MAN is this COOL or what? I always loved DOOM the best. No matter how many quakes, dukes, bloods or halflifes they come up with, DOOM was my all time favorite, totally immersed by it. Too bad the guy could'nt jump or look up and down, too bad the deathmatch play had to be mainly with your budy over the phone line and people could'nt join in and too bad there was no rocket jump or 3dfx, but none of that mattered at the time, I still had a blast. There were no superdark levels like in quake or quake2, everything was colorful and clearly cartoonish and fun, no pretenses of being a "simulation" game. WELL- This is it, the chance to play DOOM again, and it certainly looks great, no pixelation, very smooth and awsome graphics, and to top it off, you can choose to be DOOMGUY, QUAKEGUY, QUAKE2GUY, or WOLFY!!

Please check out the screenshots and see for yourself, and let's all give a BIG hand to the people that made this happen. Check out their web site and tell'em thanks for their great effort:

First thing as you enter the server, you're asked to choose the player you'd like to be. Each has their own original weapons and characteristics, and they are all a lot of fun.
Generations player setup screen

Choose your guy and the fun begins.

Wolfy and Doomguy in action. Click on the image for a better look

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