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1.'s Country Listings Menu
In general this work is greatful for Jim Yeaw's research for his Country Listings at which he made available. And, likewise, the APS's Computers in Philately Committee {WPID Catalog Data} and Bill Steiner's Stamp {Album Pages} were (and are) also frequently consulted.

Thanks are due, AJ

2. APS's Computers in Philately Commitiee listings.
3. Scott Publications (Scott Catalogues)
re: Serbian Kingdom; Yugoslavia: 1998 Vol 6 pp 732-735 . . . (& many others)
re: British India; Fudeatory & Convention States: Scott's 1997 Classic Specialized Catalogue
re: Serbia's inclusion of Maceddonia (circa 1914): See 'Yugoslavia (History) (1998)
5. Bill Steiner's "Stamp"
6. World Political Geography, Pearcy, Fifield & Assoc.; Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1948, N.Y.
re: Serbian Kingdom; Yugoslavia: pp 269
7. An Atlas of World History, Gerald A. Danzer; © 2000 Calaman & King Ltd., London.
Pub.: Borders Group, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI (An excellent compendium of world political geography - aj.)
8. The New Book of Knowledge Atlas - World Atlas, New Prespective Edition
© 1980 Hammond Inc. & C.S. Hammond & Co., New York
(Library of Congress card catalog number 80-80796)
9. WPID (The APS's World Postal Issues Database) files; ftp site data denoted as: {WPID Catalog Data}
(A link at APS's Computers in Philately site is no longer found c.2001.03)
10. Wikepedia: Postal History (c.2014) has come into use.
And (just discovered) their "JPP Stamps Wiki" looks promising!
11. Philatelic Markings Identifier
Based on the work of Francis Chan from (now '404' c.2014).
12. Our Postal Authorities Listings

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