's Stamp Issuing Entities

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Format: NAME : [formerly], yrs of own issues; errata ..., (next) {Album Pages = album pages}
VANUATU : [New Hebrides], 1980- {Album Pages}
VATICAN CITY (Holy See) : 1929- {Album Pages}
Venda {Homeland enclave} : [South Africa], 1979-94, (South Africa)
VENEZUELA : 1859- {Album Pages}
  • See Also: Bejuma
    Victoria : [British], 1850-1912, (Australia)   
    VIETNAM : [Indochina], 1951 ('49?) -55, (Vietnam PR aka No. Vietnam, So. Vietnam)
  • (Reunified) : 1975-
    VIETNAM PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC (No. Vietnam) : [Vietnam), 1960-1975, (Vietnam; reunified)
    URYBURG : [Cape Of Good Hope], 1899-1900, (Cape Of Good Hope)  


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