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Many years have passed since,
I started the journey with you,
but still could not get a clue,
where I was taken to.

I think of going beyond you,
but alas! It is never possible,
to be in these roads without you.

Sometimes you are so entertaining,
so joyful and enchanting.
But sometimes you are a boredom,
as if a ruthless, hopeless kingdom.

I know not anything about you,
but I am no one without you.
Dreams gave me the advice,
With you I should fantacize,
but realities had much to criticize.

Many years we have been together,
will I come to know
your next destination, ever?


Our Festivals

In this beautiful land,
we have festivals so grand.
In a year we have 365 days
but we have festivals in 366 ways.Leh Festival

It is a matter of fascination
that we belong to this nation.
The thing of happiness
is that we have oneness.

Each festival is celebrated by everyone,
from its joy can escape none.
Festivals signify the Indian culture
and its trend to please the nature.

Onam Boat RaceBesides Holi & Diwali, EId and X'mas too
are celebrated with much ado.
Under the festive frenzy and fervor
friends and foes unite together.

In fact due to these celebrations
we still have relatives and relations.
May the omnipotent give us the power,
with festivals may we preserve our culture.

2001Mitali Chakrabarty. The poems can not be copied, distributed, excerpted or reviewed without the written permission of the author.


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