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This is a photo album and complete service record of soldiers from the 27th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Each company and section contains mostly uniformed portraits of the soldiers along with detailed biographies of members of that unit. Some pages may take a little while to load but are certainly worth the wait. The pictures come from Brown's Regimental History, descendants, and photos from my great, great, great grandfather's Civil War album. If you have photos of soldiers from this regiment that are different or not included on these pages, please contact Steve Russell if you would like to share them on this site. Many have done so already and are greatly appreciated.

The detailed service records come from taken from the landmark research work of Wilbur D. Jones at the National Archives. Mr. Jones has generously made this work available to the site. It has taken me a year and a half to convert it to the web. Spending years in archival research, Mr. Jones amassed the regimental service records that provide the fate of nearly all 1100 regimental soldiers to include place of burial. Where additional information has become available from my own research and from descendants, I have made the additions, revisions and corrections. Nevertheless, the roster information is protected by a 1991 copywright and is used with permission of Mr. Jones. Please show this work the proper respect. Enjoy the soldiers of the 27th Indiana!

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