The Ogre Battle Web Page for Vampyres, or anyone who drops in.

Welcome, to the Ogre Battle Web Page for Vampyres. Wipe your feet and your fangs at the door and come in!

Greetings, and welcome to the Ogre Battle Web Page for Vampyres, and any other creatures of Darkness out there. If you're not a Vampyre, no worries, we'll let you in on a "night-pass." This page has been up for seven months and it's reached a critical point, it's finished! So feel free to fly around and look at what is here, but if you notice any broken links, please e-mail me about it.

I hope you enjoy the page and find it full of tasty "bytes" of information.

Before you go venturing into my site, this page was designed with the SNES version of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen in mind, but for you PSX users, this is not a big problem, as most of the two games are identical. Aside from some cosmetic changes, the save feature, and a few place & item names, there really are no major differences. So the info in here should apply to everybody.

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Update 3/28/08:Wow, it seems like this website is from another lifetime ago for me. I received a correction in the mail by a very helpful individual named Chris Orr. He informed me that the recruitment information for Aisha on the site was incorrect. I checked out the claim and he was right, so I made the correction. Apparently Aisha asks to join your army no matter what your reputation is.

The Ogre Battle Main Page

Introduction to Ogre Battle

The Instruction Manual

Item Listings
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Weapons & Armor List
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Tarot Cards

Who's Who
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Fighters Amazons Dragons Others

The Cast
The Good, The Bad & Everybody Else

Stage by Stage Walkthrough

What Kind of Lord Will You Be?

Vs.Boss Dialogue

Getting All the Special Characters


"Help Me!" FAQ

Common Ogre Battle Misconceptions
A place where I dispel false and incorrect information about Ogre Battle tha most people seem to believe.


Ogre Battle Quiz #2

Ogre Battlers Forum

Credits List

Words of Wisdom

People are to be respected regardless of position or class. This should always be remembered. All people also have a responsibility to put into action their abilities and talents.

A Message from Xesmeraude

Hey folks! Welcome to the new-and-improved Black Mantle's Ogre Battle Page for Vampyres! I guess some of you are wondering: "Why are you doing this?" The answer to that is simple. I believe Black Mantle had the best Ogre Battle website on the net and it was a real shame when it was taken down. Thankfully someone named Duran of Forenca saved most of the files from the page before it completely died and disappered. He gave me a copy, and I have taken it upon myself to revive the page.

"But do you have the original author's permission to do this?"

The incredible original creator or the site, Black Mantle, had indeed contacted me after the site was up for a few months and told me he was happy to see that his site was still up and running. So I believe that passes as a "yes" to this question. Again, this is totally Black Mantle's Ogre Battle Page, and nothing here would exist without him.

"So is this page an identical reproduction of the original with everything left in tact?"

Not exactly, but the vast majority of the site is left the same, and I believe the original purpose of the site remains unchanged. I did take some liberties restoring Black Mantle's website. For one thing, I proofread most of the text for spelling and grammatical errors. More importantly, I corrected most gameplay errors that have since been disproven as wrong. As mentioned earlier above, not all of the files were saved, there were missing pictures and sections. I restored the missing pictures and fixed the broken links. And finally I added a few sections of my own, such as the Vs.Boss Dialogue section, which did not originally existed.

That's all I have to say for now. I hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful.

Page Started: March 18, 1998 (Black Mantle)
Last Update: March 28, 2008... over a decade!(Xesmeraude)
This Ogre Battle web page is presented by: Xesmeraude.

P.S: Hope this site has been informative throughout the years. It's a nostalgic keepsake for me.

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