The following are screenshots to give you an idea of what awaits, HURRY UP DUDE!!

Click on the pictures for better views.
Die DOOMGUY Die. Actually he killed me, while I was taking this shot. Doom2 map1 That's me strolling the famous DOOM2 level Downtown, with my wolfy chaingun. Downtown
Wolfe vs quake in a DOOM level. CRAZY!! Wolfe and quake in action Yea Yea it's me dead in the floor, that guy fried me with the plasma rifle. Take that AND that
That dude stole the BFG from under my nose, and then killed me with it :-( thief Crap!!! I was using Wolfy, no BFG for me, get a dual chaingun instead, no mass murder from a single shot...snif..... Grab that BFG!!
Plasma fireworks!!!! plasma baby Camper Alert!! That quake dude up on top was having a fragblast camping away, I was spectating, he killed like 10 unsuspecting fools. Quake2 level
Nice Shot of the Q2 BFG. Yes, the camper was still up there. BFG Another great view of map 1 map  1 action
That Q2 guy has been terminated. Gibbed!!!! Quakeguy in Doom map1 level Quakeguy
This is a Doomguy in a great DOOM level, I don't remember which level it is exactly, but it rocks. Doomguy Grab that armor and on to the RL in other side. SHotgun and armor
And finally, just to prove tha I don't ALWAYS suck :) I got lucky Remember these?. Look a lot better here in 3dfx. Teleporter

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