This  Quake III Arena map was made with the intention of recreating Xan's hyperblast ship from unreal tournament '99. it is basically finished but has issues beyond my mapping knowledge skills, mainly I don't know how to block vis in such a big boxed map with lots of brushes and big curves. It represents no problems at all to me in my computer, but lesser computers may not handle it well. sorry!

D/l hyperblast-q3 for vanilla Quake III Arena
D/l hyperblast-pka for pka (painkeep arena)- has low gravity outside ship and normal gravity inside because pka supports it, but obviously only when played in pka mod.


hyperblast ship
hb map
hb map


Date: Aug 9, 2007

Map name: Hyperblast-q3  for vanilla Q3 and Hyperblast-pka  for PKA (Painkeep)

Players: Up to 4

Build Time: About a week.

Editors: Mostly Q3Radiant Build 2.02, also gtkRadiant and Q3map2Toolz

Base:    Built from scratch

Author: FluSyndrome

Textures Used: Some stock Q3, many from SpeedTech pack, some from evil6 and evil8 pack,
        a couple from techsock, and a couple from Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS)
        and skybox Jajspace2 by "Jaj"

New shaders: Speedtech, evil8_base, teleport-energy (modified from stock q3 teleporter),
         tech1soc, redflare (used on pka13 level by THING)

Acknowledgment: MPS texture pack:  Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) by Kevin Hill (Painter) (PainterKev)
        http://geocities.com/kevsus2000/ or  http://planetquake.com/lvl
        Techsoc textures:Sock  at http://www.simonoc.com/pages/materials/tptechno/index.htm
        Speedtech textures: Speedy www.planetquake.com/speedy or www.cr8.da.ru
        Jajaspace2-tga skybox: Jose "Jaj" Arcediano www.planetquake.com/jaj
        Evil8 and Evil6 texture packs: Evillair at http://www.evillair.net/v2/

Special thanks: Uberstonk for hosting the pka site with all my files, Covenant for all his help to the
        community with the server and webpage, Sh1thead for his creativity in making maps fun
        and for the server and for being the "official zip tester" :-) Nutsak, Xathros, Corpse
        for putting my maps on the server, EZ for testing maps in his test server, Predator,
        Fulgency and Anthon and Thing for helping me with map building, team evolve for the greatest
        mod of all time PKA, and everybody else I'm forgetting to mention :-)

Mo' Info: I just had to play on my favorite deathmatch map of all time and NO ONE WOULD MAKE IT :-(
so I decided to give it a try. I almost gave up on the first brush, had no idea how to make that
curvy part of the map with the curved trim, but I finally figured how to do it with the help of
THING, Predator, Fulgency and others.

This is obviously based on the boss map of Unreal Tournament '99, arguably one of the funnest
boss levels of any game trying to beat that SOB bot "XAN". I couldn't make it exactly like it, so
I did the best I could.

LOW GRAVITY: DM-Hyperblast in Unreal Tournament had normal gravity inside the ship and low gravity outside,
however, Vanilla Q3 does NOT support areas of low gravity so hyperblast-beta has none, and thus a jumpad
helps going from enviro to the area of the lighting gun. PAINKEEP ARENA however DOES support low gravity
areas, so hyperblast-pka  has gravity= 300 outside the ship and normal gravity (800) inside (thanks
for the tip Anthon), so if you wanna play with low grav you would need to d/l painkeep arena mod from
http://www.groundplan.com/pka/ and play the hyperblast-pka version.

BUGS: Beyond my mapping skills, I am already way over my head. This is a huge box level with a LOT
of brushes and comlicated curves in the middle and a LOT of the map is drawn at all times. While my
2 year old P4-3.2Gb with a nice Gforce (6800?) video card seem to handle it from 180-200 fps, I know
that it may be a problem with lesser systems, but I HAVE NO CLUE how to do hint brushing or anything
else to optimize it, SORRY!

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