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Harmonic Trading Tips

These harmonic trading tips are based on the questions I often get emailed about.

Money Management - Trading smarter - not harder

This is my favourite trading tip of all time - so I've put it at the top of the list. How would you like to more than double your account balance in a year - no matter what your account size? It's possible - all you have to do is win 0.3% a day to grow your account 120% every year. It's all about trading smarter and using compounding to do the hard work for you. Click here to find out more.

Explaining Price Action

Harmonics anticipate price action - they don't explain it. What does? Find out here.

Trade Entry Criteria and Trade Risk Criteria for Harmonics

With over 400 patterns, typically, daily - not all of them are good quality or even valid. So how do you decide which patterns to trade and which ones to avoid? This trading tip is all about how to increase your chances of getting into a good harmonic trade, (keeping out of low probability trades) - and also how to know when to use maximum risk (more lots) for more profits - or to reduce risk and trade lighter when required.

Harmonic Pattern Recognition Software - What Works Best?

I often get asked "How come you've got a pattern on your chart and I don't?". It's common knowledge - there are inherent limitations in all pattern recognition softwares. It doesn't matter what software you're using. Click here to find out how I get better quality (high probability/low risk) harmonic patterns - and more of them.

What to do when a pattern changes in the middle of a trade?

Patterns often "morph" - change into another one, or a bigger one, while you're already in a trade. So, do you close your old trade? Move your stop loss below the new prz? is that a good idea? So how to trade this quite common event? Click here - for some ideas.

Bat Action Magnet Move (BAMM) - Two trades from one pattern

How to get two trades from one Bat pattern. An example of a BAMM trade - and how to trade it.

Shark Pattern - 4 Possible Trades starting with a Shark

How to trade the Shark pattern - and then 3 other possible trades.

Trade Identification - Looking Ahead

"Chance favours the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur famously said that. So this is how to identify possible trades - hours and days in advance - so you can be prepared, and get the odds in your favour.

Supply/Demand Zones or Resistance/Support Lines?

Coming soon. Click here and tag the blog page to be notified when this update is ready.

When are the best times to trade?

Coming soon. Click here and tag the blog page to be notified when this update is ready.

Where Is a Good Place for a Stop-loss?

Coming soon. Click here and tag the blog page to be notified when this update is ready.

How to Avoid Exiting a Trade Too Early

Coming soon. Click here and tag the blog page to be notified when this update is ready.

If you have any views on the harmonic trading tips questions above, then feel free to let me know. Click here to email me.

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Money Management

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