Kaiju Toys and Figures

Toys and figures make up the bulk of my collection. I have well over 300 different figures representing almost all of the monsters from the Godzilla and Gamera films.

They range in size from just under one-inch tall to 19 inches tall. The styles of the toys range greatly too. Most of the figures are nicely detailed representations of the monsters as they appear in the films. Some go so far as to depict the figure on it's hands and knees for that real "man in a rubber suit" look.

Many of the American produced toys are more sylized and less faithful to the look of the suits used in the films, such as the Shogun Warriors Godzilla pictured here. Some Japanese figures are sculpted with short comical bodies and over exaggerated features in the "super-deformed" style (the Shogun Godzilla is holding two of them).

The links below will bring you to a page spotlighting figures in my collection of each particular monster or grouping of monsters. I also have some customized toys in the Monstrous Models section of my site.





Gamera and company



Reviews of the Trendmasters Godzilla line.

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