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  2. The Collectors Weekly, .us-CA
    including articles on U.S. philately (c.2009)
    "In-depth information (including top eBay auctions) on more than 1,500 vintage and antiques categories." c.2015

  3. Filahome Philatelic Magazine /, .nl
    once in English; now only in Dutch. (c.200909)

  4. Mekeel's & Stamps (weekly) (& U.S. Stamp News - monthly)
    This url changed c.2007 to: StampNewsNow
    Apparently a Russian co. (Int'l Stamp News) twisted the url out of their hands . . . aj c.2006

  5. Canadian Stamp News (alt), .ca-ON
    Published by Trajan Publishing Corp. ; test csn link

  6. Stamp Magazine (Online and in print in the UK)
    "Welcome to Stamp Magazine, the world's best philatelic magazine . . ."

  7. El Eco Filatelico y Numismatico, Spain (in Spanish only)
    url used to sell subcriptions. c.2009
    PASEO SARASATE, 36-5º C, 31001-PAMPLONA (España)
    Telf. 948 22 00 73 – Fax 948 21 01 75 - Email

  8. Linn's Stamp News - Online edition
    Originally the full edition was available in print only.
    Published by: Amos Press, Inc., .us-OH 45365

    old but interesting:
    Linn's 5/22/00: Editor's Choice: Rich Wolff promoted, Trends supplanted (by c.2009 he's not on the staff list)
    The popular 'Trends' section will be infrequent at best: "... In compiling Trends data in the last few years, we've found ourselves increasingly consulting online pricing sources, most notably our own Zillions of Stamps database. Online pricing data, we've found, is more current and now more abundant than printed price-list information. ..."
    and, "...Toward this end, I'm pleased to announce that Rich Wolff, who has been our Trends editor since mid-1996, has been promoted to our online staff in the position of electronic products group leader. Reporting to Donna Houseman, Rich will be broadly responsible for helping maintain and improve our current online products --, and

    Additionally, Rich will provide direction in developing, building and maintaining future online products, including Linn's Online, the long-planned electronic version of our weekly print publication. .."

    Some old dead news...:
    Linn's May Produce Online Edition
    - from magazine ; .c 1999+-

    "Owner of Linn's Stamp News Up For Sale"
    - Another article from ; .c 1999+-

  9. Scott Stamp Monthly
    Published by: Amos Press, Inc., .us-OH 45365  

  10. Stamps.AU (Alt) - Down-Under News from Ken Sparks
    features stories and sales (esp.: Australian Pictorial Computer Stamp Organiser)
    c/o: Stamps.AU Pty. Ltd.,  

  11. The Stanley Gibbons group:
    "Upon the Demerger becoming effective, will be the holding company of Collector Cafe which in turn will own the Stanley Gibbons Group." c.2000

    · Stanley Gibbons Publications, .uk-HA :
    old: ('404' c.2009)
    >Gibbons' Stamp Montly
    International Stamp News (every 2 months)
    Also sells albums, stamps & supplies and conducts auctions
    · Stanley Gibbons Ltd - Stamps News Online, .uk-LO
    From "The world's oldest stamp dealer".
    · And Online: Gibbons' Stamp Cafe - News page ('404' c.2007)
    'All the News from the world of stamps.'
    Stamp Cafe also 'provides Postal Administrations and Organisers with a unique opportunity to communicate with collectors'. Provides 'New Issues' Service.
  12. Vaccari Magazine - Specialized in philately and postal history.
    Including stamp sales & book publishing & sales via Vaccari srl, .it
    Free password access for VACCARI MAGAZINE subscribers - partially available for the guests of our site who want to get a general idea about its contents. At present, only a small part of the articles published is on-line - in the future, our service will be increased according to demand.
    An award winning site- in English and Italian

  13. Stamp Insider Online
    "Journal of the Federation of New York Philatelic Societies"
    A Great technology! c.2012

    In The Past  

  14. StampsNet - "Philately's Internet Magazine For Stamp Collectors"
    Originally published by USID, Inc., was '404' for some time, but now (c.2009) belongs to the Champion Stamp Co. of New York, USA
    Stamp Collector (ceased publication) - Krause Publications Bookstore
    ( has other mags/books on 'Collectables" of many kinds, incl. stamps)
    Global Stamp News - from Greg Manning Auctions
    old: '404' c.2008
    Cronaca Filatelica - A Monthly Magazine of Philately (now via Afinsa, Spain)
    Incl. Postal History, Postal Stationery, Cancellations (was in English; from Italy c.2000)
    Inter Stamp News, Denmark
    c.2009 this has become a advertising gimick! (a pseudo directory)
    Stamp Today - O. Neufeld, .US
    Daly News From the Philatelic, Stamp and Postal World
    old: '404' c.2009


    'E-zines' (if it's red it's dead)

  1. Collectors Universe e-Zines - 'The Ultimate Collectors Destination'
    'Providing up-to-date news and market conditions for your favorite collectibles items'

  2. Stamp Collecting Newsletter - from : Explore the World of Stamp Collecting (resolves to Coins c.201503

  3. stamp collection newsletter; India (it's red!) (resolves to Coins c.201503


    Research Resources

  1. Philatelic Periodicals of the World
    By Chester M. Smith, Jr. and Gini Horn '404' c.201503
    American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)

    "This listing of philatelic periodicals is taken from a work-in-progress on the philatelic periodicals of the world. The project aims to update and expand listings in the book "American Philatelic Periodicals," published in 1978.

    "We began the project by incorporating the titles from the George Turner bequest to the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, National Postal Museum Branch. Once these materials were added to the 1978 work, we expanded the project to cover philatelic periodicals world-wide.

    "Our goal is to have one list of the world's periodicals from the beginning to the present, in alphabetical order. We are striving to make this document as easy to use as possible, both bibliographically and typographically. The section presenet here was as of June 1996. We invite your comment."

    And from the Introduction ( '404' c.2015)
    Snail Mail to:
    Gini Horn, APRL <<== c.201503
    POB 8000, State College, PA 16803
    Phone: 814-237-3803, Fax: 814-237-6128
    E-mail (absent file; see 'APRL' above)

    There's a small bit of humor at the bottom of Bibliographic Tables... :) 'transfer interupted' is a link to page 2 ... - aj Index of /~cms/mineral/ - what's this? - '404' c.2015

  2. APS Data Page: American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) (good c.201503)

  3. Friends of The Western Philatelic Library (good c.201503)
    Post Office Box 2219
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2219
    Telephone, Raynor Facility: (408) 733-0336

    Western Philatelic Library Tearsheets - for sale
    (a listing hosted by Leonard H. Hartmann)
    Tearsheets: ... pages on a single subject area extracted from journals, newspapers, pamphlets, etc., going back many years. ...The compiling of these sheets is done by volunteers and the cost charged is set to cover copying costs only.

    "Wherever possible pages from several sources on the same subject are combined to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, such as when an article is augmented or refuted by a letter-to-the-editor, or subsequent articles on the same subject appear in the same or separate sources. Some of these sheets are from the original journal printings, where possible, otherwise they are photo copies."

    Orders must be placed with the :

    FWPL Bookstore, @
    PO Box 2219,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    Credits: Sleuthing/compiling, Matt Hedley; typing, Jo Skinner; editing, Harold Short Hosted by Leonard H. Hartmann (THE Philatelic Bibliophile - aj. ;-0)

  4. Principal Worldwide Philatelic Publications c.201503
    Formerly: Principal Stamp Publications of the World - AskPhil, .US

    And from

  5. Stamps, Coins, Postcards and Related Materials: A Directory of Periodicals
    - Doris Robinson (Editor) - [Peri Press] Paperback

  6. Philatelic Periodicals of the United States and Canada
    - Gary A. Van Cott - Paperback

Once Upon A Time ...

  • Stamp Libraries & Museums - Stamp2, .sg '404' c.2014

  • Stamp Magazines and Newspapers -, .US

  • Philatelic Libraries of the World - AskPhil, .US

  • Stamp Collecting Publications Page - Scott Kitchen, .US '404' c.201503

  • Philatelic Museums & Libraries - Graeme Sherman (Directory) .UK was #1; read SAD

  • - 'the internet stamp magazine'
    - nothing yet 12/98, spurious ad 5/00 - ; url for sale? ; now sales of self help material.. 1/2002

  • Inter-Stamp-News ; German (no DNS 5/22/00) (now gambling & porno) ,

  • China Philately ; '404'
    China Philately ; were English pages ; '404' & decendents 0001 ...
    China Philately ; Chinese only page ; probably out-of date
    : .../ bikeserver/default.html-old

  • Philatelic World ; new URL a/o 5/0 ; now a gone c.2002
    old url:

  • The Stampguyz list of Philetalic periodicals ; '404'

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