I   will  try  to  update  this  page  at  least  once  biweekly,  but  real  life  SUX   and  tends  to  get  in   my   way  many  times  :-)
NOTE:  This  page  is  mainly  for  news  on  my  maps  and  other  pkarena  related  stuff,  to  DOWNLOAD  the maps,  please
go  to  my  LEVELS   section.


Hyperblast-q3 was finished and sent to  Groundplan as well as LvLworld  for review, it is in the map queue to be reviewed still,
I  had sent the  beta to their beta section and got a couple good constructive comments, and then finihed the map. I also finished
hyperblast-pka which supports low gravity outside the ship (that was a b1tch to make :-) , also finished condemned-pka,  well-pka
and foresthill-pka. All these maps can be picked up at my levels page. Still working on Quadcity beta and  Gloom-pka beta.


The latest project, being tested in our pka servers is  Hyperblast, a remake of the UT level where you had to fight the boss
level XAN, the pka version has low gravity outside the ship just like the original,  unfortunately the vanilla version does
not  support it. You may get the latest beta at THIS  forum thread at Groundplan    or at hyperblast page.


Also, Hexen's Village II was revisited and hallway and jumpad added for better flow in getting out of the lower dungeon level,
it can be callvoted at Nutsak's server. It can be picked up at the pklevels section.

Hexen's II Village



I have been busy doing some remakes of Q1 maps- Gloom and Elder God Shrine, these are in beta stages and can be found at 
Groundplan's quake revitalization project. In other news, I have once again joined forces with Blood Transfusion's lead mapper
PREDATOR to remake some of the fine "Blood II: The chosen" maps, which he will include in the next Bloodbath pack, these are
quite fun maps and are done from scratch, attempting to keep the most details possible. I am personally doing bb_condemned,
bb_drain and bb_chosenarena, but I was having so much fun I went ahead and remade bb_rooftops too, I had previously made a
loose attempt at a rooftops level, mostly mapping from memory of few years back when I used to play blood II, this time I fired up the
Blood II game and took countless screenshots to get it done right. These maps are all  beta and fully playable and available for download
at  Groundplan's Bloodbath thread. More details are available at Predator's Blood Transfusion page, he will be doing some maps too:
BB_cabana,  BB_beast and BB_fun.

Here are some screenies:

BB_CONDEMNED- One of my favorite
Bloodbath levels, gloomy and atmospheric
BB_CHOSENARENA- Great fun with
3-4 players
BB_ROOFTOPS- Very small 1 VS 1
drain gloom
BB_DRAIN- No where to hide on this
one, not for whimps.
GlOOMPK- Remake of Quake Classic
QUADCITY- Remake of Elder God
Shrine Q1 map.

Quake maps are remade with very high quaity textures done from scratch by the Quake Retexture project team led by Up2nOgOoD[ROCK]
 and they look really sweet, very prpofesional made. AWSOME job by these guys.

There is a new server playing all of the bloodbath painkeeped maps and it is quite busy sometimes, with up to 5-6 players, I am having a blast :-),
the name is D_West PK Arena_Bloodbath  and is operated by  Kagee and Dekkion . Thanks guys, I'm very grateful for yer server :-)


Valley of the Dead  (named Vod-pka) is finished as well as Deathrow-pka, and there is another map that I had long discarded
because it was actually a map I used to try things out in radiant, not meant to be played at all, but I threw it in as a joke in one of
the threads at Groundplan and some people actually liked the idea, so it lives on as a beta still in it's own thread at Groundplan,

VOD-PKA and DEATHROW-PKA can be picked up at my LEVELS page.


After a long Hiatus, I have been working in a new map, another  egyptian level :-)  which has been inspired by real  miscellaneous
structures in Egypt.  It will be called VOD-PKA-SBQ when finished (Valley of the Dead). It is actually not an SBQ (smear the  Blue
Queer) map, but it is another one of Sh1theads' trademark creations  :-))  called Crackhead, which is a variant of SBQ, where the SBQ
quad is bundled with a haste for really really mad, fast addicting and fun experience. It is up to beta3 and can be followed in  it's own
thread at Groundplan. You can download the latest beta there or hopefully  the final version soon.


In other news PKA  keeps going strong with the new addition of egyptra-sbq and mustaine-pka and furious and hilarious deathmatch
resulting in some really funny and entertaining demos  happen almost everyday.

Holy Jeezez, It's  been  over  a  year  already? Darn,  real  life  gets  in   the  way  of  so  many  important  things!
Lots  has  happened  in  the  pkarena  world  since  my  last  entry,  one  of  the  most  important  ones  is  the  continued  
enthusiasm  over  the  latest  pkcraze  started  by  our  pk-fun director Sh1thead, and  is  called  "Smear  the  Blue  Queer",
these  are  usually  small  fast  and  fun  maps  with   a  long  arse  quad  time   and  smart  item  positioning  in  a  server  with  
quad  factor   at  insanely  high  levels.  The  result  is  a  hilarious  fast  non-stop  fragging  time  for all.  The  latest  of  them  
maps  can  be  downloaded  at   Sh1thead's  site  and   is  called   MAPPACK #5 .

I   haven't  been  mapping  much  myself  and  have  done  only  a  couple  things,  like  remaking  some  of  the  old   Q1  pk
maps  with  high  resolution  textures  for  nostalgia,  and  a  new   map  Deathrow-pka,  these  are  still  beta  and  can  be  
found  at  Groundplan's   Quake  revitalizing  project thread  and  the   New Map  Sticky  thread . The only  map  I  have  mad  since
last  year  was  Sphinxwalk-pka with  item   positioning  help  from  Sh1thead,  quite  a  fun  map  I  think,   and  can  be  downloaded  
at  the  Pklevels  section .



In  other  news,  Predator  and  Fulgency  have  also  been  busy  mapping,  as  well  THING,  which  has  made  some  really  nice
fresh  outdoor  maps  :-) I could  not  find  direct  links  to  the  individual  mappers  pages,  but  all  these  maps  are  found  at
Covenant's  sensational   MAPS PAGE ,  Great  job  Cov!  Please  take  the  time  to  visit  that  page  for  the  latest  maps.

Covenant  has  also  given  us  a   test  server  to  test  new  beta  maps,  which  is  an  awsome  idea,  people  get  to  give  
feedback  befor  the  maps  go  gold.

Well,  that's  it  for  now,  I'll  try  to  update  this  page more  regularly,  just  has  been  near  impossible  with  my  busy
reall  life  and  my  pronounced  laziness :-)


I   have  neglected  this  page  a  little.  Since  my  last  post,  Sh1thead   has  been  busy  painkeeping  maps,  please  check  on  his
page  for  latest  news.  I  have  just  finished  the  pk  version  of  wolf3d  map  and  dst-pka.  The  generations  version  of  w3d
is  still  beta  at  this  time  and  will be  finished  later.  To  d/l  the  maps  you  need  FLUPAK1.ZIP .

PREDATOR  has  released  his   latest  Q3bloodbath  map pack  with  converted  Blood and  Blood II maps for  Q3.  These  are
very  detailed  maps  that  capture  the  atmosphere   and  gameplay  of  the  Blood  series  games.  If  you  ever  played  Blood
and/or  Blood  II,  you  MUST  check  these  out,  If you  never  played  the  original  games,  these  are  very  nice  and  challenging
maps  and  you  oughta  give'em  a try.  Grab'em  at  Predator's  Q3Bloodbath   site. These  maps  support  painkeep.


I  am  currently  working  on  2  maps  that  are  inspired  by  the  generations  mod,  one  is  my  own  design  with  wolfenstein  like
texturing  and  the  other  one  is  a  Q3  conversion  of Military  base (d1e1m9). These  are  still  beta  and  will   hopefully  be 
finished  soon. I  also  have  the  original  pka10  map  on  my  levels  page,  cause  it  is  one  of  my  favorite  Team  Evolve
levels   and  I  wanna   be  able  to   play  it  in  any  mod,  including  the  latest  version  of  painkeep.

Wolf3d map
military base
Wolf3d  map
Military Base.


D2Grosse ,  a  level  based  on  Doom II's  Grosse  (level 32  of  Doom2)  is  finished  after  2  betas.


Hangar   level  is  finished.  Two  maps,  Hangar-pka  with  all-out  graphics  and  not   so  great  performance  on  lesser  video 
cards,  and  Hangar,  a  more  civilized  version  with  generations  in   mind.  Both  play well   in   pkarena.  Bots   are  decent.


After  narrowly  being  spared  of  destruction  by  three  hurricanes  this  season,  I managed  to  put  up  final  beta  versions  of
the  new  map,  on  both  forums,  for  pkarena  and  for  genarena.  I  figured  since  it   is  a   DOOM  related  map,  it  might  be
of  some  interest  to  the  genarena  community.  There  are  gonna  be  two  different  maps,  Hangar-pka  and  Hangar,  the 
latter  more  for  vanilla Q3  or  generations,  but  will have  pk  support  also.  The  final  release  is  very  near, as  I  get  some 
feedback   and  do  further  testing..


 I   haven't  had  much  time  to  update  the  page,  especially  with  Hurricane  Frances  knocking  on   my  door,  the  latest
breaking  Painkeep  news  is  that  PREDATOR   already  released  the  Bloodbath  Packs ,  and  these  support  painkeep!  :-)
Go  to  his  nice  website  right  now  to  check'em  out  and  download.  I  personally  made  a  couple  of  the  maps  in  the  pack
too.  These  are  conversions  of  Blood  and  BloodII   bloodbath  maps  and  are  available  for  regular  Q3  as  well  as  pkarena.
PREDATOR'S  site  is  at  http://q3bloodbath.w.interia.pl/

With  all  the   DOOM III  excitement,  I   decided  to  open   up  radiant  again  to  make  a  level.  This  time  I  am   attempting 
to  recreate  the  original  mother  map  of  all  :-)   DOOM1MAP1,  as  I  think  it  would've  looked  in  DOOM3,  this  is  more
of  a  personal  project,  I  am  using  stock  Q3   textures,  some  AWSOME  DOOM  textures  by  Tabun's   in  Generations
and  some  also  awsome  textures  by  SOCK  (SIMLAND)  as  well  as  some  free  textures  found  in  the  net  mostly  at

I  have  done  very  little,  here  is  a  super  early  alpha  shot:


One   more  for  the  road,  I really   really  have  to  stop  :-(  Anyways  this  is  a  quickie  straight  conversion  of  Q1  dm6  level.
No fancy  textures ,  stock  dimensions,  some  added  areas  for  better  fit  of  our  painkeep  stuff.  DM-PKA


Finished  what  may  be  officially   my   last   map,  Penthouse .  It  has  a  great  computer  model  by  Anton ,  with  pka  desktop ,
and  a  brand  new  model,  actually  seen  exclusively  in  this  level,  by  the  one  and  only  UBERSTONKS ,  from  Team  evolve.
It  is  a  surprise  model  that  sits  in  the  men's  restroom  of  the  penthouse-  Enjoy!


Finished  my  latest  map,  Birdcage O' Pain .  I meant  to  call it  Birdhouse,  but  put  birdcage  by  mistake  and  now  it  stays  cause 
I   don't  wanna  rename  all  them  .aas  .txt  .bsp  etc.  It  is  based   on  my  previous  "Railme"  level,  but  is  NOT  rail  only. Also
do  check  out  Sh1thead 's  site  for  latest  conversions,  he   has  upgraded  lots  of  2.8  maps  to  3.0,  just  follow  the  Mo' maps
forum thread.


PREDATOR   has   nearly  finished  his  Bloodbath  pack #2  and  should be ready  for  download  in   like  2 weeks,  it  includes  two
of  my  conversions   in   it  :-)  He has  also  painkeeped  may  of'em,  so  now  I'm  double  anxious  :-/


I  just  finished  my  latest  creation,  these  are  just  fun  fragfests,  no  brainers  and  have  KILLER  bots  in 'em.  Flu's EGYPTPACK .


Sh1thead    has  gone  nutz  on  us,  he  has  painkeeped  lots  of  new  maps,  padshop,  padkitchen,  chronic (upgraded to 3.0), auh3dm1,
 charon3dm12,   I   just  can't  keep  up  :-).  Visit  his  page  linked  to  his  name  and  download  the  latest.


Finished  beta4  of  duel-pka,  which  probably  will   resemble  more  of  the  final  pr0duct  :-)    (update   06/04/04,  it's  finished,  see  above)


I   am  working  on  a  new  version  of  pkduel   map,  just  finished  a  beta  version  and  I  would  like  some  feedback,  so  grab
 HERE (Update 06/04/04- Map  is  finished  so  no  more  grabbing  :-)  )


Added  my  profile   to  the  web  page  :-)


Sh1thead   converted  two  more  maps,  nice   ones  too, Natedm3-pka  and  Gm3tourney2-pka.  Grab'em   here


My  map  Q1Start   was  reviewed  by  DNA  on  his  " badplace "  site.  Thanks DNA, hope  you  guys  enjoy  it.  :-)
Sh1thead   has  been  busy  reworking  some  of  his  pk 2.8  painkeeped  conversions  for  optimized  3.0  play.  As   always,  there
are  traps  and  surprises  awaiting  you  at  every  corner  :-) Grab'em  Ukooldm2  and  Katdm3-pka   here .


PKARENA  3.0  HAS  GONE  GOLD-  It  is  finally  finished  and  it  looks  to  be  a  sweet  improvement,  awsome 
new  features,  lots  of  adjusting  the  old  weapons  and  inventory ,  which  now  feel  justt   right, nice  improvements   in  the  old  maps,  and 
healthy  dose  of  new  FUN. For  more  information,  visit  TEAM  EVOLVE   site.


My  new  map  Q3bridge,  and  one  of  the  older  ones,  Rooftops,  will  be  included  in  an  upcoming  Q3 Bloodbath  mappack by PREDATOR .
Predator  already   made  a   bloodbath  mappack   previously  with  some  great  not  to  miss  Blood II   Maps.  He  is  also  interested
in  painkeeping  some  of  his  maps  which  is  GREAT,  since  I  only  play  pkarena  :-).  He   will  wait  and   see  what  new  goodies
come  out  in  the  new  pk 3.0 release.


I  added  a  "fix"  to  bridge-pka,  it  is  actually  a  new  map called  Shittytown ,  which  is  bridge-pka  with  an  added  room,  but  you  NEED
bridge-pka.pk3  cause   that's  where  all  the  custom  texturing  is.


Bridge-pka   is  finally  finished,  and  ready  for  download.  It  also   has  another  map  in  it, q3bridge,  just  a  different  version
of  the  map  without  the  pk  parody  stuff  :-)


Seems  the  release  of  Pkarena 3.0   is  gonna  be  very   very  soon,  I am  looking  forward  to  it  with  great  anxiety  to  say
the  least.  In  the  meantime  I  am  almost  done  with  my  recreation  of  a  nice  Blood II level.


Pk  community  has  been  playing  lots  of  CTF  lately,  so  I  got  motivated  to  try  and  make  a  level.  Just  finished,  the   map  is 



How  good  do  you  think  you  are?  Well   WAKE  UP  and  smell the  TRUTH.  Go  sign  up  right  now   for  a  shot 
at  KING  OF   PKARENA  :-)  Applications  are  being  accepted  and  the  tourney  is  been  organized  by  the  KING
himself  (Don't  get  too  comfy  in  the  throne  cause  I'm  gonna  be  claiming  it  soon)  TA.Gideon.  Please  sign  up
HERE .  If  you   have  never  played  Pkarena  but  wanna  sign  up  anyways,  go  right  ahead,  show  us  what  the 
elite  vanilla  players  can  do.  We  are  sporting  small   and  easy  to  learn  maps  in  the  tourney.


Hahhhhh!   First  news  of  2004.  Just  updated  the  SCREENSHOTS   page.  I  had  it  linked  to  my  webshots  page  of 
Q3  screenshots,  but  apparently  they  removed   it  cause  I  hadn't  maintained  it  for  long.  No  matter,  I  posted
new  screenshots,  including  a  couple  from  generations.


Just  finished  the  new  improved  pkrail  version,  dimmer,  larger,  funner  :=)  Optimized  so  that  folks  at  vanilla Q3  and
GENERATIONS  can  also  access  invisibility. 




It's  finished  and  ready  for  downloading,  will  bring  memmories  to  hardcore  painkeepers  from  the  old  Q1  days.


Anton  has  released  a  new   masterpiece,  the  name  is  "Ancient  Ways"  and  is  available  for  download  at  his  site,


Seems   that  pkarena  3.0  release  is  very  close!  :=)  Didn't  get  it  for  Xmas,  but  New Years  seems  promissing.


I'm  working  on  a  new  map  that  I  hope  to have  ready  soon.

Looks  familiar?,  it  should  to  hardcore  painkeepers.


Shi1thead  has  converted  another  map  to  pka  and  this  one  is  WILD,  gm3tourney1-pka


Mo'  maps  from  Sh1thead ,  this  time  a  map  that  grabbed  my attention  called  DM666,  It  is  affectionately  also  known
as  SMEAR  THE  BLUE  QUEER  :-).  Grab  the  map  here:  http://sh.stonks.com/files/dm666-pka.zip


Sh1thead   painkeeped  another  map, painfromspain,  a  pretty  cool  one  that  sports  a  lava  swirl  and  other  nice  creative
features,  which  you  may  grab at  http://sh.stonks.com/files/PainFromSpain-pka.zip


Pawnshop   Level  was  reviewed at  "The Bad Place" .  It  is  the  place  to  visit  if  you  wanna  find  all  kinds  of  remakes
of  old  levels  from  other  games  such  as  DOOM,   halflife,  UT, SIN,  SoF, Blood,  etc.  converted  to  Q3.


Added  my  very  own  HALLS  OF  FAME   (Brag.... smack.. brag...)  Page  to  offend  the  lots  of  ya.


Sh1thead   painkeeped   a  couple  of  cool  maps, dk_ft-pka  and  earth-pka.  Download'em   at  Groundplan  forums .


Our  kind  host  Uberstonks  managed  to  get  his  s*&t   together  and  got  the  site  running  again,  which  means  maps  are
downloadable  again.  All  kid  aside,  THANKS  UBER!
I  made  a  map  pack  of  all   the   pkarena  2.8  maps  I  had  made  and  is  now  available  at   the  Levels   section.


:  Now  that  I  started  playing  generations,  I  got  nostalgic  and
revisited  DOOMPARK,  I  had  to  change  a  few  things  now that   I know  radiant since  this  was  my  first
map,  and  I   managed  to  get  rid  of  the   tremendous  fps  problems  the  original  had.  I  also  made
it  so  it  will  play  in  either   version   of  Pkarena  as  well  as  GENERATIONS  MOD  and   regular Q3.
I  also  made  it  a  little  brighter  in  some places. 
Screenshots   of  DOOMPARK



  Has 3  maps-  DST-PKA, a  level  from  scratch  with  classic   pk2  level  layout  but  to a  larger   scale to
accomodate  3-4  players,  wolf3dpk, which  is  a  level  originally  made  for  generations,  with  a  w3d  theme,
and  wolf3df  map  made  as  a  joke,  resembling  the  original  layout  used  in  the  original  w3d  levels,  all
flat  and  repetitive  :-)



Got  motivated  after  reading  a  post  on  generations  forums. 


It's  a  personal  project  that  I  had .  I wanted  to  make  a   level  resembling  some  aspects  of  DOOM3  and  I
thought  Hangar (DOOM1MAP1)  would  be  a  good  choice.
Download  Hangar   (9Mb)


Straight  conversion  of  Q1  Dm6  level  with  stock  dimensions  and  minimal  use  of  texturing.  Not  very  pretty  but
great  playability.  Should  be  great  for  2-3  people.  Pure  madness  with  more   than  that.

The dark zone

Download  The  PAINFULLY DARK  ZONE- dm6-pka   (<1Mb)

Probably  my  last   map,   it  is  a  tall  building  where  you   can  frag  in    the  last  two  floors  and  the  top  of  the  building.
Nice  Shithead  model  by  Uberstonks  and  computer  by  Anton,  also   a  commemorative  monument  to  our  multicultural
community  :-)




It  is  a  project  I  started  sometime  ago   that  was  scratched  cause  it  got  complicated  and  I   wanted  a  rail  only  level,  so  I  made  it  into
PkRail,  later  named  Railme,  but  now  that  I  had  time,  I  finished  it  as  a regular  Pk   map  with   all  the  weapons  and  finished  the  other
areas.  It  was  at  a   time  I  was  experimenting  with   arches  and  curves,  so  expect  a  lot  of  those  :-)

Birdcage O' Pain

Download  Birdcage O' Pain   (4  Mb)

It   is  a  pack  with  two  egyptian  themed  maps  and  the  original  duel-pka  map.  The  pk3  is  called  egyptpack  and  has  EGYPTDUEL-PKA  map,
which  is  a  remake  of  duel-pka  with  a couple  of  architecture  changes  and  retextured  with  the  AWSOME  egyptian  texture  pack  by 
SOCK  (SIMLAND),  it  also  has  LAIR-PKA, which  is  a  remake  of  lair-pkr,  with  new  areas  as well   as  new  textures   by  SOCK,  and  lastly
 it  also  has  duel-pka,  which  is  a remake  of  pkduel30  and  it  was  previously released  as  duel-pka_beta4,.  It   is  a  hefty  download  cause  of  all
 the  custom  texturing  and  music,  but  it  is  a  LOT  of fun.  These   maps  are  mainly  for  pkarena,   but  should  play well  in  regular  Q3  and 
GENERATIONS,  only  that  some  of  the  traps  will   not  work,  but  it  should  not  distract  at  all  from  gameplay  since  the  traps  were  there  mostly
for  fun,   not  really  necessary  for  gameplay.  These  maps  are  "conversions"  of  old  Hexen II   favorite  levels.


Download  EGYPTPACK   (17 Mb)

SHITTYTOWN  (Bridge-pka_fix)
WARNING: YOU  NEED  BRIDGE-PKA  (below)  in  order  to  play  this  map!
This   is  the  exact  same  bridge-pka  level,  with  an  added  room  to  add  spunk  to  this  map  and  to
honor  our  beloved  Sh1thead  who  loves  traps  and  beans  :-)  He  has  helped  me  so  much  with  the
zip  files  that  is  the  least  I  can  do.  Make  sure  you  wear  a  gas  mask  while  playing  this  level  :-)


Download  Shittytown   (2 Mb)



Bridge-pka  is  finished  and  it  is  a  recreation  of  a  favorite  bloodbath  Blood II level  that  I  really  liked.  I  brushed   it 
from  scratch,  please  read  the  readme  file.  Has  two  maps  that  are  fully  playable  in  regular  or  painkeep  version. 
Q3bridge  is  the  level  intended  to  be  a  recreation  of  the  original,  Bridge-pka is  the  same  level,  but  taller,  with
lots  of  cutom  textures  for  the  pk  community.  and   a  few  structural   changes  to  accomodate  us  painkeepers.
In bridge-pka, just  like  in  Bood  II  you  respawn  with  all  the  weapons  and  you   gotta  find  the  ammo,  but  in
regular  Q3  there  is  no  target_remove  support  so  you  spawn  with  armed  weapons.  In  Painkeep,  you  respawn
with  weapons  but  no  ammo except  the  shotgun  and  machinegun.


Download  BRIDGE-PKA   (5.2 Mb)


With  a  newly  renewed  interest  in  CTF  in  the  pk  community, I  decided  to  try  to  make  my  first  real  CTF  level.  I  didn't
feel  like  brushing  from  scratch  and  I   wanted  a  sniper  friendly  map,  so  I  mirrored  one  of  my  old  maps, Rooftops,  and 
added  and  modified  a  few  things  and  now  it's  ready  for  fragging.  I  want  to take  a  moment  to  thank  Blakjack for  all
his  help  and  he  actually detailed  some  of  the  map  and  improved  vis   time  as  well as  performance. I   also  want  to thank
our  mapping  guru  THING  for  all  his  suggestions  as  well.


Download  ROOFTOPSCTF   (2.6 Mb)



This  is  the  same  pkrail  map  with  the  lights  dimmed  a  lot  and  an  added  area  with  a  jumpad,  it  should  play  well  in
any  pkarena  version as  well  as  regular  q3  and  generations.  NOTE ON PKARENA-  It  plays  well  in 2.8,  but  3.0  is
a  lot  more  fun  because  there  ain't  no  tongue  slashing  in  2.8.



Railme (1.45 Mb)



I  have  finished  a  new  map  based  on  the  old  Q1  pk6 (Suicide Staccatto)  and  pk7 (Battered  Brains)   which  I   have 
appropiately  named  "Battered Stacatto",  I   guess  I  also  could've  named  it  "Suicide  Brain" :=)   It  is  a  large,  well 
connected  map  with  stupid  bots.  I  added  lots  of  botclip  and  some  "do  not  enter"  brushes, but  they  seem  to  smile 
and  crap  on  my efforts.  This  map  is  intended  for  pkarena,  it  should  play  in  both  versions,  and  should  also   play  well
in  regular  Q3  as  well  as  in  generations  mod.
pk67 map

Pk67 (3.0 Mb)


I  re-made  the  Q1start  pkarena  version  and  removed  some  of  the  gaudy  textures  :-)  and  lowered  the  ceiling
in  the  main  room.  I  just  started  playing  the  new  versions  of  Q3  generations  and  I  made  this  map  with  it
in  mind,  It  has  no  painkeep  weapons,  this  is  straight  Q3.  It   is  included  in  the  Genesis.zip .   If  you  play
it  in  generations,  just   unzip  to  baseq3,  and  bring  down  console  in  generations  and  type  /map  q1start_q3.


It's   an  updated,   retextured,  taller  pkduel. Now  it  has   a  railgun  too.  I  got  the   idea  from  Uber,  who
likes  quadfist-jumping  and  railing  :-)

DOWNLOAD   pkduel30 (0.3 Mb)


Just  wanted  to  make  a  creepy  level  with  all  the  orbituaries  of  the  regular  pk  crowd,  kinda  representing
the  mood  around  the  servers  and  forums  as  of  lately.  Darn!  that  map  took  a  loooong  time  to  make.
PkSlash  ,  PkRail   are  the  same  map  with  different  respawn  options,  to  be  played  only  with 
at  least
   4  players  or  bots  :-).  As  always  unzip  the  zip  in  the  pkarena3  (or  baseq3)  folder  and  bring  the 
  down  and  type  /map  mausoleum  (or  pkaslash  or  pkrail).  ENJOY!



FLUHOUSE [Flu's  House  O' Pain]

This   is  just  a  replica  of  my   real  new  house.  I  did  not  intend  this  to  be  a  fragging  map,  just  a  scaled  version
of  my  map.  No  attention  to   gameplay  or  performance   given  at  all.  But  came  out  pretty  cool  anyways  :-)

Flu's house O'pain



MASSPAIN (Mass  Disorder  for  PKARENA  3.0)

This  is  a  vast  improvement  over  the  last  one  in  my  opinion  :-)   ENJOY!

masspain map



For  a  long  time  this  map  has  been  roaming  about  on  me  head,  till  I  snapped  and  remade  it  for  Pkarena.  While  it  is
HEAVILY  structures   after  the  original,  it  is  NOT  intended  to  be  a  remake.  The  tele  destinations  are  different  and
there  are  new  as  well   as  heavily  restructured  areas.  The  scale  seems  to  be  on  the  too  big  side,  but  it  is  well
connected   and  seems  fast  action  at  least  playtesting  with  bots.

genesis (Q1start)


TIG_OUTPK  (5.1 Mb)

I   downloaded  this  map  made  by Tigger-on  and  really  really  like  the  texturing  and   ambiance,  I thought
it  was  very  relaxing  atmosphere  :-)  and  asked  permission  to  painkeep  it.  Tigger   replied  and  was
only  too  happy  to  have  it  converted,  so  here  it  is,  enjoy!   WARNING:  BOTS  are  extremely  efficient.
matter  of  fact,  I  test  the  map  with  3  nightmare  bots  and   have  come  close,   but  have  not   been  able
to   beat'em  yet  :-(  to  30  frags.

Tig_outpk map

DOWNLOAD   Tig_outpk  map


Lemme   see,  I  had  nothing  to  do,  I  miss  chthon  in  pkarena  3.0.  No  way  I  was  gonna  start  brushing  from
scratch,  pksphinx  resembles  chthon  a  lot,   so  I  just  got  pksphinx,  removed  a   few  brushes,  added  a
couple,  remove  some  weapons   and  items,  retextured  the  whole  darned  thing,  added  pk3.0  stuff  and
renamed   pks.  Come  to   think  of  it,  it  probably   would've  been  easier  from  scratch  :-)





This  will  have  to  be  my  last  map  for  a  long  time,  start  a  new  job  in  a  couple  of   weeks  and   need  to  study
for  a  registry  test. Damm  real  life  gets  in  the  way  again  :-)
Technomountain  (pk13)  for  Quake  I  was  a   very  popular  and great  map,  I  was  just  itching   to  play  it  on  PKARENA.
PK13beta  (techno in beta)  was  an  unexpected  great  success,  I  just  finished  vising  this  last  version,  enjoy  it.




I  got  a  level  that  I  made  some  time  ago  and  seems  to  be  popular  and  made  it  compatible  with  pkarena  3.0.
Unfortunately,  I  did  this  as  I  found  a  new  fascination  for  skyboxes  and  got  a  real  colorful  one  guaranteed
to  give  ya   a  headache,  but  I  like  it  and  IT  STAYS!  :-)

rooftops for pkarena 3.0




Remake  of  one  of   my  favorite  DM  maps  of  all  time,  Panwshop  (NYCDM3)  from  Soldier  of  Fortune  I.
Made  from  scratch,  no  conversion  tools.  I  was  just  making  a  Q3  map  based  on  it,  but  got  homesick  and
ended  up  texturing   with  real  SoF  textures  and  skybox.  Excellent  map  for  2-4  ppl,  bots  play  very  well  too.

pawnshop SoF's Pawnshop
Pawnshop  for  Q3
Click    on  image  to  enlarge
Original SoF Pawnshop.
Click    on  image  to  enlarge




This  will  HAVE  to   be  the  last  maps  I   make  for  a  long  while  since  pka 3.0   is  coming  out  and  we  will
have  some  nice  maps  to  play ,  and  I  must  act  my  age  temporarily  and  study  for  a  coming  registry  test  :-[

Colliseum  of  Pain  was  my   idea  of  a  verticl  map  with  furious  action  in  main  courtyard.  Garden  is  a   remake
of  a  Quake  I  Painkeep  map  by  Quo  Vadis   that  I  played  a  lot,  unfortunately  did  not  want  to  convert  too  well
to  quake  III,   but still  is   fun,  and  Sphinxwalk  is  my   interpretation  :-)  of  another  Quo  Vadis  map  from  the
good'ol   painkkeping  Quake   I  days.;  it  is  based  heavily   on  the  house  of  Chthon  I  reckon.

colliseum of war Sphinxwalk garden for pka



ROMERIC  FOR  PKARENA  (about  8.5 Mb)

A  couple  people  requested  a  map  based  on  Hexen II  romeric  levels  and  I  sacrificed  :-)   to  abide.
Not   being  able  to  choose  just  a   couple  of  nice  areas,  I  decided  to  make  TWO  maps,  small  to
medium  in  size,  rather  than  a  big  one  (like  happened  w  egypt  level),  and  I  was  missing  levels  with
water,  so  I  decided  to make  one  of  them  heavy  on  water.   WARNING:  Bots  +  water  =  STUPID  BOT
These  two  levels  are  called  romeric  (Hexen's II  Romeric)  and  has   some   Hexen  texturing,  but   mostly
stock  Quake III,   and   the  other  level  is  called  h2cath  (Cathedral  O'Pain)  and  is  mostly  Hexen II  texturing.
They  are   for  pkarena.

Romeric and Cathedral levels

ROMERIC  (8.5 Mb)



It  all  started  by  an  e-mail  request  to  have  this  level  converted.  Not  my  favorite  pk  map  because  it  was   kinda
boxy ,  had  no  pk  inventory  and  I  ALWAYS  got  my   booty   whipped  even  by  the  worse  players.  Just  not  my
type  of  level.  So  I  thought  it  was  a  challenge  to   make  myself  like  it,  and  I  pretty  much  left  the level  untouched
and  added  a  new   area  that  does  contain  the  beloved  airfist,  and  a  few  beartraps  and   sentries.  The  bots  are
not  too  challenging  in  this  level  even  though  I  tried  my  best  to  minimize  their  stupidity..  I   also  went  really
easy  on  the  eye  candy  and  even  left  some  stock  Q1  textures,  to  concentrate  on   the  gameplay.




Frag  inside  a  pyramid  and  an  old  egyptian  monument.  Don't  expect  much  from  the  bots  unless  bring  5  or  6  in
nightmare  mod.  Good  for  3  or  more  deathmatch  players.

collage of egypt level pyramid o'death
Temple   of  DOOM  (errrr....
Quake I mean )
Mysteries await, 3 secrets in 
this level.

H2EGYPT  (5.3 MB)

COMING  SOON!  ( I  Hope)
HEXEN II  had  some  awsome  egypt  levels,  I  have  already  ripped  one  too many  Hexen  II  level,  so  this  one  is  gonna
be  from  scratch,  with  several  areas  resembling  the  nice  structures  featured  in   the  Hexen  level,  and  with  gameflow
hopefully  re-directed   for  deathmatch  rather  than  single  play,  lets  see  how  it  goes.

Hallway Pyramid
Hallway inside pyramid Pyramid  of  Death

PKROCKET ARENA I  wanted  to   see  how  rocketarena  would   play  under  pk  mod  and  made  a  couple
of  maps  with  wide  open  areas ,  where  players  respawn  with  the  rocketlauncher  to  satisfy  my  curiosity.
I  didn't   mean  to  insult  real  rocket  arena  players  :-)   I  have  never  played  it  or  even  know  what  the  strategy
or  rules  are,  I  just  made  it  to  my   taste.  It  sure  is  a  lot  of  fun  with  3  bots   though.
I  decided  to  use  two  nice  levels   from  Hexen II ,  I could've  made  my   own  two  levels,  but   these  were  so  nice  already,
and  perfect  for  my  goal.  The  pyramid  level  is  a  conversion  of  Pestilence's Lair  (Rider2c  level)  from  Hexen  II   and   the  other  one
 is  a  conversion  of  Hexen II  Colliseum  of  War  (Romeric 6   level).  The   lair_pkr  pk3  has  two  maps-  One  for  regular  Q3  called
Lair_q3  and  one  for   pkarena  called  lair_pkr .  The  pkduel  pk3  has  two  maps  also;  pkduel   for   pkarena   and   h2rom6  for  regular   Q3 .

fragfest inside a pyramid pkduel
Frag  inside  a  pyramid! Remake  of  Hexen  II   level.

PESTILENCE'S  LAIR  (Lair_pkr)   and   COLLISEUM  OF  WAR  (pkduel)  are  both  included  in  the
Flumaps.zip  map  pack  above.

What  do  you  do  when  you  love  the  textures,  atmosphere  and  maps  of  a  certain  game  that  just  refuses  to
run   in  your  system  due  to  video  card,  etc.  problems?  Well,  buy  a  new  system,  or,  as  in  my  case,  convert
the  level  to  a  game  that  does  run  in  your  system :-)  There  are  TWO  maps  in  the  pk3,  Hexenv5  for  regular
Q3,  and  Hexenv5_pk  for  pkarena.  Just  unzip  hexenv5.zip  in  your  baseq3  folder  and  start  from  console,  see
hexenv5.txt  included  in  zip  if  need  further  help.

hexen cathedral hexen windows


Originally  made  by  STARDAGGER .  I  saw  the  fun  potential  in  this  Q1  painkeep  map  and  with  Stardagger's
permission  and  supervision,  I  converted  it  to  pkarena.  Bots  play  exceptionally  smooth  and  tough  in  this  level.  I
really  like  the  way  it  turned  out.
It  has  a  definite  Q1  feel  and  is  rather  dark  and  gloomy  with  plenty  eye  candy.

FTL nice dark level

 FTL (1asd1.bsp)

PREFABS  MAP  FOR  PKARENA (And 5  extra  surprise  maps  too)
This  is  what  I  call  a  big  project,  6  maps  in   an  11 Mb  pk3.  It includes  my  latest  original  map,  called  prefabs  cause
I  made  it  from  many  prefabs  I  had  lying  around  on  my  computer  from  my  previous  maps.  Bots  play  this  map  pretty
well  and  is  pretty  challenging.  I  don't  know  if  it's  an  fps  monger  cause  since  I  upgraded  my  computer  to  a  P4- 1.8 Ghz,
my  computer  refuses  to  lower  fps  to  less  than  90+  :))  but  I  was  getting  39-90 fps  with  my  old  PIII-500.

prefabs map another couple shots


Please READ the README1ST.TXT file.
The  big  surprise  is  that  this  pk3  has  not  only  prefabs,  but  also  5  more  maps,  four  of  them  are  remakes  from  the  good
old  Q1 painkeep  days,  and  it  has  that  "arcade"  nostalgia  feel.  One  of  them was  a  special  request  from  Stardagger, who
graciously  reviewed  his  request  yesterday  at 2:30 AM  in  the  morning  :))  and  made  some  great  suggestions  which  kept  me up
till  4:30 AM,  and  7  hours  straight  today  hehhhh.  But  it's  OK  because  now  I   think  it  is  even  better.   All  maps  come  with
bot  support.  Now  for  a  real  shocker:  I  Flu>hateCTF>Syndrome,   made  my  first  attempt  at  CTF,  mind  you  I  have  never  played
a  complete  game  of  CTF  quake  in my  life  cause  I  hate  it,  so  I  just  mirrored  a  small  map  and put   a  quad  smack  in  the  middle,
to  make  kind  of  a  parody  of  CTF,   and  to  make  it fun  for  me,  cause  otherwise  I   wouldn't  be  caught  dead playing  that  stuff.
The  bad  news  is  that  the  red  bots  seem to  act  real  silly.  It's  called  pk2ctf,  I gotta  try  this  thing  with  12 players  one  day,  has
to  be  a  total  riot.

My  latest  map  is  an  attempt  to make  a  kind  of  "terrain"  open  air level.  I  am  kinda  tired  of  running through  hallways
and  was  inspired  by  some  of  the  SOF2  terrain  levels.  This  is  not  a  very   fps  friendly  map,  although  if  you  keep  to
the  playing  traffic  areas,  shouldn' t get  below  40  fps,  it  does  dip  to  33-35  in  remote  areas.

Lighthouse Pool Area Airfist


"CUBAN" sounds for Q3 doomguy
I made a "cuban" sound file to replace the regular sounds of the doom player model. Those of you who know spanish may find
it amusing, those who don't speak spanish may learn a dirty word or two  :))  Just unzip on baseq3 directory. If you don't like
it or grow tired of the sounds, just delete the sounds_doom.pk3 file. ONLY WORKS WITH DOOM MODEL.

DOWNLOAD sounds_doom.zip

I know I said I wasn't gonna do anymore maps, I lied, sue me. Actually Ihad high hopes for soldier of fortune II. I thought I was
gonna be playing it a lot and not have time for anything else, and it turned out to be a big dissapointment. I reckon is just my opinion,
but ain't nothing like the first sof, it's just a big, slow, lame butt game, with large weaponless levels. Only a couple levels are any fun.
Oh well this ain't sof page, so I'll stop. Back to the level, will be a medium sized level with a lighthouse.


It's very early stage, but I included a screenshot of it's foundation. Will probably take me a good month to finish, and it will also be
pkarena oriented.

Finally  finished  San Marco  level.  I   had  to   restructure  everything  to   gain  much  needed  10  fps  across  the  level.  It  actually
does  not  resemble  the  original  map  I  had  made  2  months  ago  much,  but  I  am  overall  pleased  with  the  results  and  it
does  play  much  better.  I  would  like   to  thank  Blakjack   and  Thing  for  helping  me  out  and  actually  teaching  me  a  thing
or two (or three, etc :)  about map  making.  It   is  heavy  on   eye  candy,  guaranteed  to   not  resemble  anything  you   have  seen
before,  but  HEY,  so  is  the  real  San Marco  Basilica,  unlike  any  church  you  have  ever  seen  before  :)

STMARKPK     It  is  about   7  Mb  cause  It has  two  maps  with  bot  support  inside, stmarkpk  for
PKarena  and  SanMarco  for regular  Q3.  Damm  bots  keep  kikin'   me  booty  in  regular Q3,  but I get'em  back  good  in PK!  YEA!.
This  is  my  last  map  as  I  will  be  enjoying  fraggin'  action  in  servers  now  as  well  as  soldier  of  fortune  2.

San Marco Basilica

oh father thou art in heaven knock....knock dome mortuary
Pray  before  you  die by  my 
rail  beam
No  need  to  knock, I  have  been
waiting  for  YOU 
Nice   for  RL  fights,  but  watch
yer  butt,  gravity  well  nearby.
Pick   yer  coffin  and  RIP.

Instructions:  Just  unzip  to  baseq3  directory,  should  leave  stmarkpk.pk3  in  there,  then  just  start  Q3  and  pick  SanMarco  from
menu,  or  start  Pkarena  and  pick  stmarkpk  from  menu.


I made this level real quick cause it had been roaming on me head fer a long time. It is a semi-remake of an old blood2 level,
rooftops. On top of that I was just inspired to do something with the NYC WTC twin tower  theme and just couldn't resist.
I can't believe they're gone :( , but at least now we can deathmatch on top of'em. I know this won't be very popular because
it's like a space map, but is not that easy to fall off the edges. I tried several textures to make a nice skybox but didn't succeed and
the hellfog below would get screwed, so I left it with black sky all around.

Please note that there are TWO levels in the pk3, rooftops (for pkarena), and rooftopsq3, which is for regular q3.
INSTRUCTIONS: Just unzip to baseq3 and do quake3 +sv_pure 0 +set fs_gamepkarena +map rooftops   (for pkarena) or choose from menu.
quake3 +sv_pure 0  +map rooftopsq3  for regular q3, or choose from menu.

ROOFTOPS ('bout 2 Mb)


Another level done. Why can't I stop?
Anyways, this baby seems to be fps happy, I average a good 60-90 fps in most areas with very few areas dropping into
the  mid 40s and ONE particular stop as low as 39 fps, I think it is totally playable and fast action.
The inside of the castle was made to resemble the action in one of my favorite "soldier of fortune" level. It is NOT supposed
to be a conversion or remake for Q3, matter of fact it was done by memory of a level I have not played in about a year,
uhmmmmm it probably doesn't look like it at all  :)  but it isa lot of fun. Have fun in the uberlava trap and go directly to jail.
There is a secret level with most pk-goodies except the gravity and chainlighting gun, cause I want ya to go for those in
the strategic places they're at :)
Many thanks to BJ and Covenant  and Uber fot their comments and suggestions.
INSTRUCTIONS: Just unzip to baseq3 and do quake3 +sv_pure 0 +set fs_gamepkarena +map pkschool   (for pkarena) or choose from menu.
quake3 +sv_pure 0  +map pkskool  for regular q3, or choose from menu.

PKSCHOOL (April 20, 2000)

Main entrance lil' pk school Want the hook, go get it :) arena
Above Picture was taken from
above level where player can 
reach, you won't see the ugly stuff
on top, just couldn't get a damm
decent screenie from the ground.
Lil' pkschool for me to learn ya
some tricks :)
Want the hook real bad don't ya?
Well it's in the uberlava trap, if 
you get  trapped, only way out is
to hook to teleporter above and 
go directly to jail  :)
Arena fer yer fraggin pleasure.

booty arena view #2 kick butt
Yes it is what you think, this 
superb model that greets you in 
the main entrance is mooning you.
I figured  SEX  SELLS , and
 nothing like a nice naked female
 BUTT to do so. :)
This is an area familiar to many of 
us who played soldier of fortune, 
although texturing is totally different.
Yea!! I can still kik some butt.


Had to restructure half of the map to lower the damned fps's. I am quite dissappointed that maps have to be always
a compromise between what you wanna do and what the game engine allowsyou to do, grrrrrrrr, it had turned out
mighty fine and now it's all chopped up.

Coming very soon to an arena near you:
UPDATE 5/4/02- Finished SanMarco, see above for d/l and info.
UPDATE 4/5/02- After many revisions and compromises, the map was sent out to the master, YES! Mr. THING himself
to see if this beached whale can be saved. It is heavy on fps but I don't drop from 35 fps or so in worse areas, although others,
like BJ, reported as low as 17 fps. The map is being revised at the moment, due to intensive restructuring, I had to box the map
till I figure the leaks, and according to THING and other REAL mappers,that made matters worse. Sooooooo, I'll work on it soon.

San Marco Basilica

This is my latest project, it is a remake of a simple, but awsome Q1 level made by an unknown author (newsflash: just heard
the level was probably made for a Q1 mission pack named scourge ofarmaggedon ?? by a group called hipnotic or ritual, my
hat off to them for a nice job :). The level was painkeeped by Quo Vadis and was a blast to play in a crowded server. I made a
few modifications to fit the pkarena mod, which differs slightly because of the ease of use of the draggon tongue (hook).

Revision (3/2/2002): At the request of several folks, I made the map brighter, I also added a new "secret area" and a few weapons to
make it easier for new respawners to defend themselves in all the madness. Also fixed a couple of texture problems.

disorder Randomness :)

PKA_MASS  Map   included  in  Flumaps.zip mappack  above.

Maps in progress:

Lil School gothic ceiling
Lil School where I can learn ya 
some tricks :) Now (3/23/02) I'm 
working in it again. Gimme a month
or so, will ya.
This one is done, check out San
Marco map above.

Finally finished my FIRST map. It took me sooooo long to finished that I lost track of time. Months, cause I wanted
it very detailed, just to explore q3radiant. Of course, being a newbie at this, paid so much attention to detail and NONE
to fps. Nevertheless it is quite fun to play with bots and it has lots of references to all my friends
in the pk community, including FUDGIE.


super secret area outdoors temple
lil house checkpoint statue in terrace Cya there
diamond diamond diamond

batting order :)

MUST GET EGR!! What a map, still awsome after all this years.
Conversion from my favorite power level of all time: Elder GodShrine. Level is big, yet plays fast and furious.
Level was converted graciously to Q3 at my request by David Pochron ( http://www.ticon.net/~dpoch/games/ ),
who has made a Q2 conversion, an awsome UT conversion and is working on a half-life version of this level.
I painkeeped the map with his permission. There is a plot to this level too, time has gone by since Quake 1
and the shrine has deteriorated and is now in ruins, hence thenew name "elder god ruins", VERY well executed
plot and lots of fun to play. Well whatcha waiting fer? Grab it and let's frag!

Elder God Ruins Elder God Ruins Stairs

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