Sep '61-Oct '62

Commissary Sergeant

Tarvin C. Stone

Oct '62-Nov '64

Hospital Steward

David Hansell

Nov '61-Nov '64

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Roster expanded and corrected by Steven D. Russell 1999, 2000 from Copyright work of Wilbur D. Jones Jr. 1991, Alexandria, Virginia. Used with permission.

Regimental Field & Staff

Service Records


Formed = After arrival of all Companies at Camp Morton, 8-61

Characteristics = Not from any principal city: widespread residences & occupations; Older than officers and men in Companies


Personal Data Key = Residence (County), date mustered in/date commissioned as, age at time of muster in, verifiable marital status, height, occupation. An ( *) means the soldier is counted against the company he originally came from in the regimental stats.


Colgrove, Silas

Winchester (Randolph), 8-30-61/9-12-61, 45, m, 5-8, Lawyer/Judge

Prior service LTC of 8th Indiana Infantry; Wounded at Cedar Mountain-- scalp; Severely wounded Chancellorsville--gunshot right thigh, struck leg near hip joint and passed thru flesh up between limbs thru saddle tree, and lodged in saddle blanket. Commanded 3rd Bde 1st Div 12th Corps 11-62 & at Gettysburg. Wounded Gettysburg--in hand by spent ball. Commanded Post at Tullahoma Tennessee 10-2 to 12-63, 4-64. Severely wounded Peach Tree Creek--solid shot cannon ball passed between right side & arm, tore away flesh from breastbone to backbone 3-4" wide; shot struck sword bending it back into right arm fracturing arm. In Hospital 1st Div 20th Corps near Atlanta Georgia. Brevetted Brigadier General of Volunteers ordered 9-15-64 to date 8-7-64 for "meritorious & distinguished service during the war." President of Military Commission (Indianapolis Indiana "Treason Trials") on activities of Indiana Secret Societies from 10 to 12-64. Discharged at Indianapolis 12-30-64 when term expired. Except for furlough, hospital & 3rd Bde command, he was with regiment entire period of service. First Indiana Colonel to serve through his term with same unit from Muster In to Muster Out. Father of Theodore Freelinghausen Colgrove F&S; "Coley," "Old Coley." Died Lake Kerr Florida 1-13-1907, cremated ashes scattered


Harrison, Archibald Irvin

Indianapolis (Marion), 8-30-61/9-12-61, 29, m

Prior service Adjutant of 8th Indiana Infantry; Resigned 10-29-61 disability: severe cough; Son of President William Henry Harrison; Brother of future President Benjamin Harrison; Died Indianapolis Indiana 12-16-70, buried Indianapolis Crown Hill Cemetery

Morrison, Abisha L *

Greencastle (Putnam), 11-19-61/11-19-61, 36, 5-11

Promoted from Captain Company A; Service in Mexican War; Severely injured at Pipers Ford Maryland 11-16-62 thrown from horse across stone fence; Resigned Fairfax Station, Virginia 1-22-63 disability; Died Greencastle Indiana 4-4-1909, buried Greencastle Forest Hill Cemetery

Fesler, John Roush *

Morgantown (Morgan), 1-12-63/3-1-63, 25, m, 5-9.5

Promoted from Captain Company G; Wounded Chancellorsville; Commanded regiment 5-13 to 5-15-63, Gettysburg, & Peach Tree Creek. With regiment in all battles & engagements. Mustered Out 11-4-64 when term expired. "Colonel John R." Brother of George Lake Fesler Company G; Cousin of Peter & James M Fesler Company G. Died Indianapolis Indiana 2-19-1920, buried Indianapolis Crown Hill Cemetery


Mehringer, John

Jasper (Dubois), 8-30-61/9-12-61, 35, m

Service Mexican War; Brought Company K into camp 9-12-61 as its Captain; Promoted Regimental Major; Resigned 1-25-62 serious family problems; Later service as Lietenant Colonel, 91st Indiana Infantry; Brevetted Brigadier General '64; Mustered Out Salisbury NC 6-26-65; Died Louisville Kentucky 10-22-1906, buried Jasper Indiana, St. Joseph's Church Cemetery

Johnson, William S *

Indianapolis (Marion), 3-15-62/3-15-62, 38

Promoted from Captain Company C; Resigned 7-10-62 family sickness; "Billy"; Died at National Hospital for Disabled Veterans, Danville Illinois 12-27-1904

Burge, George W *

Washington (Daviess), 7-11-62/7-11-62, 31, s, 5-10

Promoted from Captain Company E; Wounded Cedar Mountain--minie ball passed through top of head and fractured skull, hospital; Returned to regiment; Resigned Stafford Court House Virginia, 2-1-63: felt he was unable to discharge duties of Major; Died Topeka Kansas 5-1-99, buried Topeka Cemetery

Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen 2, 3

Winchester (Randolph), 2-27-63/3-1-63, 17, s, 5-6

Prior service 8th Indiana Infantry; Promoted from Adjutant; Mustered Out 11-4-64; With Regiment in all battles & engagements. Later service as Captain & Lieutenant Colonel, 147th Indiana Infantry. General Court Martial and Dishonorable Discharge 9-30-65. Son of Colonel Silas Colgrove; Died Jacksonville Florida 7-7-1916, buried Jacksonville


Gilmore, Robert B *

Greencastle (Putnam), 9-3-61/9-1-61, 32

Promoted 1LT Company A 11-20-61; Commanded Company A 2-14-62 to 3-2-62, 5-26 to 6-30-62; Wounded Antietam; Died of Wounds at Greencastle Indiana 10-16-62

Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen


Promoted from Sgt Major

Dougherty (Daugherty), William Wirt * 2

Indianapolis (Marion), 3-1-63/1-1-63, 21, s, 5-9, Clerk

Promoted from PVT Company G to regimental Sgt Major 6-1-62; Promoted 2LT Company H 10-14-62; Promoted regiment Adjutant 3-1-63; With regiment in all battles & engagements; Mustered Out 11-4-64, term expired. Recruiting officer for re-enlisting of regiment's veteran volunteers. Was one of 4 members to serve in 3 units within regiment. Later served in 18th US Infantry; Retired 2-1-93. Retired with rank of Major 4-23-1904; Only officer to remain as career US Army officer; "Will", "Billy"; Died Indianapolis, Indiana 2-4-1922. Buried Indianapolis, Crown Hill Cemetery


Jameson (Jamison), James Monroe

Bloomington (Illinois), 8-26-61/9-1-61, 35, s, 5-8, Saddler

Injured--bruised left leg badly 3-10-62 on march; horse fell, leg caught under horse. Assistant Quartermaster Tullahoma Post 11-2-63 to 3-4-64. Mustered Out 9-1-64 term expired; "The Old Apostle"; Died Cairo Illinois 1-21-1916, buried Indianapolis Indiana, Crown Hill Cemetery


Whitted, Thomas A.

Morgantown (Morgan), 9-12-61/9-16-61, 45, Reverend

Resigned 6-4-63 ill health, chronic hepatitis; "Brother"; Uncle of Silas Whitted Company D; Died 4-1-71


Johnson, Jarvis J.

Martinsville (Morgan), 9-7-61/9-12-61, 33, m, 5-10, Physician

Injured, severe rupture at Winchester--pitched forward when horse fell leaping stone fence; developed hemorrhoids causing internal fistula in ano; had to ride ambulance. POW at Winchester; retained by Confederates to work hospital at Winchester; Returned to regiment 6-62. Resigned Culpeper, Virginia 7-30-62, health; Died Martinsville Indiana 9-22-99

Twiford, Willis (William) H.

Union City (Randolph), 9-27-62/9-27-62, 41, m, Surgeon

Promoted from Assistant Surgeon. In charge at Poffenberger hospital after Antietam until late 10-62; Returned to regiment. In charge at 1st Div/12th Corps Filed Hospital at Acquia Creek Virginia after Chancellorsville; Returned to regiment. Severely Injured at Tullahoma Tennessee--spine producing spinal cord concussion & partial paralysis of right leg 4-64, when he slipped & fell through culvert on RR bridge. Chief Medical Officer of 1st Div/12th Corps 4-27 to 5-2-64. Resigned 7-14-64 disability: injuries; Died 3-1-1910

Alexander, John H.

Greensburg (Decatur), 7-15-64/7-26-64, 34, 5-1, Surgeon

Promoted from Assistant Surgeon; Missed Resaca/New Hope Church/Peach Tree Creek--sick hospital & home; Detached service with 1st Div/20th Corps General Hospital 8-64; Mustered Out 11-4-64 term expired; Died Greensburg Indiana 1-2-1911


Woollen, Greenly Vinton

Indianapolis (Marion), 9-7-61/9-12-61, 21, m, Medical Student

POW 8-18-62 Virginia-- Libby prison, Richmond, Virginia until General Pope's objectionable foraging order was rescinded 8-62. Paroled 9-21-62; Returned to Regiment 9-62; Detached service with Hampton's Battery, 14th MA Artillery, Artillery Brigade, 1st Div 12th Corps 10-12-62 to 3-11-64; Surgeon-in-chief at Seminary Hospital, Murfreesboro Tennessee 3-14-64 to 6-64; Mustered Out 9-1-64, term expired; "Green"; Died Indianapolis Indiana 12-10-1921, buried Indianapolis, Crown Hill Cemetery

Twiford, Willis (William)


Promoted Surgeon

Alexander, John H


Promoted Surgeon




Personal Data Key = Residence (County), age, verifiable marital status, height, occupation



Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen

Promoted Adjutant 11-19-61

Dougherty, William Wirt

Promoted from PVT Company G 6-1-62; Promoted 2LT Company H 10-14-62; Promoted Adjutant

McKasky (McCaskey, McKaska), John K. *

Taylorsville (Bartholomew), 28, s, 5-8, School Teacher

Promoted regimental Sgt Major from Private of Company C 11-30-61; Reduced to ranks 6-1-62 in Company C, incapacity to discharge duties; Promoted 2LT Company I 2-14-63; Wounded at Winchester. POW--Winchester, Confederate hospital Union Hotel Winchester, Virginia 5-26-62. Transferred to Academy General Hospital Winchester 6-8-62. Paroled at Winchester 6-7-62. Camp Chase Columbus Ohio 7-18-62 to 9-27-62. Camp Lew Wallace Ohio 10-31. Indianapolis Indiana 1-24-63. Returned to regiment 3-63; Regimental Ordnance officer 5-13-63; Severely Wounded, Gettysburg in the charge--musket ball below elbow, arm broken, 3" of bone cut out & never united, false joint at place of fracture. 12th Corps General Field Hospital, Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Officer's United States Army General Field Hospital, Carnac's Woods Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Main Street United States Army General Field Hospital, Covington Kentucky. Hospital Camp Chase. Discharged Camp Chase 5-20-64 for wounds; One of 4 members to serve in 3 units within regiment; Died 2-20-1900

White, Joseph E *

Johnson City, 19, 5-10, Farmer

Promoted from SGT Company G 2-14-63. Promoted 2LT Company G 3-13-63. Detached service as nurse at div hospital, Frederick Maryland, 4 to 8-62. Wounded Chancellorsville--gunshot left wrist; POW Chancellorsville, paroled US Ford Virginia 5-15-63, 12th Corps General Field Hospital, Acquia Creek Virginia, hospital Washington DC, convalescent furlough home. Discharged Tullahoma Tennessee 11-21-63 for wounds: hand useless. Died Hill City Tennessee 11-12-1905, buried Chattanooga, Tennessee National Cemetery.

Sharp, James R *

Edinburg (Johnson), 19, s, 5-5, Clerk

Clerk, Company C & regiment; Reduced to ranks from Corporal Company C 10-11-61; POW Winchester--prison Richmond, Virginia. Paroled Aikens Landing Virginia 1-13-62; returned regiment; Promoted from PVT Company C 4-12-63; Mustered Out; "Jim," "Jimmie"; Died 8-18-1924


Crose, John A

Putnam City, 26, m, 5-8, Farmer

Mustered Out; "40"; Brother of Benjamin F Crose Company A; Died Greencastle Indiana 10-28-91, buried Greencastle Forest Hill Cemetery


Hamrick, Simpson Solomon *

Greencastle (Putnam), 29, s, Farmer

Promoted from Sgt Company A 9-12-61; Promoted 1LT Company A 11-17-62; Killed Chancellorsville--cannon ball; Buried Fredericksburg Virginia National Cemetery; "Simps"

Stone, Tarvin C *

Greencastle (Putnam), 18, s, 6-0, Carpenter

Resigned SGT Company A, transferred Assistant Commissary Sergeant 10-16-62; Promoted Commissary Sergeant 1-1-63; Mustered Out; Brother Lewis P Stone Company I; Died Manhattan, Indiana 2-6-65


VanBuskirk, Isaac (No 1) *

Gosport (Owen), 35, m, 6-0, Farmer

Reduced to ranks from Corporal Company F; Wagon Master 9-61 to 10-62; Promoted 2LT Company F; Promoted from PVT; POW Winchester. Paroled Richmond, Virginia 9-7-62. Sent to Fort Delaware Delaware 1-17-62, Camp Parole Annapolis Maryland 12-22-62; returned regiment 1-5-63. Wounded at Chancellorsville--right leg broken dangerously. POW at Chancellorsville. Paroled at US Ford Virginia 5-15-63; Died of wounds at 12th Corps Hospital Acquia Creek Virginia on parole 5-15-63. "Blue Ike"; Brother of John VanBuskirk Company F; Cousin of all other VanBuskirks in Company F

Harris William P *

Washington (Daviess), 21, 6-0, Teamster

Resigned from SGT Company E 1-3-63 into ranks to become Orderly to Colonel; Wagon Master 2 to 9-63, 2 to 8-64; Mustered Out


Allen Aaron *

Mt Moriah (Brown), 18, 5-5, Farmer

Promoted from PVT Company G; Detached service at Div hospital as nurse 2-62 to 6-62; POW at Cedar Mountain--prison Richmond Virginia 8-12-62. Paroled Aikens Landing Virginia 1-13-62; returned to regiment. Detached service as hospital nurse 2 to 12-63; returned to regiment. Promoted regimental Hospital Steward 2-12-64; Wounded at New Hope Church; Veteran Volunteer, transferred to 70th Indiana Infantry; Mustered Out 6-8-65; Died Kansas

Knight James H

Morgantown (Morgan), 23, s, 5-10, Doctor

Discharged 12-8-62 Fairfax Station, Virginia to accept commission as Assistant Surgeon 3rd Indiana Cavalry; Died Morgantown, Indiana 12-1-1917, buried Morgantown Cemetery

Ragsdall (Ragsdale) James M *

Morgantown (Morgan), 23, 6-0, Doctor

Promoted from PVT Company G 61; Died Darnestown Maryland 12-12-61 typhoid fever

Hansell (Handsel, Hansel), David A

Bainbridge (Putnam), 20, 5-6, Farmer

Promoted from PVT Company A 1-1-63; Hospital nurse Frederick Maryland 1-20-62; Resigned Hospital Steward 2-11-64, returned ranks Company A; Veteran Volunteer, transferred to 70th Indiana Infantry; Mustered Out 7-21-65; Brother of John W Hansell Company A; Nearly 94 years when Died; Died Lena Indiana 4-27-1934, buried Lena Vansandt Cemetery


Note: The Band was discharged 1-15/16-62 at Camp Halleck, Maryland to comply with general orders from the Army of the Potomac. It was mustered out 7-31-62 near Washington, Virginia. Unless indicated, the members returned home as the terms of their enlistment was to serve as musicians. Service dates below are the muster in dates of Band members.

McCormick (McCormack, McCarmac), Samuel P (John A) *

Washington City, 21, 5-10, School Teacher

Fife Major; Promoted from Fifer Company I 1-1-62; Discharged Williamsport Maryland 6-6-62

Wilcox (Wilcox), William H

Indianapolis (Marion), 9-12-61, 32, Farmer

Chief Musician; Drum Major; Detached service returning 1-62; returned to regiment; Discharged Newtown Virginia 6-13-62; Later service as 2LT Battery No. 18

Trafzer, John F

Petersburg (Pike), 10-24-61, 37, 5-9, Coachman/Musician

Leader; Mustered Out 7-31-62

Applegate, Americus S *

Williamsburg (Wayne), 16, 5-0, Musician

Promoted from Fifer Company C 5-63; Present throughout; Mustered Out; Son of Charles Applegate Company C; Brother of Hiram & Joseph Applegate Company C. Served as the principal fifer of the regiment.


Bruner, Benjamin F

Washington (Daviess), 10-24-61, 27, s, 5-7.5, Blacksmith

Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died Washington Indiana 2-16-72, buried Washington Oak Grove Cemetery

Carson, Thomas

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 32, 5-9.5, Carpenter

2nd Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died Petersburg Indiana 10-9-88

Custin (Custen), Sanford M

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 17, s, 5-10, Carpenter

3rd Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Later service in 26th Indiana Light Artillery; Mustered Out 7-19-65; Died Chicago Illinois 2-17-1920, buried Chicago Mt Hope Cemetery

Coleman, Thaddeus W

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 19, 5-8, Carpenter

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-15-62

Fleehart, John

Rush City, 10-24-61, 23, 5-8, Miller

2nd Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Later service 1LT & Captain 123rd Indiana Infantry; Mustered Out Lexington NC 8-25-65; Died Chicago Illinois 2-16-1910, buried Chicago Mt Greenwood Cemetery

Friedman, George

Dubois City, 10-24-61, 28, m, 5-10, Farmer

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-15-62; Later service as LT of 143rd Indiana Infantry; Mustered Out 10-17-65; Died Jasper Indiana 8-26-91, buried Jasper St Joseph's Cemetery

Horton, Cyreneus (Cyrena(u)s) F

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 25, s, 5-5, Shoemaker

1st Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died Port Byron New York 9-10-1917, buried Port Byron

Hammond, John M

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 26, m, 5-11, Landlord

1st Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Later service as Captain 65th Indiana Infantry; Discharged 12-25-63; Brother of Reuben C Hammond F&S; Died Evansville Indiana 1-20-1922

Hammond, Reuben C

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 22, 6-0, Landlord

3rd Class Musician; Missed Winchester sick in hospital; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Brother of John M Hammond F&S; Died Petersburg Indiana 6-17-1913, buried Petersburg Walnut Hills Cemetery

Hammond, Oliver A

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 21, 5-8, Clerk

3rd Class Music; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died 4-13-94

Jandebeur (Sandebaer), Michael Joseph

Huntingburg (Dubois), 10-24-61, 36, m, 5-7, Tinsmith

2nd Class Music; Discharged 6-4-62 disability; Died Huntingburg Indiana 3-12-89, buried Huntingburg Fairmount Cemetery

Jackson, Ezra F

Lawrenceburg (Dearborn), 10-24-61, 24, s, 5-11.5 Farmer

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-15-62; Died Petersburg Indiana 8-24-72

King, William H

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 20, s, 5-10, Carpenter

1st Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died Jacksonville Florida 10-3-1923

Laswell, Redman (Redmon)

Huntingburg (Dubois), 10-24-61, 21, 6-.5, Carpenter

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-15-62

Minhart (Manhartt), Charles

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 27, s, 5-6, Farmer

3rd Class Music; Discharged 1-16-62; Died Petersburg Indiana 12-4-1920

Neely (Nealy, Neeley), Columbus G

Indianapolis (Marion), 10-24-61, 15, s, 5-8, Printer

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-16-62; Later service 16th Indiana Light Artillery; Discharged 5-26-65: disability

Palmer, Alfred A

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 31, m, 5-6, Wagon Maker

3rd Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died Petersburg Indiana 6-23-83, buried Walnut Hill Cemetery

Scales, Francis V

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 29, 5-11, Livery Keeper

3rd Class Music; Discharged 1-15-62; Died Washington Indiana 9-1908

Smith (Schmidt), Mathias *

Jasper (Dubois), 10-2-61, 27, m, 6-0, Wagon Maker

1st Class Musician; Transferred from PVT Company K 11-12-61; Discharged Williamsport Maryland 6-4-62 disability: chronic bronchitis, unable to play wind instrument; Died Jasper Indiana 1-20-1915

Shoemaker (Schumacher), Ferdinand *

Jasper (Dubois), 10-2-61, 22, 5-9, Carpenter

Transferred from PVT Company K 11-12-61; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died 9-5-85

Schoemaker (Schumaker), Isador (Isedore)

Jasper (Dubois), 10-24-61, 20, m, 5-7, Wagon Maker

Mustered Out 7-31-62; Died New Albany Indiana 12-10-1918, buried Jasper Indiana St Joseph's Church Cemetery

Stucky (Stuckey), John M

Pike City, 10-2-61, 26, s, 6-0, Farmer

3rd Class Musician; Discharged 1-16-62; Died Petersburg Indiana 10-18-77

Stucky (Stuckey), Samuel H

Petersburg (Pike), 10-2-61, 28, s, 5-10, Farmer

2nd Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62; Later service 91st Indiana Infantry; Mustered Out Indianapolis Indiana 7-10-65; Died Petersburg Indiana 10-10-1919, buried Petersburg Walnut Creek Cemetery

Warner, William C

Washington (Daviess), 10-24-61, 32, 5-9, Gunsmith

1st Class Musician; Mustered Out 7-31-62


Jones, William

Washington (Daviess), 3-26-64, 39, 5-5, Farmer

No further record

McMahan, Patrick

9-27-62, 35, 5-6, Laborer

No further record

Regimental Field & Staff


* For regimental totals: Dougherty, William Wirt; Fesler, John R; McCormick, Samuel P; Morrison, Abisha L; Ragsdall, James M; Stone, Tarvin C; Shoemaker, Ferdinand; & Smith, Mathias are counted with Field & Staff;...Gilmore, Robert A; Hamrick, Simpson Solomon; & Hansell, David with Company A;...Johnson, William S; Sharp, James R; McKaskay John K.; & Applegate, Americus S with Company C;...Burge, George W & Harris, William P with Company E;...VanBuskirk, Isaac (No 1) with Company F;...Allen, Aaron & White, Joseph E with Company G


Killed in Action (1): Hamrick, Simpson Solomon *

Died of Mortal Wounds (2): Gilmore, Robert B *; VanBuskirk, Isaac No 1 *

Died of Disease/Sickness (1): Ragsdall, James M *

Discharged (29): Bruner, Benjamin F; Carson, Thomas; Custin, Sanford M; Coleman, Thaddeus W; Fleehart, John; Friedman, George; Horton, Cyreneus F; Hammond, John M; Hammond, Reuben C; Hammond, Oliver A; Jandebeur, Michael J; Jackson, Ezra F; King, William H; Knight, James H; Laswell, Redman; McCormick, Samuel P *; McKaskay, John K *; Minhart, Charles; Neely, Columbus G; Palmer, Alfred A; Scales, Francis V; Shoemaker, Ferdinand *; Shoemaker, Isador; Smith, Mathias *; Stucky, John M; Stucky, Samuel H; Trafzer, John F; Warner, William C; Willcox, William H

Resigned (8): Burge, George W *; Harrison, Archibald Irvin; Johnson, Jarvis J; Johnson, William S *; Mehringer, John; Morrison, Abisha L *; Twiford, Willis H; Whitted, Thomas A

Veterans Transferred to 70th Indiana (2): Allen, Aaron *; Hansell, David *

Mustered Out with Regiment (11): Alexander, John H; Applegate, Americus *; Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen; Crose, John A; Dougherty, William Wirt *; Fesler, John R *; Harris, William P*; Jameson, James Monroe; Stone, Tarvin C *; Woollen, Green V

Not Mustered Out with Regiment, Mustered Out Later (1): Colgrove, Silas

Wounded in Action (5 for 8 times): Allen, Aaron *; Burge, George W *; Colgrove, Silas (3 battles); Fesler, John R *; McKaskay, John K 9-12-61 (2 battles)

Prisoners of War (6 for 7 times): Allen, Aaron *; Johnson, Jarvis J; McKaskay, John K *; Sharp, James R *; VanBuskirk, Isaac No (1) 9-12-61 (2 times); Woollen, Green V

Injured (3): Jameson, James Monroe; Johnson, Jarvis J; Twiford, Willis H

Number of Men Who were Casualties:3 (2-off, 1-enl)

Present Throughout entire 3 years service (1): Applegate, Americus (fifer)

Prior Civil War Service (3): Colgrove, Silas; Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen; Harrison, Archibald Irvin

Later Service with Another Unit (11): Colgrove, Theodore Freelinghausen; Custin, Sanford M; Dougherty, William Wirt *; Fleehart, John; Friedman, George; Hammond, John M; Hansell *, David; Mehringer, John; Neely, Columbus G; Stucky, Samuel H; Willcox, William H


Original Members: Officers 8

Enlisted 4

Band 24

Total 36

Transfers In (all from within regiment): Officers = 8; Enlisted = 9; Band = 4

Grand Total of Members: 57

Members in Each Rank: Officers = 19; Non-Commissioned Officers = 8; Other Enlisted = 6; Band = 26

Total = 59

Marital Status (Verified): Married = 11; Single = 12

Average Height: Overall = 5-9.3 (69.3") (39)

Median = 5-9 (69")

Average Age: Overall = 27.8 years (43)

Officers = 32.3 years

Enlisted = 26.1 years

Median = 25.5 years


Manual Labor = 7

Artisan = 18*

Transportation = 2*

Farmer = 12

Gunsith = 1

Livery Keeper = 1

Saddler = 1

Teamster/Wagoner = 1*

White Collar = 4

Tinsmith = 1

Clerk = 2

Printer = 1

Professional = 8

Landlord = 2

Musician = 1

Lawyer =1

Wagon Maker = 3

Reverand = 1

Other = 1

Miller = 1

School Teacher = 1

Medical Student = 1

Carpenter = 7

Physician/Surgeon = 5

Shoemaker = 1

Blacksmith = 1

*Split occupation

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