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  1. C.A.S.P.I.P. (?) Study Circle (of the Soc. of Israel Phil.), South Africa
    See Also: C C ..
  2. C.E.M.B.E. (?), Verviers, Belgium
  3. C L T Philatelic Club, India
  4. Caboolture & District Stamp Club, QLD, Australia
  5. Cachet Makers Association - AFCDS Chpt. 65, USA
    Fred Fowler, Treasurer
    c/CMA, PO Box 392, Niles, MI 49120
  6. Café philatélique Du Suroît, Quebec, Canada
  7. Cairns Stamp Club, Qld, Australia
  8. Caledonian Philatelic Society, UK
  9. Calgary Philatelic Society
    Cite: Dealers : Canada : AB
    Cite (make 'xRef'): Entities : Canada
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
    old: members.shaw.ca/calphilso/ ; fwd c.2012
    older: http://members.home.net/calphilso/cps.htm '404'
    older: www.calgary.shaw.wave.ca/~tpresber/cps.htm '404'
  10. Calhoun County Stamp Club, AL 36265, USA
  11. California Air Mail Society, CA 95155, USA
  12. California Collectors Club, CA 94121, USA
  13. California Revenuers, CA 94524, USA
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
  14. Caloundra Stamp Club, QLD, Australia
  15. Calumet Stamp Club, IN 46319, USA (U)
    old: http://www0.delphi.com/stamps/apscalumet.html ; 6/2
  16. Camano Island Stamp Club, WA 98292, USA
  17. Camara Brasileira de Filatelia - Henrique Cruz, .BR
  18. Camberley & District Philatelic Society, UK
    Cite/xRef: Dealers : UK : Surrey
    homepage.ntlworld.com/john.pugh90/cads/ : forwards c.2008, '404' c.2012
  19. Cambridge Philatelic Society, UK
    www.stampdomain.com/cambridge '404' c.2008
  20. Cambridge Stamp Club, ON, Canada
  21. Cambridge Stamp Club, New Zealand
  22. Camden County Collectors Club, GA 31548, USA
  23. Campbelltown District Philatelic Society (& Fair), NSW, Australia
  24. Camperdown Stamp Club, VIC, Auatralia
  25. Canada Philetilic Library - Jim Taylor (reference only?), .ca-AB ; research
    In context of : St. Pierre and Miquelon
    Cite: Entities Index : St. Pierre and Miquelon
  26. Canadian Aerophilatelic Society
  27. Canadian Air Mail Collectors Club
  28. Canadian Associationn of Israel Philatelists
  29. Canadian Forces Base Trenton Stamp Club, ON, Canada
  30. Canadian Forces Philatelic Society
    xRef.: Clubs : Topical : Postal History
    Cite: Specialized Collecting : Postal History
    Cite: Entities : Canada
    Ref.: Dealers : Canada : Menu
  31. Canadian Perfins Study Group
    Cite: Entities : Canada
    www.perfins.com/bnapspsg.htm '404' c.2008
  32. Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britan, UK
  33. Canadian Postal Museum, ON, Canada
    xRef.: : Quebec
  34. Canadian Postal Stationery Study Group (of BNAPS)
    aka: Postal Stationery Study Group (of BNAPS)
    5295 Moncton St, Richmond, B.C. V7E 3B2, Canada
    Cite: Entities : Canada
    old: www.pennsyltucky.com/bnapspssg
  35. Canadian Society of Russian Philately (CSRP)
    Cite: Dealers : .ru
  36. Canadiana Study Unit (of ATA)
  37. Canal Zone Study Group, IL 60193, USA
    Cite: Entities : US Philately
    Ref.: Clubs : Panama
    Old: Alan Bentz, @ (c.2001) (but good c.2008):
    52 Cove Road , Stonington, CT 06378-2300, USA
    Cite : Dealers : C & H Stamps
    www.philatelie.fr/associations/url/czsg.html '404'
    www.stampshows.com/czsg.html '404' c.2008
    www.czsg.org/ forwards c.2008
  38. Canberra Philatelic Society, Australia
    aka: Philatelic Society of Canberra Inc.
  39. Canberra Picture Postcard Collectors, Australia
  40. Cannanore Philatelic Club, India
  41. Canning Stamp Club, WA 6107, Australia
  42. Cannock & District Philatelic Society, UK
  43. Canterbury Junior Stamp Club, New Zealand
  44. Canterbury Museum (Rhodes's Chalons Collection), New Zealand
  45. Canterbury Philatelic Society, UK
    Data Requested
    (internet down on day of research)
  46. Cape and Natal Study Circle, UK
    Formerly: Natal & Zululand Study Circle
    xRef : Clubs : Topical : South Africa
    Cite: Clubs : South Africa
    Cite: Dealers : .za
  47. Cape Cod Area Philatelic Group, MA 02664, USA
  48. Cape Coral Stamp Club, FL 33919, USA
  49. Cape Society for Palestine-Israel Philately (CASPIP), South Africa
    & CASPIP Study Circle, South Africa
  50. Captain Cook Society
    Formerly : Captain Cook Study Unit
    Cite : Topical Directory : Personalities

    old: CaptainCookStudyUnit.com & [email protected]
    older: freespace.virgin.net/chris.jones/ccsu.htm
  51. Captain Townsend Stamp Club, FL 33744, USA
  52. Capital City Philatelic Society, PA 17339, USA
    Cite: Topicals : Introductions
  53. Capital Philatelic Society, India
  54. Cardiff Philatelic Society, Wales
    www.cardiffphilatelicsociety.org.uk/ - forwards c.2008, 2011
    General : contact-at: cardiffphilatelicsociety.org.uk (same root)
  55. Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum (& Library) of Stamps & Postal History, The - MA, USA
    Cite: Philatelic Topical Index : Museums
    Cite: Glossary : Tagging
    cf. :: Waltham Stamp Club, MA 01752, USA
    cf. :Belief Net
  56. Carlsbad Stamp Club, CA, USA
  57. Carlsberg Frimćrkeog Montklub
    Hojbjergvej 25, 2730 Herlev
    (key terms not in atlas)
  58. Carmarthen Philatelic Society, Wales
  59. Carolinas Chapter 37 (of G.P.S.), NC 28607, USA
    Cite: Clubs : Germany
  60. Carriers and Locals Society, NY 11377, USA
  61. Carriers & Locals Society, OH 45401, USA
    Cite: Dealers : .us-OH
    Ref.: US Philately Pg.
  62. Catalina Stamp Club (for kids) - Tim Odom: "inactive" a/o 9/2001 per Tim
  63. Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, The, .uk ; new 5/2
  64. Casey Jones Rail Road Unit, CA 94131, USA
    Cite: Topicals : Railways
  65. Casterton Philatelic Society, VIC, Australia
  66. Castle Hill Stamp Club, NSW, Australia
  67. Castlemaine Stamp Club, VIC, Australia
  68. Caterpillar Stamp Club, IL 61571, USA
  69. CCC =
    Club Collection & Communication
    Collectors Club of Chicago (AskPhil)
    Club Cubano De Coleccion.
  70. CCCC = Cover Collectors Circuit Club
  71. CCSG = Civil Censorship Study Group
  72. Cebu Stamp Club, Inc., Philippines
    old: www.esprint.com.ph/pointcebu/culture/stamp.htm '404' c.2009
  73. Cebu Philatelic Society (CPS), Philippines
  74. Cedar Rapids Stamp Club, IA 52403, USA (U, E)
  75. Cedar Valley Stamp Club, IA 50647, USA
  76. CEFINUSCH, Argentina
  77. Cenla Stamp Club, LA 71360, USA
  78. Censored and Military Postal History (Irish)  
  79. Censored Mail [DN, EN] - Steen Hřgfeldt, Denmark (U) ; need addr
    "Join my efforts to gather all people who collect censored covers."
    Cite: Gen. Topical Index : Censored Mail
  80. Centennial Stamp Club, BC, Canada
  81. Centennial Stamp Club, CO 80150, USA
  82. Center for Philatelic Research & Studies, Inc. (CPRSI), Philippines
  83. Centerville Stamp Club, IN 47362, USA
  84. Central Filatelico del Paraguay (Philatelic Assoc.)
    Cite: Dealers : .py
  85. Central Florida Stamp Club (Shows: Fall Show, SUNPEX, FLOREX), FL, USA
    AKA: Mid-Florida Philatelic Society
  86. Central Great Southern Stamp Club ('in recess c.2007), WA 6320, Australia
  87. Central India Philatelic Society, India
    geocities.com/centralindphil/ ok c.200909 but...
  88. Central Nebraska Stamp Club, NE 68824, USA
  89. Central Wisconsin Stamp Club, WI 54449, USA
  90. Central Wyoming Philatelic Assoc., WY 82609, USA
  91. Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches "Colonel Moiny", Velaine-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  92. Centre d'interprétation et de recherche philatélique du Canada - Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada
  93. Centro Cultural "Poveda" ~ Seccion Filatílica (Club), 23700 Linares, Spain

  94. Centro Filatélico Argentino-Israelí
    aka: Centro Filatélico Israelí
    old: C.C. 1461, C1000WAO Buenos Aires
    www.counsnet.com/cefai '404' c.2008
  95. Centro Filatelico Bariloche, Argentina
  96. Centro Filatelico Buenos Aires (CEFIBA), Argentina (CEFIBA)
    old: Dirección postal: C.C. 1388; C1000WAN Buenos Aires
  97. Centro Filatelico C.M. Pinto, Argentina
  98. Centro Filatelico Campana, Argentina
  99. Centro Filatélico Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
    cf.: Círculo Filatélico Carlos Pellegrini
  100. Centro Filatelico Carlos Santillan, Argentina
  101. Centro Filatelico Catamarca, Argentina
  102. Centro Filatelico Ciudad del Acuerdo, Argentina
  103. Centro Filatelico Cordoba, Argentina
  104. Centro Filatelico de la Costa, Argentina
  105. Centro Filatelico Don Jose Guastalla, Argentina
  106. Centro Filatelico Dr. Gray, Argentina
  107. Centro Filatelico Ensenadense, Argentina
  108. Centro Filatelico Esperanza, Argentina
  109. Centro Filatelico Formosa, Argentina
  110. Centro Filatelico General Rodriguez, Argentina
  111. Centro Filatelico Jesus Maria, Argentina
  112. Centro Filatelico Lobos, Argentina
  113. Centro Filatelico Lomas de Zamora, Argentina
  114. Centro Filatelico de Lujan, Argentina
    Old: www.geocities.com/cefilu/indice.html
  115. Centro Filatelico Madrynense, Argentina
  116. Centro Filatdlico Mediterraneo, Argentina
    xRef.: Clubs : Argentina : Local
  117. Centro Filatelico Mendoza, Argentina
  118. Centro Filatelico Mercedino, Argentina (BA)
  119. Centro Filatelico Mercedino, Argentina (SL)
  120. Centro Filatelico Neuquen y Rio Negro, Argentina
  121. Centro Filatelico del Paraguay
  122. Centro Filatelico Patagonico, Argentina
  123. Centro Filatelico Punta Alta, Argentina
  124. Centro Filatelico Puerto Deseado, Argentina
  125. Centro Filatelico Rafaela, Argentina
  126. Centro Filatelico Rotario, Argentina
  127. Centro Filatelico San Francisco, Argentina
  128. Centro Filatelico Santa Fe, Argentina
  129. Centro Filatelico San Juan, Argentina
  130. Centro Filatelico Tandil, Argentina
  131. Centro Filatélico y Numismático, Argentina
  132. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Alta Gracia Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. Alta Gracia)
  133. Filatelico y Numismatico Concordia, Argentina
    (Centro Filatélico y Núm. Concordia)
  134. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Ituzaingo (CE.FI.NI.), Argentina
    (Centro Fil y Núm. Ituzaingo)
  135. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Jovita (CBA), Argentina
  136. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Oliva, Argentina
  137. Centro Filatélico y Numismático Renard, Argentina
  138. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico de Rio Cuarto, Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. de Rio Cuarto)
  139. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Salta, Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. Salta)
  140. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Santiago del Estero, Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. Santiago del Estero)
  141. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Trelew, Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. Trelew)
  142. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
    (Centro Fil y Núm. Villa Carlos Paz)
  143. Centro Filatelico y Numismatico Villa Maria, Argentina
    (Centro Fil. y Núm. Villa María)
  144. Centro Internacional de Filatelia Y Numismatica
    Cite: Basics : Resources
    Ref.: Dealers : USA : NY
    xRef : Titles : Centro ..
  145. Centro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza (CIFR)
    xRef: Clubs : Index : Topical : War
    xRef: Philately : Italy
    xRef: Homepage : Table of Contents : Toot Toot
    old: www.fsfi.it/societa/cifr.htm '404' c.201008
  146. Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica ( CIFT )
    via Tavarti 8, I-50134 Firenze, Italy
    old: www.fsfi.it/societa/cift.htm
  147. Century Village East S/C Club , FL 33442, USA ; ck
  148. Cercle Aérophilatélique Français, France
    (French Aerophilately Association)
    xRef : Clubs : France : Specialties
  149. Cercle Bruxelles-Ouest Philatélie, Bruxelles, Belgium
  150. Cercle Catala de Col.leccionisme (Club), 08980 San Feliu de Llobregat, Spain
  151. Cercle Culture et Loisirs Electrabel, Wépion, Belgium
  152. Cercle d'étude Philatélique Angleurois, Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium
  153. Cercle de Philatélie "Zephir Demanet" Hastičre, Dinant, Belgium
  154. Cercle des amis de Marianne, France
  155. Cercle Filatelic de El Vendrell (Club), 43700 El Vendrell, Spain
  156. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic de Arenys de Mar (Club), 08350 Arenys de Mar, Spain
  157. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic de Barcelona (Club), 08036 Barcelona Spain
  158. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic {Calella} (Club), 08370 Calella, Spain
  159. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic Coloma (Club), 08921 Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain
  160. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic Ripoll (Club), 17500 Ripoll, Spain
  161. Cercle Filatelic i Numismatic "Sant Martí de Provencals (Club), 08026 Barcelona, Spain
  162. Cercle français philatélique d'Israël, France
  163. Cercle Hennuyer de Marcophilie et d'Histoire Postale, Carničres, Belgium
  164. Cercle Philatélie Mauricie, Quebec, Canada
  165. Cercle Philatélique A.T.T. Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium
  166. Cercle Philatélique Amicale MMRA Athus, Athus, Belgium
  167. Cercle Philatélique Amicale SOLVAY, Jemeppes-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  168. Cercle Philatélique Amicale T.T. Namur, Namur, Belgium
  169. Cercle Philatélique Arsenal de Rocourt, Rocourt, Belgium
  170. Cercle Philatélique Athois "Les Amis du Timbre", Ath, Belgium
  171. Cercle Philatélique Auvelaisien, Sambreville, Belgium
  172. Cercle Philatélique Banque Bruxelles-Lambert, Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium
  173. Cercle Philatélique "Baudoin 1er", Bruxelles, Belgium
  174. Cercle Philatélique "Belgica", Hannut-Merdorp, Belgium
  175. Cercle Philatélique Bracquegnies, Bracquegnies, Belgium
  176. Cercle Philatélique Castor Laurentien, Quebec, Canada
  177. Cercle Philatélique Châtelineau-Châtelet, Bouffioulx, Belgium
  178. Cercle Philatélique Collčge Sacré-Coeur, Ransart, Belgium
  179. Cercle philatélique d'échanges franco-allemands, France
  180. Cercle Philatélique de Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Bruxelles, Belgium
  181. Cercle Philatélique de C.G.E.R. - Postzegelkring A.S.L.K., Bruxelles, Belgium
  182. Cercle Philatélique de Dottignies, Dottignies, Belgium
  183. Cercle Philatélique de Farciennes, Farciennes, Belgium
  184. Cercle Philatélique de Florennes, Florennes, Belgium
  185. Cercle Philatélique de Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, Belgium
  186. Cercle Philatélique de Gembloux, Walhain-Saint-Paul, Belgium
  187. Cercle Philatélique de Haine-St.-Pierre, Haine-Saint-Pierre, Belgium
  188. Cercle Philatélique de Jemeppe, Ivoz-Ramet, Belgium
  189. Cercle Philatélique de l'Eau d'Heure, Thy-le-Château, Belgium
  190. Cercle PhiIatélique de l'Ourthe, Herstal, Belgium
  191. Cercle Philatélique de La Buissičre, La Buissičre, Belgium
  192. Cercle Philatélique de la Haute-Haine, Carničres, Belgium
  193. Cercle Philatélique de la Hulpe - Belgium, La Hulpe, Belgium (U)
  194. Cercle Philatélique de la Semois, Jamoigne, Belgium
  195. Cercle Philatélique de la Vallée de l'Escaut, Kain, Belgium
  196. Cercle Philatélique de Laeken "Amitié", Bruxelles, Belgium
  197. Cercle Philatélique de Malmedy, Malmedy, Belgium
  198. Cercle Philatélique de Marcinelle, Marcinelle, Belgium
  199. Cercle Philatélique de Molenbeek, Bruxelles, Belgium
  200. Cercle Philatélique de Montignies-sur-Sambre, Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  201. Cercle Philatélique de Moustier-sur-Sambre, Velaine-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  202. Cercle Philatélique de Pont-ŕ-Celles, Ecaussinnes, Belgium
  203. Cercle Philatélique de Profondeville, Rivičre, Belgium
  204. Cercle Philatélique de Roselies, Aiseau-Presles, Belgium
  205. Cercle Philatélique de Rixensart, Wavre, Belgium
  206. Cercle Philatélique de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, Belgium
  207. Cercle Philatélique de Saint-Priest et Environs, France
    old: www.ifrance.com/cpspe/ ('forwards' c.2008)
  208. Cercle Philatélique des Comm. Européennes, Bruxelles, Belgium
  209. Cercle Philatélique des Estinnes, Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium
  210. Cercle Philatélique des Fagnes, Grandrieu, Belgium
  211. Cercle Philatélique des Télčcommunications (Bruxelles), Bruxelles, Belgium (topical?)
  212. Cercle Philatélique des Woluwe, Bruxelles, Belgium
  213. Cercle Philatélique du Collčge St. Michel, Bruxelles, Belgium
  214. Cercle Philatélique du personnel "SABENA", Bruxelles, Belgium
  215. Cercle Philatélique et Cartophile de Courbevoie, France
    www.ifrance.com/courbevoiecp '404' c.2008
    courbevoiecp.ifrance.com, [email protected] 'old'
  216. Cercle Philatélique et Culturel de Momignies, Momignies, Belgium
  217. Cercle Philatélique et Numismatique A. Renaud, Halanzy, Belgium
  218. Cercle Philatélique "Etterbeek-Ixelles", Brussel, Belgium
  219. Cercle Philatélique Fontainois, Fontaine-l'Evęque, Belgium
  220. Cercle Philatélique Gosselien, Fraire, Belgium
  221. Cercle Philatélique Hornutois, Hornu, Belgium
  222. Cercle Philatélique Ixellois, Diegem, Belgium
  223. Cercle Philatélique Jodoigne, Jodoigne, Belgium [E]
  224. Cercle Philatélique "L'Epaulette", Huy, Belgium
  225. Cercle Philatélique "L'Union", Verlaine, Belgium
  226. Cercle Philatélique "Le Postillon", Ampsin, Belgium
  227. Cercle Philatélique "Les Amis Réunis du Condroz" Nattoye, Belgium
  228. Cercle Philatélique Leuzois, Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium
  229. Cercle Philatélique Lodelinsartois, Ransart, Belgium
  230. Cercle Philatélique Lothier-Genappe, Ceroux-Mousty, Belgium
  231. Cercle Philatélique Malibran, Bruxelles, Belgium
  232. Cercle Philatélique Mamer (CPM), Luxembourg
  233. Cercle Philatélique Nivellois, Nivelles, Belgium
  234. Cercle Philatélique "Paul de Smeth", Bruxelles, Belgium
  235. Cercle Philatélique Péruwelzien, Péruwelz, Belgium
  236. Cercle Philatélique Philrail Namur, Namur, Belgium
  237. Cercle Philatélique Privé "Alphonse De Coster", Bruxelles, Belgium
  238. Cercle Philatélique Purnode-Spontin, Warnant-Anhée, Belgium
  239. Cercle Philatélique Ransartois, Ransart, Belgium
  240. Cercle Philatélique Roman Wavre, Court-Saint-Etienne, Belgium
  241. Cercle Philatélique Royal de la Thudinie, Stree, Belgium
  242. Cercle Philatélique "Saint-Gabriel" Namur-Luxembourg, Bouge, Belgium
  243. Cercle Philatélique Saint Luc, Mons, Belgium
  244. Cercle Philatélique Siraultois, Hautrage, Belgium
  245. Cercle Philatélique Solvay-Couillet, Marcinelle, Belgium
  246. Cercle Philatélique Suisse de Bruxelles, Dilbeek, Belgium
  247. Cercle Philatélique Thématique Yves-Gomezée, Yves-Gomezée, Belgium
  248. Cercle Philatélique "Timbres-Hobby", Hyon, Belgium
  249. Cercle Philatélique "TRAPHILA", Trazegnies, Belgium
  250. Cercle Philatélique Vallée Nethen, Tourinnes-la-Grosse, Belgium
  251. Cercle Philatélique Wallonia de Flémalle, Ličge, Belgium
  252. Cercle Royal Philatélique Athois "Les Amis du Timbre", Soignies, Belgium
  253. Cercle Royal Philatélique Châtelineau-Châtelet, Chatelet, Belgium
  254. Cercle Royal Philatélique Couvinois, Couvin, Belgium
  255. Cercle Royal Philatélique de Dinant, Moustier-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  256. Cercle Royal Philatélique de Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles, Belgium
  257. Cercle Royal Philatélique de Spa, Nivezé-Spa, Belgium
  258. Cercle Royal Philatélique Namurois, Gembloux, Belgium
  259. Cercle Royal Timbrologique de la Sambre, Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium
  260. Cercle Royal Philatélique Visétois, Visé, Belgium
  261. Correo Argentino SA
    Incl. Servicio de Filatelia
    /filateli/filat.htm '404' c.2008
    www.surdelsur.com/correoar (c.2000) '404' c.2008
    Old: Servicio de Filatelia (c.2001)
    Sarmiento 151, 7° piso
    Ofc. 738-C
    1000 Buenos Aires, Argentino
  262. Cessna Stamp Club, KS 67039, USA
  263. Ceylon Study Circle of Great Britain, UK
  264. Champaign-Urbana Stamp Club, IL 61864, USA
    old: www.staff.uiuc.edu/~tuchman/cusc ; forwards to wrong address
  265. Chandigarh Philatelic Club, India
  266. Channel Island Specialists' Society
    Cite: Dealers : UK : Menu : 'See Also'
    Cite: Clubs : UK : Related
    Old :
    Ron Osborne, Eastwood House,
    Myland Hall Chase, Colchester, Essex C04 4EU
    greenring.com/ci-philately/e_ciss01.html "under new mgt"
    www.briefmarke.com/fgci/ciss01.html '404'
    www.briefmarke.com/fgci/e_ciss01.html '404' c.2008
    [email protected] ; good?
  267. Charlotte Philatelic Society, NC 28230, USA
  268. Charlottesville Stamp Club, VA 22901, USA (U, E)
  269. Chattanooga Stamp Club, TN 37422, USA
  270. Cheektowaga Stamp & Coin Club, NY 14225, USA
  271. Chelmsford & District Philatelic Society, UK
    www.stampdomain.com/chelmsford '404' c.2008
  272. Chelmsford Stamp Club, MA 01824, USA
  273. Chenango Valley Stamp Club, NY 13346, USA
  274. Cherrelyn Stamp Club, CO 80110, USA
    xRef.: Dealers : USA : CO
  275. Cheshire Philatelic Society, CT 06410, USA
  276. Chess on Stamps Study Unit
    Cite: Topicals : Sport & Games) .us
    old: COSSU, 7625 County Road 153, Interlaken, NY 14847, USA
  277. Chess on Stamps Study Unit [COSSU]
    Cite: Topicals : Sport & Games), USA
    old: www.iglobal.net/home/reott/stamps1.htm '404' c.2010
    old: [email protected], [email protected]
  278. Chess on Stamps Club
    aka/q.v.: Gemeinschaft der Schachmotivsammler (GSM)
    Cite: Topicals : Sports & Games
  279. Chess Philatelists Society, UK
    10 Watling Court, Cow Hill, Norwich, NR2 1HA, England
    Cite: Topicals : Sports & Games
  280. Chesterfield Philatelic Society, UK
  281. Cheyenne Philatelic Society, WY 82003, USA
  282. Chhatisgarh Philatelic and Numismatic Association, India
  283. Chiapas Filatélico, Mexico
  284. Chicago Air Mail Society, IL 60015, USA
  285. Chicago Collectors Club (& AskPhil resources), IL 60610, USA
    aka/qv: Collectors Club of Chicago
  286. Chicago Philatelic Society (Show: CHICAGOPEX), IL 60523, USA
    Cite : Dealers : USA : IL
  287. Chicagoland Chatper of the ATA, IL, USA
  288. Chicagoland First Day Cover Society, IL 60690, USA
    aka/q.v.: American First Day Cover Society - Chicagoland Chapter (No. 6)
  289. Chichester & District Stamp Club, W. Sussex, UK
    www.hants.gov.uk/istcclr/cch01047.html '404' c.2008
    old meetings?: The Fernleigh Centre North Street, Chichester, West Sussex
  290. Children's Stamp Club of the Brentwood Library CA 90049, USA
  291. China Air Mail Society, P.R. China
  292. China Philatelic Association (CPA) - Hong Kong
    [email protected], P.O. box 1452, G.P.O., Hong Kong
    Cite: Entities : China
  293. China Philatelic Society of Australia Inc., VIC, Australia
  294. China Philatelic Society of London, UK
    url is new 5/2002
    Cite: Entities : China
    Old: 124 Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9AF, England
  295. China Stamp Society, OH 43220, USA
    Cite: Entities : China
    The Regional Representatives are (c.2010):
    Dr. Yasoichi Nakajima, Japan
    David Y. Lu, Peoples' Republic of China
    UK: Paul N. Davey (no data)
    Germany: Roman Scheibert (no data)
    old: www.azstarnet.com/~gersten/china.stamp.society.html c.1997, '404' c.2010
    (root is Arizona Daily Star, 4850 S. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ c.2010)
  296. China Stamp Society - Chang Qing Long Chapter, WA, USA
  297. China Stamp Society - Chia Nan Chapter, CA, USA
  298. China Stamp Society - Chiu Chin Shan Chapter, CA, USA
  299. China Stamp Society - New England Chapter (NOT LISTED c.2007, 2010)
    only known contact: [email protected] c.2005
  300. China Stamp Society - North Texas Chapter, TX, USA
  301. China Stamp Society - Ping Yuan Zhi Zhu Chapter, I L, USA
  302. China Stamp Society - Taipei Chapter, Taiwan
  303. China Stamp Society - The Junk Chapter, DC, USA
  304. China Study Group of the PSNSW, NSW, Australia
  305. Chinese Coin and Stamp Club, BC, Canada
  306. Chinese Philatelic Club of the Philippines (CPCP)
  307. Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, Taiwan
    (aka: Chinese Taipei Philatelic Society)
    Cite: Dealers : .tw
  308. Chippewa Valley Stamp Club, WI 54703, USA
  309. Chittenden County Stamp Club, VT 05402, USA
    old: sageunix.uvm.edu/~rresnik/doc/chit8.htm ;'404; 12/1
  310. Christchurch Junior Stamp Club, New Zealand
  311. Christchurch Philately
    (a resource function of Shades Stamps Shop Ltd, New Zealand)
  312. Christchurch Philatelic Society (& Philatelic Library), New Zealand
  313. Christmas Philatelic Club, KY 40505, USA (U, E)
    Cite: Clubs : By Specialty : Holidays
    Cite: Topicals : Religion on Stamps #
  314. Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society, KS 67218, USA
    Cite: Clubs : By Specialty : Holidays
  315. Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society, MI 48734, USA
    old: home.prcn.org/~pauld/ata/units/columbus.htm
    older: www.philately.com/society_news/columbus.htm
  316. Chunghwa Postal Museum (& Library), Taiwan
    Cite: Postal Authorities : Taiwan
    aka/cf.: Taiwan Postal Museum
  317. Churchill Collectors Club (topical?)
    8 Clyde Road, Stanwall, Staines, Middlesex, TW19 7RH, UK
  318. Churchill Philatelic Society (topical?), NH 03229, USA

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