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Subway Stamp & Coin Supplies
Hugh often has older (last years) Scott catalogs at a discount too.
Album Publishing Co, Raleigh, NC: specialized albums for all aspects of German philately.
carries Michel Catalogs as does Subway above ...

The Dragon World Stamp Catalogue (in Chinese)
; page now '404'; root good c.2009
...a set of five-volume reference books with full illustrations. All stamps are listed chronologically under each country or region with detailed information. ...
from: China Philatelic Information Network (CPI), sponsored by State Postal Bureau Philatelic Items Administration Department and China National Philatelic Corporation (CNPC) c.1999

Regional Catalog Publishers

Scott or Gibbons ?
Answer: Gibbons - this site will show you why.

Brookman Price Guides - Brookman/Barrett & Worthen
Brookman Price Guide to U.S. and possessions, U.N. & Canada stamps, covers and autographs; using Scott #'s
Disney Price Guide
Black Heritage First Day Cachet Cover Catalog
Price Guide of United States Stamps, 1989 Edition - Lewis Kaufman (Editor) - [Brookman] pb $4.95

Campbell Peterson New Zealand Campbel Peterson (New Zealand specific: stamps & postal history)
"is not just a two volume colour stamp catalogue"
"By the early 1950�s Campbell Paterson had developed a loose-leaf adaptation of the New Zealand Catalogue of a "user friendly" nature which had not been seen in the philatelic world before. Rich with specialised detail and grounded in philatelic expertise and extensive knowledge of the world market, the CP loose-leaf New Zealand Specialised Catalogue remains far and away the leader in one-country catalogues in the world today. The differences with Gibbons and Scotts are, it�s loose-leaf format, it�s extreme specialisation, it�s copious coloured illustrations and it�s concentration on philatelic completeness as well as its ability to be updated at reasonable cost annually." (c.2001)

"Never again will you have to buy a new catalogue - and it�s super quality materials will last indefinitely" (C.2014)


2000 Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U.S. Stamps -

Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of Canadian & United Nations Stamps : Includes Canadian Provincials and UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna (June 1999) $14.36

2000 Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U.S. Stamps $18.36 24Hrs -
Every stamp is pictured (in B&W) and has a short history...

Minkus Specialized American Stamp Catalog (1993) - Richard L. Sine (Editor) - HB [Novus Debut] $27.95

Krause-Minkus Stamps and Prices: A Mini-Catalog of U.S. Stamps - Maurice D. Wozniak (Editor) [Krause] $11.96
due July 2000

Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of Australia Stamps (8/2000) - Maurice D. Wozniak (Editor) [Krause] $11.96

Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of Canadian and United Nations Stamps (7/2000) - Maurice D. Wozniak (Editor) [Krause] $15.96

Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of Israel Stamps (8/2000) - Maurice D. Wozniak (Editor) [Krause] $11.96

Yvert & Tellier ; France, Monacco, various
Yvert & Tellier
37, rue des Jacobins
80036 Amiens Cedex 1, France

6/25/00 Listed under publications:
La passion des timbres Philat�lie, le livre atelier.
L�histoire de l�a�rostation et de l�aviation fran�aise.
Yvert & Tellier : 100 ans d'Histoire
Catalogue des insectes et arachnides.
Nomenclature des entiers postaux officiels de France et de Monaco.
Les types droits de l�homme de Mouchon.
Catalogue des fleurs et plantes du monde entier 1992.
Monographie des timbres au type blanc.
Couleurs et nuances
Enveloppes illustr�es et cartes postales 1er JOUR
R�pertoire CARRE de cartes postales r�gionales. Tome 1.
R�pertoire CARRE de cartes postales r�gionales. Tome 2.

Zumstein Catalogs
Catalogue on cd-rom too!
Covers: Switzerland, Liechtenstein and UNO Geneva. Language: German and French, all 7000 images in colour, with software to inventorize your collection.
AFA   AFA - (in Danish) literature, ww stamp packets and kiloware ... catalog publisher - incl. a CD-Rom
Aarhus Frim�rkehandel
- AFA Forlaget - Popul�r Filateli
Bruunsgade 42 - 8000 �rhus C - Danmark - Fax: 86 19 92 81
- E-mail: [email protected]
Catalogs ['Kataloger & B�ger"] offered:
AFA Danmark Frim�rkekatalog, CD-ROM
AFA Danmark Frim�rkekatalog, Farvekatalog.
AFA Skandinavien Frim�rkekatalog
AFA Vesteuropa Frim�rkekatalog - BIND 1 (A-L)
AFA Vesteuropa Frim�rkekatalog - BIND 2 (M-�)
AFA Danmark Fireblokliste
AFA �steuropa Frim�rkekatalog 1996 - BIND 1 (A-R)
AFA �steuropa Frim�rkekatalog 1996 - BIND 2 (S-U)
AFA Danmark Specialkatalog 1995
Takstfortegnelse af Knud Tolb�ll
Filatelistisk Bibliografi
Danske Breve - BIND 1
Danske Breve - BIND 2
AFA Danmark Specialkatalog 1987-88
Mesteren Cz. Slania
Min f�debys posthistorie - Over Feldborg 1624 - 1997

a/o 6/00 - note: click on "Prisliste" (price list) to get listings of packets and kiloware of world wide stamps but especially Scandanavian, European - and look for the term "Motivsamlinger" for thematic packets.)

AFA Specialized Catalog 1981-1982: Denmark and Greenland - George B. Koplowitz (Editor), Majp S. Mejdal (Translator) [SFF] $28

AFA Iceland Specialized Catalog 1997: Pre-Republic Stamp Issues, 1870-1944 - Lars Boes, Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation Staff, Jay Smith (Translator) - (SFF - Scan. Phil. Foundation) hb $44.50

AFA Specialized Catalog 1981-1982: Bicolored Issues, 1870 - 1905 - George B. Koplowitz (Editor), Alan Warren (Editor), Majp S. Mejdal (Translator) [SFF] pb $25

AFINSA - Publicaciones de Filatelia y Numism�tica.

Cat�logo de sellos postales de Portugal, Azores, Madeira, Macao y Pre-Filat�licos
Publicaci�n anual editada por AFINSA PORTUGAL.

Informaci�n y pedidos: e-mail: [email protected]
Cat�logo de sellos postales de las antiguas colonias portuguesas (1.997)
Cat�logo de Portugal Ceres. VARIEDADES DE CLICH�
Cat�logo de falsos postales de Antillas, Cuba y Filipinas
(Manuel Armengol Bosch y F. Xavier Rosell i Soler)
Cat�logo de sellos P.A.L.O.P. - Pa�ses Africanos de Lengua Oficial Portuguesa - (1991)
Cat�logos en CD-ROM:
CD-ROM "Cat�logo de sellos de Espa�a 1850-1960"
CD-ROM "Cat�logo de sellos de Espa�a 1950-1996"

2000 Catalogue of Errors on Us Postage Stamps by Stephen R. Datz $11.96

1999 Catalogue of Errors on Us Postage Stamps by Stephen R. Datz $11.96

B & N : Costa Rica Postal Catalogue - Hector R. Mena (Editor) [Soc. of C.R. Collectors] $30

B & N : Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog - Kim D. Johnson (Editor) [BIA] $20

KM-CD Software Store - stamps of the world
out of stock 5/22/00

Trojan (Czech Catalog 1918-1996 + 1997
, InterContinental Marketing Ltd, .cz

Answer: Gibbons - this site will show you why.  
Note: Most for specialized catalogs are listed in our 'Books' or 'Stamp Issuing Entities' sections - see homepage. aj.


ASCAT list of Publishers (cc)
ASCAT: Association d'�diteurs de catalogues de timbres-poste
From: Stamps on the Net, .ch : Publishers list
also has news features, e-letter, chat, resources...

Online Catalog Publishers list @
with links to:
  • Scott (USA; worldwide)
  • Stanley Gibbons (UK; worldwide)
  • Michel (Germany)
  • Yvert & Tellier (France)
  • Krause/ Minkus (USA; .ca, .un)
  • Brusden-White (Australia)
  • Campbell Peterson (New Zealand)
  • Adminware (Canada)
  • Catalogo de Selos do Brasil
  • Norgeskatalogem (Norway)
  • LAPE (Finland Area)
  • Aarhus Frim�rkehandel (AFA: Denmark)
  • Zumstein (Switzerland; Europe)
  • NVPH (The Netherlands)
  • Afinsa (Spain)
  • Afinsa- Portugal (Portugal)
  • Sassonne (Italy)

    Stamp Yellow Pages - Stamp Catalog Publishers list: (cc)
  • AFA - Denmark
  • AFINSA - Portugal & Spain
  • Anders Backman Catalogue - Channel Islands (Herm, Jethou etc.)
  • Anders Backman Catalogue - Indonesia Revolutionary issues.
  • Auckland City Stamps - New Zealand
  • Australasian Stamp Catalogue - Australia
  • Domfil, (Spain) - Thematic Stamp Catalogues.
  • Gaines United Nations Philately Catalog
  • Stanley Gibbons- Great Britain & British Commonwealth.
  • Michel. (Germany)
  • Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue.
  • NVPH - Netherlands
  • Phildex (Canada) - Cross-reference Gibbons, Scott & Yvert catalog numbers.
    Phildex (Canada) - Le m�me, en fran�ais. (a 'free service')
  • Prifix - Luxembourg
  • Scott, U.S.A.
  • Ukraine Stamp Catalogue.
  • Unificato - Italy & Western Europe.
  • Yvert & Tellier, Amiens (France)
  • Zumstein (Switzerland)
    and more..

    PCSG's Philatelic Catalog Publishers list
    CD-ROM Philatelic Catalogs list from PCSG

    AskPhil's Principal Stamp Publications of the World

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