Godzilla 1989 by Concorde

This is a Godzilla figure I found in Edgewater NJ. It measures about 18" tall and 30" long. It's only markings are "TOHO TOHO EIGA" and "CONCORDE" on the bottom of the left foot. I think it is a recast (possibly a bootleg) of the Paradise Bio-Godzilla kit. I spoke with a collector in Seattle who bought the same piece, so it has appeared on both coasts. I also spoke with a collector who saw this figure in Japan on a recent trip. I recieved the following information from Sean at Showcase Collectibles:

"Concord Paradise was a short lived Godzilla specialty store in Tokyo that made their own godzilla merchandise (mainly cutesy type items). I would suspect this then is their version of the 89 godzilla (still think they used Paradise's molds)."

It is a large, nicely detailed figure (although the paint job could have been better). The tail is especially long. I would be interested to hear from other collectors who have seen this piece.

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