Wolfenstain guy: At first I thought he sucked, but as I used him more, you gotta like this guy, A LOT. He has the original gun, machinegun (which is surprisingly quite effective) and chaingun from the game, and as an added strength to match up the others, he has a bazooka, which is as good as any rocketlauncher, a flamethrower, cool as hell and as effective as the plasmagun in DOOM, and when you pick up a BFG or Railgun, you get an akimbo (dual) chaingun which is extremely deadly. Wolfy's strong point is that you get the bazooka if you pick up  a grenade launcher or a rocketlauncher, while in DOOM if you pick up a grenadelauncher you'd get the crappy chainsaw. The main weakness is that you don't get no BFG.
QUAKE1 Guy- Has all the original weapons in the same efficiency as in the original game, you'd swear you're playing quake and not quake2. Weapons, graphics, maps and skins are identical twins as the original quake.
QUAKE2 Guy- Well, it's quake2 after all, so you'll get all the benefits from this guy. I personally never played much quake2 and I SUCK with the stupid railgun from hell, but for some reason ALWAYS get my butt busted by one. If quake2 is your thing, try your luck against the other classes. My bet is to the quake1 guy.
No wolfy levels yet, but soon there will be. I can't wait for those.
Wolfenstain Class Wolfenstain Knife: Might as well type "kill" in the console if this is all you've got :)  knife
Pistol- Seems a little better than the DOOM gun, although it may be the sound it makes. Pistol Machine Gun: It may look silly, but it's quite effective with good aiming.  Machinegun
Chaingun: Pretty good. It looks more like the real DOOM chaingun than the generations doom chaingun does. Chaingun Chainguns Akimbo: Only one thing you must ask yourself, do you feel lucky?, well, do you, PUNK? COOL!!!!
The more you use it, the more you'll like it. Quite responsive.
Bazooka BAZOOKA  missile Fire away
Flame Thrower: As effective as the plasmagun. Bazooka is my favorite though. Click on the picture. Check out this fire. Click on the picture for a better view. Fire throwing :-)

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