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On the other hand, those of you who find humor and passion in pkarena, who love the round curvaceous shape of the beautiful airfist, warm to the touch after a round of blows, or the sweet smell of napalm in the beautiful gothic setting of pka3, after an intense explosive shell battlle. Thosewho just fall in their arses laughing after hearing those loud TAKK TAKKTAKK!!!! of your opponent stepping on your beartraps, laid out in the heatof deathmatch as your life was fast being drained by the persistant follower,those who find amusing blowing chumps in the hot sulfur smelling pka10lava, those who don't mind the smell of gas from pork and beans and  those who bust their colons laughing at those fools who hug "The Shop"items in pka1, to end up teleporting in the pool so that you, who have thehaste protection powerup can electrocute him under water and pick up their hardto get goodies, may go on browsing our pages.
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