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Hello my name is John, and welcome to my Godzilla Room. I am a life-long Godzilla fan (32 years so far) and have been a serious collector of all things Godzilla since the end of 1993 when I picked up issue number nineteen of Collectible Toys and Values. This was their Great Big Creatures issue and featured a photo of Bandai's vinyl figures of Godzilla '92 and King Ghidorah '91 on the cover. Inside was an in-depth article on the Bandai figures and information about the continuation of the Godzilla movie series into the nineties.

When I was a kid, the only Godzilla figures available were the Aurora model and the Shogun Warriors Godzilla which, left most young Godzilla fans longing for more.

Finally, thanks to CTV, I learned that high quality representations of my favorite giant monsters were available. I was amazed at the quality and variety of the Bandai figures and decided to seek them out.

I did a little more research and found a few good sources for Godzilla items. I started my collection intending to pick up just a few figures of my favorite characters. A few turned into many, and many eventually turned into a room full of Godzilla figures, models, toys, books, cds, and videos. My loving wife was willing to sacrifice our guest bedroom to my collection, so the least I can do is share it with as many people as possible, which led me to create this web site.

If you are new to Godzilla or have just recently re-awakened a childhood interest in city stomping monsters, check out my Beginners Guide to Godzilla. Then come back here and enjoy my collection.
You can also check out the Godzilla Collectors mailing list FAQ for some collecting tips and general Godzilla collecting terminology.

The site is broken into several different categories. Each page will feature information, photos, and opinions about Godzilla and other giant monster collectibles.

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Check out some Monstrous Models and customized figures, also great articles in Stan's Kaiju Korner.

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