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AJ's Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links

Specialized Philatelic Reference Materials

What follows are some source files (available here) , some derived works based on these source files and additional sources noted at the bottom of this page.

Prepared by the APS Computers in Philately Committee, July 1994

ASCII Listings of the APRL Country Codes (aka: WPID Data):

  • aprlnumb.txt -- by APRL Number (code)
  • aprlalfa.txt -- by entity name
  • iocodes..txt
    (and aprlcode.txt ; iocodex.txt in a delimited (database) format)
    'A Cross-Reference between APRL Country Codes, International Olympic Committee and Internet Country Designators'

  • The APRL 'Readme.htm' associated with the above.
    (from application: aprlcode.exe in this directory; right click 'save target' in MicroSofts's browser.)

  • Original source (no longer there 5/2002:
    Though still available in .gz format at:
    aprl.txt.gz (probably the 'readme.htm'; 1008 bytes)
    aprlalfa.txt.gz (sic; 16Kb)
    aprlnumb.txt.gz (sic; 16Kb)
    iocodes.txt.gz (sic; 5Kb)
    The '.gz' format (something like a 'zip' file I assume) being unfamiliar was not persued as the ASCII files (available above) were then available through Ed Jackson.

  • Specific : Recommendations and
    Notes being used to construct recommendations:
    1. apsnum.txt (inital analysis of APRL data)
    2. 0-abcode.txt (observations and additions made)
    3. db.txt - notes on a database format
    4. fsubrkdn.htm - CIS data

    AJ's Philatelic Atlas

    What follows are the initial efforts. Where it's all headed here:

    In order to view broader geographical areas (continents, oceans, major regions) and geo-political arenas (empires, kingdoms etc. that are inter-continental vs. intra-continental), the original aprllnumb.txt data has been copied into more descrete files focused on the specific topic. These are modified versions and have additional listings based on the general style found except that the phrases 'Offices in' and 'Occupation of' have been split off from their country name - it's just a database thing...

    The first step was to save a delimited copy before any additions except a for breaking it up into fields, splitting the 'Occ of' etc, and adding a 'Comment' field at the end. (65k)

    Next is a text version of work in progress : dbseqtst.txt - 130K. Skip past the first few entries with no 'Locatio(n)' codes and you will see where the real development begins.

    And, finally, a general developing form for AJ's World Philatelic Atlas is the inital goal and is best seen here.


    Other 'new' files available here in both delimited and regular text file formats are as follows:
  •    Political Regions:
    regular DOS text,
    delimited text
  •    The Larger Geographical Regions:
    regular text,
    delimited text
  •    Active Countries:
    regular text by internet code,
    regular text by country name,
    delimited text
    (refered to eslewhere as 'Country Codes'. example non-frames menu

    Active Countries is an original list of the names of active countries and regions today with cross reference to APRL data, internet codes and a system of identification for dependency or member status along with an area scheme for indicating location. Current thinking is to convert the latter two (2) (dependency/member status & location codes) to the APRL system once it has been fleshed out to more fully cover the living and historical world sceens.

    All are eventually slated to become one file or system of tables in a database.
  • Preliminary notes on a database.
  • Sorting sequence codes The basics - part 1 - sortcode.txt
  • Sorting seguence The 'Location_Code' - part 2 - sort_seq.txt
  • Menu Codes - the 'Menu_Type' code - menucode.txt
  • Questions to resolve - related to entries.
    Additional General Reference Material

    Source: C.I.A. World Factbook Data (no longer there 5/2002):
    Now just a list of abbreviations c.2008; old files saved below:
  • (cc: Appendix F:) CIA Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes: FIPS 10-4 Codes, ISO 3166 2 letter codes (and others) and internet codes in a table format. (HTML - 60k)
  • (cc: Appendix F:) Delimited text format - .txt - 15k
  • (cc: Appendix H:) Latitudes & Longitudes - .txt - 69k; ver. 1
  • (cc: Appendix H:) Delimited text Format: - ver. 1 - .txt - 69k
  • (cc: Appendix H:) Delimited text Format: - ver. 2 - .txt - 73k
  • (cc: Appendix H:) Delimited text Format: - 'ver. 2' .doc - 95k
    a MS Word format (ver.?; works in "6.0")
  • cc: Pacific Islands List .txt ; cross to CIA filename
  • cc: CIA Internet Codes List .txt
    (see also the "Derived 'Country Codes' List" above.
  • CIA Country list filenames : cc: country.txt ; database (delimited) format CIA menu  

    Errata (on the www):

    Guernsey flag Global Web Explorer
    ('404' c.2014 ; see the 'cc' below.)
    Linking with every country throughout the World

    Especially dependent/membership status. (cc)

  • Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments, C.I.A.

  • UPU (Universal Postal Union)
    (cc: Public Postal Addresses (circa 2001 ; not available 2002)

    Older existing 'reference' files here:

  • old research list
  • General Ref.

    Notes c.2006 on a general database for dealers

    Related files:

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