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All About It

uDesktop is free to download and use!
Please donate to keep development alive.

The newest version is uDesktop 7.2.
Check out the uDesktop road map to see what new features are coming soon!

uDesktop is a webpage that goes on your active desktop. The two main functions of udesktop are to provide space saving desktop links, and random desktop background pictures support. uDesktop is:

Practical Save room on your desktop by adding all your shortcuts and links to an easily accessed drop down menu. Your links can be to programs, folders, files, websites, or the new cusomized uScripts. These links are just one click from your desktop, so you don't have to put up with the clutter of icons! While udesktop is running, it takes up very little space on your desktop, only showing the drop down menu and a tiny button to open the main uDesktop preferences. There is also a built in clock in the first menu option.
Customizable   Add all your favorite pictures to the wallpaper list. Wallpaper can be randomly displayed every time your desktop reloads, every 10 minutes, every 1 or 4 hours, or once a day. (like webshots desktop, only better of course!). Using javascript and the uScript API, you can build custom scripts to do literally anything with uDestkop! These scripts can be saved to the main links menu for easy access.
Easy to use uDesktop has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use with tabs and easy to understand preferences. Link and wallpaper names are auto-completed and everything just works! You can always visit the help page on this website for additional help.

Technical Details
uDesktop is a single html file called udesktop.html . It uses a combination of html, javascript, and css to bring you a very customizable desktop. The html file is placed in your windows web wallpaper folder (C:\windows\web\wallpaper for most.), which makes it show up in the windows list of backgrounds when you go to desktop preferences (where you normally choose your background). The html file is automatically set as your desktop background. This works because the Windows active desktop allows web pages to be on the desktop.

uDesktop uses cookies to store data, so there is a storage limit of 4KB. It will not save if you have reached the limit.

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