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  1. Cagnani, Albert Agnew (Japan, GB, Rotary International)
  2. CAJ's Stamp Collecting Page (US Classics, machine cancels, postal stationery)
  3. Cahill, Emmett - Hawaiian Stamps (A Book of Local History) , .us-
  4. Cal, Don - Aktiv Software Corporation .ca-
  5. Callahan, William E. (sales), .us-AL
  6. Callan, Roger - Great Britain 1967-77 First Day Covers (incl. PHQ's, Postcards, Postal Stationery) .uk-
    what's a PHQ?
  7. Callen's Stamps Page (US)
  8. Cameron, Nina Thunderbird - ABC / Thunderbird, .ca-ON
    (sales: Philatelic Art, Booklets, Cachets, Covers & Postcards)
  9. Campbell, Sally - Carolina Mountain Stamps (ww, covers) .us-
  10. Campitelli, John
  11. Cangelaris, Panayotis D. (Greece, Cyprus)
  12. Capelleveen, Ruud van - Absolute Figures (accounting services, software, web design) .nl
    Publishes Filahome Internet Magazine
  13. Capolongo, Fred - Montgomery Stamps (US, eBay)
    New URL; 'No DNS' 8/2001; try again
  14. Carlton, R. Scott (author: Int'l Ecyc. Dict. of Philately)
    Cite : Homepage
    Cite : Homepage : Xmas Book List

  15. Caron, Greg - G_C_ Stamps (aka: CoolStamps et al) - (Topicals) .us-CA
  16. Carroll, Gordon - Pennyred [aka: Buchanan Street Stamps] (GB, FDC's) .uk-Scotland G1 2JZ
    Nice >article on the 40 year reign of The Penny Red stamp
  17. Cartwright, Jason - @ - Czechsum Alt URL (Czechoslovakia catalog, chat ...) .cz
  18. Cassano, Roberto (cancels)
    and - Chess on Stamps (Sports & Games)
  19. Cassar, David (Malta)
  20. Castle, Bobby (& Susan Tucker), S & C Stamps and Collectibles (Topicals, US, .CA, Disney) .us-OH
    old: 4455 Torrance Boulevard #675, Torrance
    Tel. (Toll-Free): 1-800-752-5077, 1-310-548-0868
  21. Cernik, Milan - (sales: postal stationery, auctions) Pisemna aukce celin (PAC) .cz-14201
  22. Cerny, Jiri (Indian fiscals & revenues)
  23. Cesar, Jean-Marc - .be (FDC's, Philately, collections)
    Cite: FDC's; hard to find; need title
  24. Champion, Theodore (Agent) .fr  
  25. Chan, Francis
    Rarieties Int'l (a stamp shop & directory at 'Stamp2.com') ('404' c.2014) ;-<
    Cite: Gen. Links: Resources
    Cite: Clubs : Bibliography
    Cite: Stamps : Stamp Issuing Entities : Bibliography
    See: Rarities Int'l (keeps Stamp2 directory; sadly '404' c.2014) .sg
    See Also: Subway Stamp Shop
    old: http://stamps.s-one.net.sg (one of the earliest stamp collecting websites!!!
  26. Chang, Albert (Auction Agent) .us-AZ 85029
  27. Chansigaud, Valerie - Insects On Stamps
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : Insects
  28. Chappell, Geoffrey - QV Pennies (penny reds, blues.. QV) .uk-
  29. Charette, Aldé (trades .cu, .ca, China, .se, .fr)
  30. Chelouche, Evyatar (Tari) (Israel)
  31. Cheng, Tan Wee - .sg
  32. Cheung, Samuel (Hong Kong)
  33. Chiu, Tommy (cancellations of Imperial China)
  34. Cho, Helen - Quiet Time , @, @2
    Helen's stamps (may have to add '/stampa/')
    A FIAT LUX Commemorative Stamp, FIAT LUX '96
    hosted at SGI (Silicone Graphics, Inc.)
  35. Choi, Johnny, @ - J. C. Stamp Collection [alt URL] (Hong Kong & PRC)
    aka: Stamps World
    cf: JC Stamp.Corp. - J C Stamp Collection (China and Hong Kong)
    is this also Johnny Choi?
  36. Choong, G K (Ben) - Lion City Stamps (Australia, Br C'wealth, Thematics, p/h) .au-VIC 3150  
  37. Chopperman's Stamps & Stuff (Designer: Goldsworthy, Rupert Bear)
    See: First Nmaes: Chopperman
  38. Chow, S.F. - Agreeable Stamp Store (Singapore) .sg
  39. Christensen, Poul-Erik Amby - .DK (Trade: Scandinavia)
  40. Chucks Stamp Page (East Europe, thematics)
  41. Clark, Ken [Kenneth G.] - Japan Philatelic Group (Japan, p/h, books) .uk-
  42. Clark Gallery, Taylor (sales) .us-FL  
  43. Clarke, Wil - Mathematics on Stamps -
    (Wil is Pres.: Riverside Stamp, CA 92507, USA)
  44. Clausen, Steen - @get2net
    Skolevej 11, DK-2600 GLOSTRUP, Danmark
    Contact for: Clubs : Scandinavia : Aves Philatelicae Scandiae
    Contact for: Clubs : Topical : Birds : Aves Philatelicae Scandiae
    Article: Europas fugle (birds) pĺ Europas Frimćrker
  45. Clayton, Tony - .UK (GB Machins, pd's, regionals, Italy, GB coins)
    3 articles on coins, catelogs Machins, pd's, regionals, QEII..
  46. Clever, Richard E. - Asia Philatelics Online (Asia, Ireland; eBay) .us-CA 95109
  47. Clifford, Goetsch - British Commonwealth Stamp Co. (sic) .us-  
  48. Cohen, Hy [PWO] Hy Cohen Stamps (.il, .us, UN, Ghana; ww new issue svc), .us-FL 33482
    cf Stamps of Israel - Hy Cohen, .us
    Cite: Entities Index : Israel
  49. Cohen, Steve - Philately Sites of Interest
  50. Colello, Joseph S. - Mayflower Traders. Ltd (sales) .us-
  51. Congedo, Miriam - Turtle Meter Stamps
    Cite: Topicals : Fauna : Marine
  52. Connelly, Michael (Irish Philately)
  53. Connolly, Sean - JC Cashet (FDC's; producer, autographs, stamps, ..) .us-__; no data on site: E-mail
    His stamp specialty is in the WWII era.
  54. Consejo, Jacques - .fr
  55. Cooper, Bruce C. (Author)
    Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad
    Cite : Philately : Research : USA
  56. Constantopoulos, Nicos & Hilary - Cosmos Stamps (Greece, Balkans, Mid E., Europe, Br. C'w) .uk-__ CH61 3YA
  57. Cook Inc., Douglas (approvals, Topicals) .us-NV 89120
    Topicals include: birds, Princess Diana, Audubon, Halley's Comet)
  58. Coppolani, Tousaint - .fr Coppoweb (French Philately)
    Cite: Entities : France (an several topics - See 'Coppoweb' link)
  59. Correia, David - SDC Stamps (Germany, Canada) .ca-
  60. Coughlin, Ray L. (sales: US Possessions) .us-WA
    Personal Ref.: .ph
  61. Coulbourne, Joe - The Perfins Place
  62. Cournault, Raphael - .fr (french postmarks & cancellations)
  63. Courrier d'Autrefois - Régis Patinet, .fr
  64. Courtney, Nicholas
    The Queen's Stamps: The Official History of the Royal Philatelic Collection
    Cite : Dealers : U.K. Menu
  65. Courtney, R. Howard - .us-IL (Dubai, Indian Postal Stationery EFOs)
  66. Crandell, Matthew - Heathside Collectibles (US & WW Supplies and Stamps) .us-
    Alt URL: Heathside Collectibles (packets, ww)
  67. Crichton, Peter (ships)
  68. Crighton, Gary (mail art)
  69. Crippe Inc., Steve (EFO's; Errors, Freaks, Oddities) .us-MO
  70. Croaker, Hamilton (Author)
    The postmarks of British New Guinea and Papua to 1942
    Cite : Dealers : Topical Index : Papua New Guinea
  71. Crocker, David -@ & Michael Wigmore - @ - Professional Philatelists, (British Africa) .za
  72. Cropper, J. - CoilCorner.com - (sales: 1938-91 line pairs, strips, #'s; PayPal) .us- KY 40476 ; need email
  73. Cross, Barry - Britannia Albums , .uk-
  74. Crumbley, Tony - Carolina Coin and Stamp Inc. (Confederate Stamps and P/H) .us-
  75. Culshaw Stamps, Edward (sales: WW) .uk-
  76. Cunningham, Dave - CSi Collectible Forum : Stamps, .us-
  77. Curd Philately, Andrew (sales) .uk-KT
  78. Curtin Ltd., John (sales) .uk-SU
  79. Cutler, Chad - Stamp Swap Shop.com (ww Approvals) .us-
  80. Cutts, Alan (2nd E-mail - Coventry Stamps & SciFi (GB, ww; eBay), .uk- n/a


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