ASUS CUBX-E/CUBX Tualatin BIOS and HDD controller drivers

At this Site you'll find a modified BIOS version for CUBX-E MB with a Tualatin CPU support! This BIOS is modded by me. I decided do add to this page the CMD drivers and the modified BIOS for the Asus CUBX MB too. The site is now offline. I just think that we shouldn't lose these drivers and BIOSes as they are part of the work of many people! You can look at CUBX forum - the only live CUBX thing in the net:

Here you'll also find some articles concerning CUBX/CUBX-E MB. They are a part of the work of Martinus, mgherard and The Crazy Ape. I post their part of work here as I saved it with my browser long time ago. I think this information shouldn't be hidden for all of the CUBX users! The rights on this content persists on their owners!

As these MBs are development dead the things on this site are the latest and best for you!


To put a Tualatin in your CUBX/CUBX-E MB follow this or read later on for the Martinus article.

1st You need an adapter which converts the MB's FC-PGA to FC-PGA2. I think the best one (according to price&quality) is the adapter of  Upgradeware called 370GU(near $50).

2nd You need a BIOS which supports Tualatin processors. Here you would find this part!



CUBX-E only stuff

1. t1008cue.bin BIOS - this is the latest BIOS mod I've made it's dated 13/07/2003. This is just a modded version of Asus 1008 beta 4 BIOS and has a Tualatin processors support and includes the latest Promise ATA100 controller BIOS(v 2.20.14 - the most important is that it supports 48bit LBA, which means HDDs larger than 128GB).

2. Promise ATA100 drivers b43 - the latest drivers(24/11/2004) which are needed to run the CUBX-E controller. They fix crashes and support 48bit LBA.

3. OnTrack 48bitLBA activator for WinXP/2000 - this shouldn't be needed for XP sp1 or later, if you use earlier version this program can help you. It enables large HDDs support.

4. aflash - flasher (ASUS flasher 2.21), that version works perfect for me, use it for CUBX too

5. How to convert the CUBX-E ATA100 controller into a RAID controller you can follow the page of The Crazy Ape: 1 and 2. They point to a special BIOS version and controller driver to run it as RAID. The BIOS and raid driver are not enough, read carefully!

CUBX only stuff

1. 1008b416.bin BIOS - "ASUS CUBX (CMD-648) BIOS v. 1008 BETA 4 (Tulatin mod) - CMD BIOS v. 1.9.16. Thanks alot to Paul Taylor for being patient and answering my questions, jaEKe for suplying me w/ a CUBX and to whoever updated the BIOS microcode." This is said by the author - Glen.

2. CMD648 controller driver - this is the latest driver, it supports XP and Win2k and is newer than the official 2.04 driver.


Other important stuff

1. There are three very important articles from Martinus which I managed to save. They concern BIOS Modding, CUBX Tualatin Socket Modding and Making Vlotage Selector.

2. And a F.A.Q. on how to choose RAM modules for CUBX/CUBX-E MB by Roland Scheidegger.


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