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Bad Frog  

Big Bear 

Black Label 11-11 



Colt '45 

Colt '45 Double Malt 

Colt Ice 

Country Club 

Coqui 900 

Crazy Horse 



Haffenreffer's Private Stock 

Hamm's Ice 



Ice Man 

Johnny Three Legs 

King Cobra 

Labatt's Extra Stock 


Little King's 



Mickey's Ice 


Michelob Malt 

Midnight Dragon 

Mt. Everest 


O'Keefe Extra Old Stock 

Olde English 800 

Olde English 800 Draft 

Olde English Ice 800 


Phat Boy 

Ranier Ale 


Schlitz Bull Ice 

Schlitz Bull Max 

Schlitz Red Bull 

Side Pocket 

Silver Thunder 



Steel Reserve 211 

St. Ides 


Upper Canada Rebellion 

Kool-Aide flavored malt liquors

Olde English 800 Special Reserve 

St. Ides Special Brew 

Parody malt liquors

A. M. Ale 



F'd Up 

Rocket Fuel

Yes, you have stumbled into the back alley of Geocities Napa Valley, Spicoli's Liquor Store. You won't find any recommendations for fine wines here, except for perhaps a few of the screw-cap variety. This page is dedicated to those of us who enjoy sucking back a couple of 40's of that potent amber liquid known as malt liquor.  
Here at Spicoli's Liquor Store we hope to stock every known brand of malt liquor available. Open up our well stocked beer case and breathe in some of that cold, stale cigarette, B.O., and spilled beer sented air and grab a 40 or two for yourself.
Of course from the time the bottle is filled at the brewery to the time it is being tossed in the gutter, some funny things are going to happen which will inevitably become malt liquor stories that, while many might not understand, are still worth passing along from generation to generation. 

In case you are wondering what would make someone want to drink down somthing that looks, tastes, and even costs as little as gasoline, you obviously have never experienced the debilitating effects of a malt liquor buzz. 
Only one of us remember this picture being taken.

And of course you've got to figure out what to do with all these bottles. 
Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the credits page to see who you can blame for this site.  

By the way, you are the th person to visit this site since February, 1997, although God only knows why. What isn't surprising, however, is that it took less than a year for my site to be recognized as one of the worst on the web. Yup, on December 29th, ZDNet and Yahoos' "Y-Life: Yippee/ Ya-Hooey." gave me the big thumbs down.
Read on:
( . . . down with the 'ewww') Malt Liquor . . . Works Every Time 
"In case you are wondering what would make someone want to drink down something that looks, tastes, and even costs as little as gasoline, you obviously have never experienced the debilitating effects of a malt liquor buzz." That's the attraction of Spicoli's Liquor Store. It aspires to be the best place on the Web to learn about the many "pleasures" of guzzling phat 40s of Colt 45 or Olde English. There are more than 35 reviews of various brands of the swill, not that the distinctions are very subtle. As the wise young men who created this site sagely say, "You drink the first half of a 40 so that you can drink the second half." Now that's a ringing endorsement. 

I'm guessing that this is ©1997 ZDNet or something. YAHOO! 

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This site was created on a Macintosh and is best viewed with Netscape version 3.0 or higher because Bill Gates could never finish a 40, even with all the money in the world. 
Oh yeah, one final thing, in case you haven't figured it out already, Spicoli's is not a real liquor store, and this page is here strictly for your entertainment. Actually, one more thing for the small print; if you going to steal things (pictures, information, etc...) off of this website for your own web page, please give me or my contributers credit, as I have gone out of my way to do the same myself.

I stopped maintaining this site after January 1998, but I will leave it up here for y'all to enjoy. Thanks for all the support!!

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