This self-extracting PKZIPped file contains three files in addition 
to this README file, as follows 
	APRLALFA.TXT   61857 bytes    16 Jan 95
	APRLNUMB.TXT   62372 bytes    16 Jan 95
	IOCODES.TXT    15764 bytes    16 Jan 95

These are listings of the APRL Country Codes as originally published 
by the American Philatelic Research Library in the "Manual of Philatelic 
Headings Used by the American Philatelic Research Library," by
Smith, Evans, Mast, et al.,(c) APRL 1979 (ISBN 0-934610-02-9) and as
augmented by the American Philatelic Society Computers in Philately 
Committee, Lois M. Evans-de Violini, Chairman, July 1994.

APRLALFA.TXT is an alphabetical listing; APRLNUMB.TXT is a numerical 
listing. The IOCCODES.TXT file contains those countries having either a 
code assigned by the International Olympic Committee or used on the 
Internet and based on ISO document 3166. The IOCODES.TXT file was 
originally published in "The Compulatelist" for January 1995 (Vol. 6, 
No. 1, Whole No. 23), the quarterly newsletter of the Philatelic 
Computing Study Group.  PCSG information is available from: 
Bob de Violini, Secretary, P.O. Box 5025, Oxnard, CA  93031  U.S.A. 
or at  [email protected];  CIS 71310,2037.

Please advise of any additions or corrections that you see as desirable.
Send your comments to
   Lois M. Evans-de Violini, Chairman
   APS Computers in Philately Committee
   P.O. Box 5025 
   Oxnard, CA  93031  U.S.A.
   or via the Internet at [email protected]
The files are being made available to the philatelic community in this 
form through the good offices of the APRL. It is requested that any 
publication of these listings be accompanied by the second paragraph of 
this README file. Any re-posting of these files on electronic bulletin 
boards, etc., must be accompanied by this README file. 

Thank you,
   Lois M. Evans-de Violini
   Bob de Violini