The generations team has done a great job trying to balance out the game with the diferent weapons available for the players. I don't know if it is a fact, but so far, 90% of the games that I have been in, have been won by the Quake1 guy. And NOOO, it hasn't been the same player. I would have to say that the Quake1 guy is one of the strongest choices. Even I, and so far I suck, seem to do best with the Quake1 guy, but I rather play with Doomguy or RANDOM. Random means everytime you get killed, you are respawned randomly as one of the four classes below (click on the picture for larger image):
AWSOME!, GREATNESS! What a match
Before we start, a tip to remember. Both Doomguy and Wolfy do NOT open the doors automatically like the Quake and Quake2 guys do, you must bind a key to +doomuse. Also if  you wanna create different bindings for the different players, notice in the generations directory that there are a Gdoom.cfg, Gwolf.cfg, GQ1 and GQ2.cfgs. These come with 0 bytes each (empty), these are called upon automatically when you pick a player, so you can leave empty and use your regular Q2 config, or customize them to fit each player. For example, in Gdoom.cfg, you would add the +doomuse bind to open doors, and bind a key to the rocketlauncher, wich would be the chaingun in Quake2. If you are playing with the doomguy and  make the binding  [bind mouse2 "use chaingun"]  in the gdoom.cfg, it would give you the DOOM rocketlauncher when you press the mouse button. If you are playing with Wolfguy, you may want to bind mouse2 to "use grenade launcher" in the gwolf.cfg file to get the bazooka. The same binding in gdoom.cfg would give you the dammned and noisy chainsaw, so that you don't kill anyone and at the same time give away your location to the whole generations community :). Get the point with the bindings? They work different with each player, so it is definetly advantegeous to customize them, it could make the difference between getting 5 or 15 frags in a game.
Doomguy:  DO NOT use in levels that have no rocket launcher or BFG, or you get stuck with the chaingun and chainsaw. Use wolfy instead if you feel nostalgic. DOOMGUY Chainsaw: As efficient as the original in DOOM, which means worthless unless you are chasing a newbie. Too bad you pick it up when you run over a grenade launcher. Chainsaw
Pistol- As efficient as the blaster in Quake 2 Doom Gun Another Chainsaw view
Shotgun- Damm reload time, but blast someone up close and its large damage. DOOM SHOTGUN Chaingun: Probably the best close combat choice, the plasma gun seems weaker in this game.
My all time favorite, same sound effect and all, it just rocks.
Glorious Rocket Launcher Rocketlauncher Rocket Rocket Fire
Plasmagun: Kinda underpowered compared to the original DOOM, but still better than the gun or shotgun. Plasmagun A Great Rkt Launcher view. Rocktlauncher
BFG- Big Boys use big guns. Stevie Wonder could win a game with this baby. Hard to come by, but sooo sweet. Glorious BFG BFG Quakequy in the left upper corner is toast

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