Battles of the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

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This page contains the battles that 27th Indiana fought in both Eastern and Western Theaters. The 27th Indiana was somewhat unique to have participated in the pivotal battles in both theaters of the war. Interestingly, they faced some of the same Confederate regiments in both theaters, as General John Bell Hood's troops were transferred to the Western theater after September, 1863. General George H. Thomas often used the experienced XX Corps to attack or plug gaps. Hood's Corps often led Confederate attacks. As a consequence, the Hoosiers faced Hood's rebels on several occasions during the Atlanta Campaign. The battles below contain the actual battle reports from the 27th Indiana as a means to tell the story. There are also maps and both period and modern photos. Enjoy.

XII Corps, Army of the Potomac

XX Corps, Army of the Cumberland

Winchester - 25 May 1862

Resaca - 14-15 May 1864

Cedar Mountain - 9 August 1862

New Hope Church - 25 May 1864

Antietam - 17 September 1862

Kolb's Farm - 22 June 1864

Chancellorsville - 3-5 May 1863

Peach Tree Creek - 20 July 1864

Gettysburg - 1-3 July 1863

Atlanta Battles - 23 July to 2 September 1864

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