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Like most of the virgoans this nachiz had the gumaan of being a writer right from the days he used to wet nappies.Jokes apart, I have been privileged to get the encouragement from my parents as well teachers to jot down the mental garbage. It began with writing poetries (in Hindi mostly) & essays. Fortunately, some of them even made it to the school journal 'Surabhi' of Raman Higher Secondary School, Bhopal and College journal 'Shilpi' of Government Engineering college, Rewa (perhaps also owing to the fact that I happened to be the 'student editor' of both).

Frankly, writing for newspapers became a passion for me, be it initially to the 'Letter to the editors' of M.P.Chronicle and Navabharat or later, articles on diverse topics. Besides, as I was interested in drawing & that kind of stuff, I used to prepare those pocket quizzes for the 'children pages', an interesting mix of drawing, handwritten questions and collage of cuttings - all arranged with my kalakari. Fun part began when I started getting paid for my writing by Naidunia and Dainik Bhaskar. But the real solace always has been - seeing my article in print, especially when it made it to the 'Sunday edition cover story'; one way atleast, to land at those tempting glossy pages.

Many articles/stories were also written during my college days in Dainik Jagran and Deshbandhu. While being in college I was able to do what my heart always wanted to do - have my own publication. This effort found support from one of my great friend and a pal from the days of KGs - ShreeKumar who handled the layout and decoration part. So was born 'The Pioneer', indeed a ground breaking wall-magazine, totally handwritten and hand-decorated on the ubiquitous engineering drawing sheets. The attempt was appreciated. On the whole it was a heart warming experience and perhaps worth the pains we took, for instance in luring our local book-wallahs to 'sponsor' the quizzes/poetry competitions organized in the auspices wall-magazine. But as they say all good things culminate prematurely, 'The Pioneer' also survived for too little a span. Reason? It was consuming too much of our time. I still have those 7-8 copies of the magazine with me, fondly preserved, to inspire me, I don't know.

Why didn't I go for a full-time career of Journalism (so many of my friends and well-wishers actually thought I was to become another Kuldip Nayyar). Well, face it- journalism does not pay. And after finishing my engineering both my parents and well-wishers would have been traumatized to see enter the career of newspaper writing. Not many of my friends know that I actually worked with Naidunia - features department for 3-weeks. Working with my mentor-Vivek 'Mridul' Sawarikar was enlightening. I remember paper's editor Madan Mohan Joshiji telling me - "..to travel in the first-class coach of Journalism you have to start your journey hanging on the door-handle, standing at the footboard of the General coach." He offered me a salary of Rs.500 pm. I was bewildered; all my dreams were shattered. It only seemed too prudent for me to quit. So I claimed the reimbursement of all the articles that I had written, translated and edited during those 3 weeks. Want to know how much I got?  Rs.1600.

Since then writing was all freelance and when the turmoil of job started taking the toll, writing was put on a backburner. Such was the separation, that for the last 2 years I did not write a single article. Thankfully, the flame was rekindled in my current spell and I hope to persist. Of course the topics now have shifted from socio-political ones to IT & Internet. Whatever the topic, I try hard not to get too serious and spare no effort to add a gleam of humor.

What next? I plan to put my scanned versions of my published articles on the web. But that obviously will take quit lot of time. I also plan to write for the web; not just limited to content-writing. Till then bear with me. And do write to me your comments, I will appreciate them immensely.


==: My Blogs :==
Null Pointer | नुक्ताचीनी

Reality Bytes

From 13th July 2002 I have been writing a fortnightly column for the Free Press Journal, a newspaper published from Indore. It's called Reality Bytes.  I shall be posting these on the web as and when they get published.

All is well with IT
Media proclaimed that Indo-Pak tension during May-June 2002 had severe effect on Indian IT industry? Figures and sentiments say otherwise. (5 July'02)
The Network of Metaphors
A witty exploration into the world of metaphors that describe the World Wide Web. (12 Aug.'02)
Freebies ke din beete re bhaiya!
The most persistent Internet myth that you canít charge for content is slowly but surely being proven to be so, a myth. (2 Sept.'02)
Exploring the virtual world
As in real-life, many of the fearful aspects of the Internet can be addressed and dismissed, by using our ability to discern. (23 Sept.'02)
e-governance: where and for whom?
MP Government must make a distinction between pure e-governance projects and mass-use projects. (14 Oct.'02)
Bridging the Digital Divide
Issues such as poverty alleviation, provision of education and health care must also form the foundation of any Information Technology project in India. (2 Dec.'02)
May Open Source be with you!
Open source reduces the importance of products and raises that of services, the sector where India's strength lies. It has an assured future in India and is good for our economy. (13 Jan.'03)

Other Writings

 Seriously Speaking

Much Ado about Online Advert.
Do ads on web really work?
The truth is out nowhere!
As an evolved species we feel that camouflage exist only in lowly life forms. Fact is: camouflage is as much a human characteristics, as of the rest of natural world.

In lighter vein

The Bechara who needs cinkara
A humorous tale of crisis in the life of a 30+.
In Short, Abbreviations
Many, if not most, of the abbreviations are funny or at least can be given a witty bend, which ironically may also be their true face.

Getting Poetic

Dear Life and other poems
Poems written by my wife Mitali.....
Read the poems


e-governance not possible without vernacular software
December 2002 interview with Mr.Vinay Chhajlani, founder and CEO of Webdunia.com.
MP is still not visible on the IT map of the country
January 2003 interview with Mr.Praveen Kankariya, President & CEO. Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt. Limited
Infrastructure improvement should be the top most priority of MP state government
February 2003 interview with Dr. Arun K. Maheshwari, Managing Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (CSC India).
Madhya Pradesh state government committed to embrace IT
April 2003 interview with Ms Kay Brown, founder of Apticraft Systems.
Strong infrastructure is a must to market Madhya Pradesh as an IT destination
July 2003 interview with Avinash Sethi, co-founder of Infobeans.



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