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Format: NAME : [formerly], yrs of own issues; errata ..., (next) {Album Pages} = Album Pages.
Note: Country names in ALL CAPITALS are existing UPU recognized countries with a Postal Authority.

  Obock : [?], 1892-94; French, (Djibouti) {Album Pages}
  Oceanic Settlements : [?], 1892-1956), (?) {listed by APRL sic; 'Oceania' in Scott?}
  Oil Rivers Protectorate : [?], 1874-1893, (Niger Coast Protectorate)
  Oldenburg : [?], 1852-67, (Germany) {Album Pages: See: Germany: States} see: Germany: States
Experts: Berger, Brettl

  Oltre Giuba : [?], 1925-26, (Italian Somaliland) {Album Pages}
  OMAN : [Muscat and Oman; name change], 1970-
  Orange River Colony : [?], 1868-1908, (Union of So. Africa) {Album Pages}
  Orchha : [?], 1913-40; British India, (India)


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