Godzilla Toys and Figures

Being the focus of the collection, Godzilla figures naturally out number any other kaiju in my collection. Godzilla has been made into a staggering variety of toys and collectible figures. Of course, with a different godzilla suit used for almost every film, the variety of Godzilla styles are equally staggering. Almost every style of Godzilla has been rendered in one form of toy or another. Most of the figures produced for the American market tend to use a generalized Godzilla look, which is not specific to a particular costume, this goes for unlicenced "knock off" toys too. The detailing on some Japanese figures is so good that the specific type of Godzilla is easily distinguished.

Pictured to the right is the 1988 issue of Bandai's Great Monster series Godzilla 1964. It is pictured with the Memorial Box version of the classic King Ghidorah (a standard sized 8" Bandai figure). This one of the largest Godzilla figures I own. Unforunately I never picked up either of the Super (Final) Premium figures.
More Godzilla figures in my collection can be viewed below.

Marmit Godzilla 1962.

M-1 Godzilla 1964 (Blue).

Marmit Godzilla 1964 (b).

Concorde Godzilla 1989.

Bandai Godzilla 1994 autographed by Kenpachiro Satsuma.

Bandai Theater Exclusive Melt Down Godzilla 1995.

Godzilla Knock-offs.

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